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Corey Liles

Assistant Coach

⚽️ H O M E ⚽️ O F ⚽️ T H E ⚽️ #1 H U R R I C A N E S : ⚽️ YOUR SOCCER HQ ⚽️ Arrive for warm-ups 45 minutes before match kickoffs⚽️ Practices are now at 5:45⚽️ Begin hydrating the day before each match⚽️ You're a champion, so eat a champion's breakfast, and a good packed lunch beats a school lunch⚽️ Start everything smart; finish everything strong⚽️ Give a good ball, defend savagely, talk about everything⚽️ Work supporting angles on attack and defense⚽️ Fall down? Get up fast. Really hurt? Help is on the way⚽️ Know your teammates. Connect. Never strand a friend⚽️ Practice how you play in uniform. Do the uniform proud⚽️ Prepare for excellence in every way, on and off the field⚽️ Thank your supporters and go for the top⚽️ Thank your competition. They sharpen you⚽️ Build your teammates at every chance. They build you⚽️ Watch higher level performances. They inspire you ⚽️ Take what you learn here into your family and school. Win ⚽️

Apr 22, 2018 - Team Photos Released



Apr 22, 2018 - A Look at Game 6

On Saturday, April 28th, the Ocala Hurricanes will face the Gray squad, whom they blasted, 5-0, in Game 2, on Field 2.

"That match played into our hands on the bigger field because we played to our wings and wore them out with better passing to spread the field," said Coach Miley. "We really stormed them in the second half after we wore them down. This rematch will be on a smaller field, Field 7, and earlier in the morning without the heat to help our plan to wear down opponents with our passing. We will need to do the same sort of stuff, but even more. Fortunately for us, we are getting better at what we do best, and our defense has been just shutting out some very good athletes. The Gray squad has some strong and big athletes, but we isolated their best strikers last time and we plan to do that again."

In that first match against Gray, Eric Osornio slammed in two late goals on surprise attacks coming from the top of the diamond, and later asked Coach Miley, "Tell me what I can do better."

"This is the kind of team we have," said Miley. "They are hungry to do better every time. I push them, but they push themselves harder. We have a good set of dynamics staged by our hardest workers, and everybody rises to the latest leader's example as some kind of personal challenge. That is the kind of group this is. They have what champion teacher Jaime Escalante emphasized as "GANAS". Nobody can teach that, but anyone can awaken that. We are at a place of awakening the GANAS in one another as we find out who we can be as a squad in this short season. Eric captures this "DESIRE" with that Escalante-style passion. It is a good place to be when we take up his spark. Our younger kids now know they belong at the top because of their teamwork. They are not about to give that up. I have no doubt we will be ready for this Gray squad."



Apr 22, 2018 - ⚽️ GAME 5 REPORT: Canes Stay Undefeated, Unscored Upon

On a breezy Saturday in Florida's horse country, the Ocala Hurricanes silenced a fifth straight opponent, 3-0, continuing their perfect string of shutouts as the youngest squad in their U14 league. 

"It's amazing to me how we could start this U15 season with 9 kids not even in their teens yet, and then simply silence all of our opponents with five shutouts in our first five outings. I've never heard of anything like it in youth soccer," said their coach, Fred Miley. "These defenders can be very proud of each other and how they have gelled. They have learned through many reps in practice how to operate a high level diamond formation under a variety of overloads. And now this league of older players is at a loss trying to crack their code. They are a team within a team that refuses to crack. In fifteen seasons as a player and sixteen seasons as a coach, I have never seen five consecutive shutouts for a squad. The only strikers who seem to be able to occasionally beat this diamond are on our team, and that happens only in practice with severe overloads. We run all ten of our other players at our diamond over and over in practice, and only the best plays will occasionally find the net. We call them "Aiden's Wall", and Aiden shows up for business as the last man. It is amazing to watch five players hold off ten players as well as they do. What they do in practice is way more amazing than what they do in matches."

With their coach raving and their families buzzing, Ocala's top U15 squad faced their practice field neighbor, the red squad under Peruvian Coach Cesar Tambini, who tended goal at a national level for Peru. "We were very excited to take on  Coach Cesar's team," said Miley, "because we always see each other's hard workouts and keep wondering who is better.  He has a very big heart for all of our league's kids, and donated some of his time to help our goalkeeper Aiden earlier in the season, when I asked for him to share his goalkeeping expertise. He did so not only willingly, but with enthusiasm. I respect how Cesar coaches, and their squad actually has a lot in common with our work ethic and passing priority, but I think our diamond made the difference again for us today."

The Canes picked up an early goal from Justin Arroyo to take a slight edge into halftime, and proceeded to lock down the match against a stiffening breeze with a goal from seventh grader Anthony Minami from distance, and an inswinger off a late corner kick from Arroyo. The Hurricanes out-shot the red squad, 18-7, and tallied 12 corner kicks while allowing none. "We still need to capitalize better on our opportunities," Coach Miley acknowledged, "but we did a lot of things we wanted to do today, especially holding it in their back third of the pitch. Our strikers and midfielders worked hard to continue the chaos on their end, and our defenders just said no again." Coach Cesar's strikers did make a couple of threatening deep runs late in the match, but Aiden was equal to the task with solid saves.

