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Booster Club 2018 Officers:

Chad States, President

Tom Snare, Vice President

Sue Stratton, Communications Coordinator

Nicole Monica, Secretary

Mary Jane Hawkins, Treasurer

Amy Alexander, Food Booth Coordinator

Karla Wiser, Fundraising Chair


Junior High Representatives:    

Julie Gutshall, Food Booth Coordinator

Holly Laird, Communications



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Booster Club Bylaws:   2018 Bylaws Boys Soccer Booster Club.doc 


The booster club meets every first Thursday of the month in Room 105 at the high school.

All parents are encouraged and invited to attend the meetings and be involved!


 Meeting Agendas:                                           Meeting Minutes:


March 9, 2017:   Soccer Booster Meeting Agenda March.docx           February 2017 Minutes: Soccer Booster Feb Meeting Minutes-1.docx    

April 12, 2017:    Soccer Booster Meeting Agenda April.pdf               March 2017 Minutes:    Soccer Booster Mar Meeting Minutes.pdf 

May 4, 2017:      Soccer Booster Meeting Agenda May.docx               April 2017 Minutes:    2017 Apr 12 Minutes_Boys soccer boosters.docx 

June 1, 2017:     Soccer Booster Meeting Agenda June-1.docx            June 2017 Minutes:    Soccer Booster Jun Meeting Minutes.docx 

July 6, 2017:       Soccer Booster Meeting Agenda July.docx                July 2017 Minutes:      2017 July 6 Minutes_Boys soccer boosters.docx 

August 3, 2017:  Soccer Booster Meeting Agenda August.docx            August 2017 Minutes:  

September 17, 2017:  Soccer Booster Meeting Agenda September.docx   September 2017 Minutes:     2017 Sept 17 Minutes_Boys soccer boosters.docx 

October 15, 2017:   Soccer Booster Meeting Agenda October.docx       October 2017 Minutes: 

November 15, 2017:   Soccer Booster Meeting Agenda November 2017.docx     November 2017 Minutes:    2017 Nov 17 Minutes_Boys soccer boosters.docx 

December 14, 2017:   Soccer Booster Meeting Agenda December.docx        December 2017 Minutes:   2017 Dec Minutes_Boys soccer boosters.docx 

January 4, 2018:   Soccer Booster Meeting Agenda January 2018.docx        January 2018 Minutes:

February 1, 2018:   Soccer Booster Meeting Agenda February-2018.docx     February 2018 Minutes:

March 8, 2018:   Soccer Booster Meeting Agenda March 2018.docx             March 2018 Minutes:

April 5, 2018:                                                                                         April 2018 Minutes:  2018 April 5 Minutes_Boys soccer boosters.docx

May 3, 2018:     Soccer Booster Meeting Agenda May 3 2018.pdf                May 2018 Minutes:   Soccer Booster Minutes 5-3-2018.pdf 

June 7, 2018:   Soccer Booster Agenda 6-7-2018.pdf                                 June 2018 Minutes:  


2017 Player/Parent Information Document: 



2017 Picture Order Form:   2017 Soccer Picture Order Form.docx 


2017 Apparel Sale Information:


Just a quick reminder about the Huntingdon Boys Soccer Apparel Sale.  Information was distributed at team camp a couple weeks ago and will be distributed again the first day of pre-season practice, but I also thought it best to provide some information electronically.

  • You can directly access the sale website, order and pay via credit card – This is the preferred method (as opposed to hard copy and check) – go to: shop.fancloth.com/16652/264047
  • ALL PLAYERS WILL BE GIVEN A PERSONALIZED ITEM #12 Long Sleeve Perf Tee by the Boys Soccer Booster Club as a warm-up shirt – So, there is no need for you to order one of these for your player, unless you want more than one.
  • Sale ends 8/21.
  • All merchandise will be delivered to Darwin Kysor after September 4 – you will need to then deliver to any purchasers who listed your player