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Photo Gallery - The 2017 Ocala Hurricanes - Oct 15, 2017


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Photo Gallery - 2017 Action Scrapbook - Oct 8, 2017


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Photo Gallery - Champion Thinking - Sep 30, 2017


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Photo Gallery - FEATURES - Oct 15, 2017


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🇺🇸 H O M E 🇺🇸 O F 🇺🇸 T H E 🇺🇸 H U R R I C A N E S : 🇺🇸 YOUR SOCCER HQ 🇺🇸 Arrive for warm-ups 45 minutes before match kickoffs⚽️ Practices are now at 6:00⚽️ Begin hydrating the day before each match⚽️ A good packed lunch beats a school lunch⚽️ Start everything smart; finish everything strong⚽️ Give a good ball, defend savagely, talk about everything⚽️ Work supporting angles on attack and defense⚽️ Fall down? Get up fast. Really hurt? Help is on the way⚽️ Know your teammates. Connect. Never strand a friend⚽️ Practice how you play in uniform. Do the uniform proud⚽️ Prepare for excellence in every way, on and off the field⚽️ Thank your supporters and go for the top⚽️ Thank your competition. They sharpen you⚽️ Build your teammates at every chance. They build you⚽️ Watch higher level performances. They inspire you ⚽️ Take what you learn here into your family and school. Win ⚽️

Oct 23, 2017 - YOUR #1 Ocala Hurricanes


Oct 22, 2017 - Latest League Results/Standings



Oct 21, 2017 - ⚽️ GAME 6 REPORT




On Saturday, October 21st, the #1 Hurricanes (5-0-0) began the second half of their fall season with their first rematch, versus their next door neighbors from practice nights, the #3 Typhoons (2-2-1) . Both squads take each other seriously. The two coaches are friendly neighbors on adjacent practice fields, and as the two squads prepared beside one another this week, both coaches and their players expected this match to be a good test. Sporting their royal blue and white, the Hurricanes ran some new college level pregame warm-ups and routines to kick off their homestretch. Defending their own practice pitch, the sky blue and gold Typhoons were itching for a chance to topple the Hurricanes from their perfect beginning. 

"We know there's a target on our back now," said Coach Miley. "This is our first year as a club, and we know this may come as a surprise, but we are here to compete. We are here to be a hard working team. We compare ourselves against who we were to find out who we can become. How the score turns out just shows us more about ourselves. Everybody is on board for our best. We are grateful for a competitive league with committed coaches and players. We think we have something very special happening with our family dynamics and support on this squad. These families are all in. The kids feel that. They each are shining within the team framework. They know that our teamwork is really the only thing that makes us special and distinguishes us so far. I don't have to sell them on that anymore, but sometimes I remind them."

The Typhoons won the opening toss and elected to defend the west goal on the cool and cloudy morning. The Hurricanes found themselves back on their heels more than usual at first, as the Typhoons brought pressure in bursts from three or four players. Water break didn't change the Typhoons' strong start, as they finally collected a tally on a miscue from a Hurricanes defender that bounced the ball by his own keeper, frustratingly into their own net. However, the Hurricanes responded in the usual way when down, 0-1. They quickly reached down to fight back. Striker Martella Asbey worked his way by three defenders to tap one into the near netting for his  league-leading 13th goal of the season. Shortly afterward, Anthony Minami nailed what turned out to be the winner, and his 12th of the season, by lofting a high arc just over the keeper's outstretched gloves and under the crossbar -- a classic "pull the string shot". The Hurricanes took the upper hand into halftime, and never let go. And today they raised a new flag -- a hurricane warning flag, for their lap around the field before and after each match. The league is on notice: the upstarts are serious.

Next Saturday, October 28th, the #1 Hurricanes (6-0-0) will face the #2 Rip Tide (3-2-1) for the late match at 11:00 on Field 9. A win or a tie would clinch the first place medal for the Hurricanes in Week 7 of a 9-game season, but the Hurricanes are more interested in competing with themselves, or at least, their former selves.

