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MITES stands for Michigan Industrial and Technology Education Society.  To learn more about Mites you can find their website at the following link MITES LINK

Below are drawing that I have entered into MITES competitions.


A-Frame House: AD-5: 1st in Regionals and States

Vintage Camera: MD-7: Regionals 1st and States 3rd



Two Story Town House: AD- 5A: 1st in Regionals and States


The Lauren House; AD-3C: Regional: 1st & States: 4th

This was my first entering, I created this front view by looking a floor plan given to me.  I placed the roof, windows, and doors in their correct place and with their correct size, but the design of the doors, windows, and extrerior was all up to me.  Once I created this in AutoCad I printed this off, traced, and colored it in.  I also traced and labeled the floor plan.


Lighthouse; AD-13C: Regional: 1st & States: 7th

This was my second entering in the Mites competition.  I searched the internet for a house that was to my liking and finally found this house with a lighthouse/tower connected to it. Once I had choosen this house I opened Revit and began working on the floor plan, after I began to shape the walls, outside, and roof.  This took a lot of time, careful consideration, and fixing and deleting; which translates to about a month or more of work.