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Booster Club 2018 Officers:

Chad States, President

Tom Snare, Vice President

Sue Stratton, Communications Coordinator

Bert McBrayer, Secretary

Mary Jane Hawkins, Treasurer

Amy Alexander, Food Booth Coordinator

Karla Wiser, Fundraising Chair


Junior High Representatives:    

Julie Gutshall, Food Booth Coordinator

Holly Laird, Communications


 Click on any of the above names to email them!


 Booster Club By Laws as of 2018:      2018 Bylaws Boys Soccer Booster Club.doc 


The booster club meets every first Thursday of the month in Room 105 at the high school at 6:30 PM unless otherwise noted under the Agendas below.

All parents are encouraged and invited to attend the meetings and be involved!  Help us make important decisions!!!!!


 Meeting Agendas:                                           Meeting Minutes:


March 9, 2017:   Soccer Booster Meeting Agenda March.docx           February 2017 Minutes: Soccer Booster Feb Meeting Minutes-1.docx    

April 12, 2017:    Soccer Booster Meeting Agenda April.pdf               March 2017 Minutes:    Soccer Booster Mar Meeting Minutes.pdf 

May 4, 2017:      Soccer Booster Meeting Agenda May.docx               April 2017 Minutes:    2017 Apr 12 Minutes_Boys soccer boosters.docx 

June 1, 2017:     Soccer Booster Meeting Agenda June-1.docx            June 2017 Minutes:    Soccer Booster Jun Meeting Minutes.docx 

July 6, 2017:       Soccer Booster Meeting Agenda July.docx                July 2017 Minutes:      2017 July 6 Minutes_Boys soccer boosters.docx 

August 3, 2017:  Soccer Booster Meeting Agenda August.docx            August 2017 Minutes:  

September 17, 2017:  Soccer Booster Meeting Agenda September.docx   September 2017 Minutes:     2017 Sept 17 Minutes_Boys soccer boosters.docx 

October 15, 2017:   Soccer Booster Meeting Agenda October.docx       October 2017 Minutes: 

November 15, 2017:   Soccer Booster Meeting Agenda November 2017.docx     November 2017 Minutes:    2017 Nov 17 Minutes_Boys soccer boosters.docx 

December 14, 2017:   Soccer Booster Meeting Agenda December.docx        December 2017 Minutes:   2017 Dec Minutes_Boys soccer boosters.docx 

January 4, 2018:   Soccer Booster Meeting Agenda January 2018.docx        January 2018 Minutes:

February 1, 2018:   Soccer Booster Meeting Agenda February-2018.docx     February 2018 Minutes:

March 8, 2018:   Soccer Booster Meeting Agenda March 2018.docx             March 2018 Minutes:

April 5, 2018:                                                                                         April 2018 Minutes:  2018 April 5 Minutes_Boys soccer boosters.docx  

May 3, 2018:  Soccer Booster Meeting Agenda May 3 2018.pdf                   May 2018 Minutes:  Soccer Booster 2018 May 3 Meeting Minutes.docx 

June 7, 2018:   Soccer Booster Meeting Agenda 2018 June-1.docx              June 2018 Minutes:   Soccer Booster June 2018 Minutes.docx   

July 12, 2018:   2018 Soccer Booster Meeting Agenda July-1.docx           July 2018 Minutes:  Booster Minutes July 12, 2018.docx  

August 2, 2018:  Soccer Booster Meeting Agenda August 2018.docx         Aug 2018 Minutes:  Booster Minutes August 2, 2018.docx 

September 5, 2018:   Soccer Booster Meeting Agenda 2018 September.docx   Sep 5, 2018 Minutes:  Booster Minutes September 5, 2018.docx 

October 3, 2018:     Soccer Booster Meeting Agenda October 2018.docx      October 3, 2018 Minutes:   Booster Minutes October 3, 2018.docx 

November 1, 2018:   Soccer Booster Meeting Agenda November 2018.docx   November 1, 2018 Minutes:    Booster Minutes November 1, 2018.docx 


2018 Picture Order Form:  Bearcat Team pictures 2018.pdf

2018 Food Booth Donations:  Drink Donation Request List_2018.pdf 


2018 Picnic Invitation Letter:  Picnic Invitation and Announcements2018.pdf  

2018 Junior/Senior Jacket Photo:  2018 Junior and Senior Jacket Potential.docx   

2018 Apparel Sale Information:

There are two methods to access the on-line catalog:

A hard copy of the catalog will be distributed to the players on the first day of preseason practice.  

Just a quick reminder about the Huntingdon Boys Soccer Apparel Sale.  Information will be distributed via email and will be distributed again the first day of pre-season practice, but I also thought it best to provide some information here.  

  • You can directly access the sale website, order and pay via credit card – This is the preferred method (as opposed to hard copy and check) – go to:  www.fancloth.com/16652/402586
  • Don't place any orders with customizations that include the player uniform number until AFTER uniforms are distributed to make sure the number is correct for your player.
  • ALL PLAYERS WILL BE GIVEN A PERSONALIZED ITEM #8 Long Sleeve Perf Tee by the Boys Soccer Booster Club as a warm-up shirt – So, there is no need for you to order one of these for your player, unless of coures you want more than one.
  • Sale ends Friday, 8/24/2018.
  • All merchandise will be delivered to Karla Wiser after September 4 – you will need to then deliver to any purchasers who listed your player as the seller.