"We'll expect to be tested again," Coach Miley said. "The Tide doesn't know us as well as the Typhoons do. However, they were upset today by the Rangers, a team that does know them well from scrimmages on adjacent practice fields. Kids at this age thrive on confidence and momentum, and one thing sure about our kids, is they don't like trailing in a match whatsoever.  In general, we focus a lot more on who we are than who the other guys are. I have learned to appreciate our squad's indignant responses to the three 0-1 deficits we have immediately overcome. That's half our games starting on the wrong foot, but quickly reclaimed. It's just part of our identity now, to come back with fury if a team goes up on us. I credit the kids for that extra snarl. That's theirs."

The Hurricanes brushed by the Typhoons narrowly both times, yet the experience of handling a challenge has only stiffened the resolve of the young squad. Most of the Hurricanes are just turning 12 or 13 in a U14 league with players taller, bigger, and older. But Miley has emphasized the ground game. "It's a world sport for people of all sizes. Most of soccer is played on the floor anyway," he says. "Our younger kids are closer to the floor."

For the Hurricanes, this first season together is more about finding out and believing in who they are than about beating an opponent. That is the key message requiring complete buy-in.

"And we are getting full buy-in from everybody," says Miley. "There's plenty of heart and willingness here for the coaches to work with, to rally this group forward. We are a hard working winning team and we know our teamwork is what makes us special. What's best of all about all this is how our team feels the team behind them -- our families. This is really for our families coming together around something extraordinary, and that something extraordinary is these kids working together the way they do. I know our parents are very proud to see their sixth and seventh graders outmatching eighth and ninth graders. There's a confidence gained here in some principles that really work and really matter. We may lose a few battles in life, but people who win across big distances together always buy into the same age-old principles. I think this team can win every battle, because they get it." 


Oct 20, 2017 - Tuesdays Full Field


Several items...

1) Please spread the word among yourselves that the league is wanting our team to blend with other teams for a full field scrimmage this next Tuesday night under the lights, and possibly one or two Tuesdays after this effort to give them a sense of full field play. This will be a 60-minute scrimmage, so our kids may or not be directly under me. It will be a collaborative idea. 

2) Buttons are still for sale, 2 for $5.

3) Please contact me if you plan to attend the Rollins vs. Embry Riddle match at 7:00 in Daytona Beach. Rollins is 8-3-1 with a 3-game win streak including a 9-1 drubbing of St. Leo.  Rollins clearly is looking to ride that momentum into postseason action.

See you Saturday morning at 8:45, and I'll work with anyone who shows up at 8:30.

Coach Miley





Oct 19, 2017 - Note to Parents from Coach


Turn your kid loose on our website: it's built to help you use soccer as a world sport translating its parameters and requirements toward life. I'm pulling from my team-building background not only as a coach, but also a parent of a son in his 20s and a daughter in her late teens, 19 years as a high school and middle school teacher, and 16 seasons guiding whitewater raft trips, now gone into business consulting with outside sales. My background is kind of crazy, including a backpacking trip alone up the Rockies my twenty-third summer in life. I was definitely a kid learning my own capabilities and horizons through physical activities. I teach kinesthetic learners best because I still am one.

I know, as parents, we are our kids' first shield on earth, and we eventually let them go shield their kids. We all want to bring absolutely every winning edge possible to our kids. They will be making more of their own choices each year, and staying plugged in with their lives is the challenge in today's rapid fire world of distractions and dangerous invitations. ALL of us can celebrate their potential rising into action as we cheer on their best from the core, and build their ability to identify their core -- not only their God-given gifts and talents and aptitudes, but especially their purpose and calling. They need to see these things in themselves, and we can cheer them on with this process with exactly the same enthusiasm that we cheer on their soccer.

We can look around at the families with this team and actually feel the forward movement we have found as a group, as a team behind the team. Through soccer, we are pushing them each week to reach down for a little more. In so doing, we do not want to lose any ground with any single one of them. This is hard-won territory in today's world. We must stand that ground and push for more. Please stay in my ear about anything I can do to support your child's individual growth in teamwork, skill sets, and character this season. I promise my best as we pull out their best.

