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News Article - 2018 holiday goers show marked interest in Turkey travel itinerary. - Feb 20, 2018

There has been a marked rise in the demand for individual travel itineraries among people who are traveling to Turkey. The country is currently rated as a favorite holiday destination for many of the people who are looking to travel with their friends and family.


There are many single and group tourists who are taking up their challenge on one day travels to Istanbul with a free time without any additional meals. Individuals can request for a personal pickup at the Istanbul airport upon their arrival. There is also the demand for private transfers among some of the select hotels that are willing to give the additional offer upon request. The 2 day private tour of the old city Istanbul comes with free breakfast and lunch with a little additional bonus in payment. The places that are visited in the 2 day trip include the Hippodrome Square, the Blue Mosque, the St. Sophia Museum and other places like the labyrinth of the Grand Bazaar. People who are looking for scenic cruises on the Bosphorus and Spice Bazaar are advised to take up on the popular 3 day trip where they get a flight to Cappadocia with breakfast. Most travelers are really excited to visit the spice market which is located in the Eminonu district. The trip travels through the Marmara and the Black Sea which is known by the popular name of Bosphorus. The 4 day trip is mostly taken by people who really want to live in the Turkish culture and meet people and make friends. It is a tour of the popular Cappadocia and allows people to visit the Devrent Valley, Avanos (Vanessa), Monks Valley, Pottery Workshop, etc. The 5 day tour includes a trip to the South Cappadocia with balloons flying every morning over the place. The breathtaking view has now become a major attraction for many people. For more information visit http://www.turkeytraveltours.com/packages/istanbul-and-cappadocia-tour.html



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