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Adelaide Plains Equestrian Club Inc.


What is Normal?

Do you know what a healthy horse's vital signs should be?

Temperature: 37-38°C in the morning, below 38.5°C in the evening. Slightly higher in warm weather or in foals.

Pulse: 36-48 beats per minute.

Capillary refill time: 1-2 seconds, gums pink.

Respiration: 6-8 breaths per minute.

Intestinal Sounds: Gurgles, squeaks and rasps from intestinal area behind rib cage. You can hear them with your ear.

If you are concerned in any way about your horse's health, contact your veterinarian for advice/assistance!

Is your horse protected?....

As horse owners we all want to do what is best for our horses.  If your horse has not been vaccinated against Tetanus, he/she is at risk.  Any wound (even small, seemingly insignificant ones) can be potentially fatal if your horse contracts tetanus.  Check out the website link below for more information about Tetanus and vaccinations against it:


If you have any concerns or to find out more, speak to your equine vet.


What's inside your horse?

When was the last time your horse or pony was wormed?  Don't forget that intestinal parasites place a huge burden on you equine's digestive system and overall health.  Horses with large worm burdens often suffer from malnutrition, poor coats, gastric ulcers, colic & even death! 

There are a huge number of different worming products available, from daily food additives, natural remedies, drenches & pastes. If you are not sure about your horse's worm status or you have questions about your worming regime, 

contact your equine veterinarian for advice.  A fresh sample of manure should be checked by your vet (for a minimal fee) and will determine if your current worming regime is working effectively.

Signs of Colic: In addition to general changes in behaviour a horse with colic may exhibit some or all of the following signs: Restlessness and pawing at the ground Sweating and increased breathing rate Irritated kicking to the stomach Stretching as if to urinate Rolling or attempting to roll Elevated pulse rate If you are concerned in any way about your horse's health, contact your veterinarian for advice/assistance, but before you ring the vet make sure you have a clear list of symptoms your horse is showing.  You should also take away all food, try and get the horse to drink water and periodic, vigorous exercise

Like & Share:About APEC

Welcome to the Adelaide Plains Equestrian Club Inc. 

The Adelaide Plains Equestrian Club (APEC) is a not for profit club established by a group of local horse enthusiasts who want to create a multi-discipline club to provide a benefit to horse owners, riders and social enthusiasts. The main goal of this club is to create a friendly, relaxed environment to encourage all members to participate in enjoyable & safe horse riding, ownership and other equine related social or educational pursuits. APEC aims to progress the requests from and needs of local riders for a multi-purpose, safe, easily accessible club & grounds for the whole community to use through annual or casual membership.

As a multi-discipline club, APEC accepts all disciplines, levels of riding and breeds of horse without unnecessary discrimination. The club aims to facilitate the valued lifestyle enhancement gained from the horse and human relationship through promoting opportunities for the acquisition, absorption and diffusion of skills and information relating to all equestrian matters and pursuit.

APEC aims to educate and encourage harmony between horses and riders, whilst promoting the welfare and wellbeing of the horse together with sportsmanlike attitude/behaviour amongst members. The club will work with local riding instructors, riding groups and state equine services to support the mental, physical, emotional health of members and their horse.




The Adelaide Plains Equestrian Club (APEC) will hold a number of events or rallies throughout the year, and all club approved events will be determined by the committee and run in accordance with the APEC constitution.  ALL club members will be encouraged to help organise events in their particular areas of interest, and all members will be welcome to participate at club events.  Social members are encouraged to attend APEC events & actively participate by assisting in the running of club events.  APEC runs on the principle that members will get out what they are prepared to put in.

APEC is designed to be an affordable option for participation in horse related activities, and will undertake fundraising events to assist in keeping annual membership fees and event costs to a minimum, however, if you book an event that requires a deposit to be paid and are unable to attend, a certificate of health for horse or rider will be required for return of refund.  As a not for profit group, all monies raised will be used to support the club and will ultimately benefit members.  Through the support of local businesses financial members will also be able to benefit from discounts and special offers.  As well as providing services & support for its own members, APEC will also be involved with the education of the wider community in regards to safety & general horse sense.


The 2018 APEC Committee Consists of:

Sam Dragon - President

Jodie Bakker - Vice President

Melinda Boyce - Secretary & Website/Facebook Co-Ordinator

Tracey Smith - Treasurer

Sonia Van De Kamp - Committee member



  Sam Dragon - President


  Jodie Bakker - Vice President


  Mel Boyce - Secretary & Website/Facebook Co-Ordinator


  Sonia Van De Kamp - Committee Member


Emily Davenport - Committee Member