I definitely see we have a special group of parents collected. You guys know that about each other. Let's make the most of our opportunities this season. Find a new brother or sister or two in this mix. We started smart, and we'll finish strong. The more communication and unity, the better. We are teaching our kids to be overcomers together. Let's keep that vision clear throughout our time together. We want them to learn winning choices all across life, with soccer as a realm to make some of these positive principles come alive. Our team website is a key tool. I wish I had bumped into some of these materials when my kids were younger!


Coach Miley


Oct 17, 2017 - 2 Buttons for $5

⚽️ Parents, Coach Miley still has 2 buttons with your child in Hurricanes royal blue, from Picture Day.

They are being sold again this week at 2 for $5. Coach Miley still has that bag of buttons from last week.

They came out well! It's a good $5!



Oct 17, 2017 - Mid-season Results/Standings


Oct 16, 2017 - The 2017 Ocala Hurricanes



Oct 16, 2017 - Game 5 Report

On Saturday, October 14th, the Ocala Hurricanes added to their perfect start and momentum with their most resounding win, an 8-1 handling of the Highlighters. The match started more even than it ended, as both sides probed for weaknesses and pushed each other hard. Halftime found the Canes on top after two early goals by strikers Anthony Minami up the left flank off a steal, and Martella Asbey finding a seam down the middle off a feed from midfielder Savannah Polk.


The Hurricanes regrouped with adjustments at the half and went right to work. Minami, at 12 one of the youngest players in U14 play, continued his scoring outburst across the league with two more quick ones, first up the middle off a steal and then down the left flank off a loose ball that he claimed at midfield and took to the house. Asby added the fifth tally before water break ended the third quarter of play. Minami easily added Goal 6, his fourth of the match, with a flick of the outside of his right foot from an Asbey feed, and that's when Coach Miley brought Minami to the back of his diamond defense for some experience there. The Highlighters picked up their only point on a free kick awarded to their left flank, about 25 yards from frame. The Highlighters coach gave instructions for #10 to shoot on frame, and he did exactly that, lofting a perfect strike to the top right side netting with the most spectacular play of the day. Starting sweeper Josh Sieradzky, who had shifted forward to the stopper position at the top of the defense, then promptly started assaulting the Highlighter net with three long penetrating runs off three steals, resulting in the final two tallies, as the Canes continued their rampage across the league with another runaway showing, 8-1. An injury to the Highlighters Goalkeeper on his final dive to contest Sieradzky's final tally, was handled with a precautionary paramedic call, but that player's X-Rays came up negative and he will be okay.


Across their first encounters with all five opponents the first half of the season, the Hurricanes continue to lead the league in defense with fewest goals allowed (7), and also in attack with most goals scored (27). Goalkeeper Aiden Chittum has one of the league's two shutouts and the least goals allowed among starting goalkeepers (5). Strikers Martella Asby and Anthony Minami lead the league together with 12 and 11 goals respectively. Josh Sieradzky leads the league's defenders with three tallies of his own, while anchoring the league's only high level defensive system, a diamond formation following schemes of many NCAA squads.


The #1 Hurricanes (5-0-0) next face the #3 Typhoons (2-2-1) this Saturday morning, October 21st, at 9:30, also on Field 7.

Oct 16, 2017 - Chittum's Campaign

 Chittum, Aiden 




Ocala Hurricanes Goalkeeper Aiden Chittum quietly continues his league-leading campaign with fewest goals allowed per match. He has posted 17 saves in five starts and 270 minutes as the last man through the Hurricanes perfect five-win showing. Most importantly, he has allowed only five goals in all five outings, behind the league's only diamond defense system. Chittum has caught on fast as the field marshal for this high level system with the upstart Hurricanes, and along with his sweeper Josh Sieradzky, they have frustrated all five opponents with a swirl of communication, decisions, and recycling defenders generating snappy counter attacks in matter of fact order. The message to the league is simply this -- you are not up against stars to match your stars; you are up against an actual team. And out on the pitch that team begins at the back line. It begins with the last man.


"Aiden is a naturally quiet guy, but we all know he is a fierce competitor," Coach Miley says. "and he is learning  how to call a match with more chatter, much like a catcher does in baseball. Like a catcher, he is the last man. Some players have the personality for this responsibility. This kid will take his goalkeeping as far as chooses to take it. Remember his name."

In the meantime, Chittum is all about winning each moment as the voice behind the league's only diamond system, and when he finds himself as the last man stopping a shot, he's all about that, too.


Oct 16, 2017 - VERSATILITY

Every team needs "utility" players. These are the players who show special willingness and ability for different roles. Every coach wants as many utility players as possible. Not only does each player's versatility open up effective options in a given lineup, but this sort of attitude inspires everyone toward a more accommodating sense of the team and what the team may need in any given situation. Of course, just like life beyond soccer, we all have our favorite positions and roles and situations where we feel most comfortable and prepared to excel, but it takes a special team player to see what the team needs first, and then to bring the game-changing willingness to work hard at something that isn't a first choice. The Hurricanes lean on several players who have demonstrated leadership in this manner.

Any coach knows, with four or more true "utility" players willing and able to play anywhere with equally high energy, the options and strategies simply explode into all kinds of elements of surprise that opposing coaches can't begin to track.

The top four leaders in this area at mid season --  Zander Lema, Savannah  Polk , Ryan Dennis, and Nate Ruiz -- all had other ideas about their first choices for positioning, yet all have adapted to the needs of the team with considerable enthusiasm and a team-first attitude. The versatility of these four players, as well as several others rising into such opportunities, has become a real key to the Hurricanes team mentality that all the players feel.


Oct 16, 2017 - Daytona Trip Reminder

The Rollins College Tars (in the top 20 this season) visit the Embry Riddle Eagles in Daytona Beach for a men's soccer match at 7:00 Saturday night, October 21st. D2 men's soccer is often more physical than D1 soccer, with many amazingly intelligent players on scholarship precisely for the best education at the best smaller colleges. Rollins is known as the best private business school in the South, and Embry Riddle is renowned for producing top aeronautical engineers, pilots, and astronauts. Both schools have very intelligent, physical players who will turn on a dime for snappy decisions and bang around more than the pros do. The Tars always have a tough defense and patient passing under a crafty English head coach who played for the Tars right after Coach Miley did. Both sides will be studded with American and International standouts.

This will be a team-building outing for those who can attend, even if the turnout is partial. Details will finalize this week, as we find out availability and interest. Aiden and his family have expressed interest. We are hoping for at least several families to join them. Any player who attends will definitely benefit. We will solidify the Daytona trip by this Thursday's practice (October 19th) ⚽️

Please contact Coach Miley as we pull together our group for this great opportunity.


Oct 16, 2017 - A Look at Week 6


This coming Saturday, October 21st, the Hurricanes will face the next best defense in the league behind their own, when they take on their nextdoor practice neighbors, the sky blue Typhoons.

"The Typhoons gave us the best scrap we've seen yet in the second match," said Coach Miley of their narrowest win (3-2). "They know us better than the other squads do because we have scrimmaged them three times. One time they tied us in a scrimmage. I have a lot of respect for what Coach Kirkhoffer is doing with them. He will bring his best game to us." 

The #3 Typhoons (2-2-1) suffered a 0-2 shutout versus the #2 Rip Tide in the late match after the Canes took their 8-1 fifth victory over the Highlighters. "I saw that match," said Miley. "It was competitive as usual, from the sky blue squad. They always play low scoring competitive matches. They dictated a low score with us, too. But we have been working on a few weapons since our last time with them, also. I feel good about our chances, but our kids need to know we will be seeing the best from our opponents from here on out. Everybody's coming for us now. The target is on our back as upstarts storming the league. We expect that."


Oct 15, 2017 - FEATURES

⚽️ Congratulations, Anthony and Blessed Trinity, on winning the Marion/Alachua middle school soccer championship!




Oct 14, 2017 - COMMENT

⚽️posted Oct. 8, 2017 ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️ Martella Asbey (parent): "The Hurricanes continue to improve each week. The synergy on this team is outstanding. Players with less experience are improving their skill sets by leaps and bounds. As long as the team plays together they will be hard to beat. Coach Miley's team/family approach is the key to this team's success." ⚽️

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