The Hurricanes are at the top of the league with 14 goals in five outings, but the five straight shutouts is becoming a phenomenon that the kids in the diamond want to extend. "Railey completely rocked a winger who was trying to get by her, when she took him with a fierce and legal tackle in the first half, and the rest of the diamond stepped up with play after play, coming off Railey's fearlessness, to keep that hard hustling team down to just a few real chances. Our defense is creating a name for themselves back there. They don't make many mistakes, and that is why they are back there. That is the only shutout Coach Cesar's squad has suffered. Our diamond has very quietly silenced all five of our opponents. Nobody has found our net. Aiden's Wall is real."

The 4-0-1 Hurricanes take their league leading momentum into next Saturday's rematch versus the Gray squad, in the 9:30 early slot on Field 7 again. "This is our only early match," said Coach Miley. "We want our players to bed early the night before and ready with an early breakfast."

Bring your family and friends to cheer on YOUR Ocala Hurricanes.



Apr 18, 2018 - Canes Age Profile: A Very Young Squad


Here is your Ocala Hurricanes age profile:

Emphasis: WAY Under 15!


Age 15: 1 defender, 1 midfielder

Age 14: 1 midfielder

Age 13: 1 defender, 2 strikers, 1 midfielder

Age 12: 1 goalkeeper, 2 defenders, 3 midfielders, 2 strikers


All but two are in middle school, and over half our squad

is not yet in their teens. At the start of the season, nine of our

fifteen players were twelve years old and "playing up". One

recently turned 13. We can't have a competitive team this young

without a mastery of the fundamentals of passing, and we can't

have passing without communication and hard work. That is why

we are a hard working, passing team with an emphasis on

communication and connection. Without age or experience, our

connectedness with each other as a team with our families behind

us is the ONLY way we can compete.


The encouragement you provide is the most crucial of the

necessary constants. Thank you all for staying at practices and for

supporting our young squad so strongly at matches. Our kids can

hear your voices and feel your hearts behind them. I can tell you

they are working harder than ever now at this point in the season,

and your involvement is the most important element of their

soccer experience. I'll never forget what my Rollins College coach,

Gordie Howell, did when my father came to his first match to see

me play about a third of the way through my freshman year. As

soon as Coach Howell's post-game talk with us was done, he

marched straight over to my dad, and in his own unique Green

Beret manner of authority, he positioned himself in front of my dad,

a former Navy doctor, and I could just hear him firmly say,

"Dr. Miley, you need to come to more of these matches, because

your son just played out of his skull with you here in the stands."


Parents, with our families truly behind us and bringing the example

of connectedness and support forward in our team culture, we will

have more than our strong finish. We will have strong memories

and serve the highest purpose of this sport: togetherness. You are

doing exactly what we need, so please keep it up to the max!

Thank you, parents, for your clear leadership with this set of hearts

behind our kids. It means everything.


-Coach Miley

Apr 16, 2018 - A Look At Game 5

At 11:00 on Field 7, Saturday, April 21st, the #1 Ocala Hurricanes will face their practice field neighbors, Coach Cesar's #3 red squad, in third place. 

"Coach Cesar keeps his kids moving," said Coach Miley. "He has a big heart for all the kids and shares his understanding of the game with good instructional ability. He doesn't just love soccer, he knows soccer, and he knows soccer helps kids with life. There's not a lot of standing around in lines for drills, so they are kind of like us that way. He emphasizes a passing priority like we do. When I found out he played goalkeeper at the national level for Peru, I asked if he would be willing to give some tips to our goalkeeper Aiden, which he gladly did as he worked with him. I appreciated not only his willingness, but also enthusiasm to meet this special request, as I know Aiden and his parents did also. He is here for all of these kids and their families. Like our squad, he drew a hard working young group, and he has them working together, which is the kind of opponent we need to face to make us better. We've had a few excellent talks after practice, and I respect what I see him doing. I'm glad he's our practice neighbor, and we are looking forward to facing his team."

At the midseason mark, Coach Cesar's red squad sits in third place at 1-1-2, while the 3-0-1 Hurricanes maintain first place narrowly over the blue squad by merit of stronger goal differential on the season, after a 0-0 draw with them in Game 4. 




"We expect the best from both of these squads. Both sides know how to reach down for their best."

Players should arrive at Field 7, geared up and ready for a stiff contest. Families, bring your friends and noisemakers to support your Ocala Hurricanes!


Apr 16, 2018 - Game 4 Report

On Saturday, April 14th, both of Ocala's undefeated U15 soccer squads matched up at the midseason point to find they would both remain undefeated, as they remained scoreless for a 0-0 draw. The Ocala Hurricanes held a steady edge over Coach Kevin Gorman's blue squad throughout the match with about 75% possession time, holding the ball deep for plenty of chaotic scrambles as the blue squad bunkered back and made a variety of heroic dives and slides to keep the ball out of their net. The Hurricanes kept storming their gates, out-shooting the blue squad 7-1, out-chancing them 15-3, and doubling up the corner kicks, 4-2, but none of those numbers mattered on the scoresheet, as the blue squad's fans celebrated and the Hurricanes settled for the hard fought draw.

"I didn't have to do much" Hurricanes goalkeeper Aiden Chittum said afterward. "Our defense made it really easy for me." Indeed, Chittum had to work a lot harder to preserve a 2-0 win over the Burgundy squad the Saturday before, with 7 saves required instead of only one.

"Four consecutive shutouts is not bad for any squad," said Coach Miley of "Aiden's Wall".

"Any coach knows you build a soccer squad from the back forward," Miley noted. "Our back defenders are minimizing mistakes, but we were applying immediate defensive pressure all over the pitch pretty much anytime they touched it. We have the only solid wall in the league. Nobody has touched our net halfway through this season. That's something we can take forward from this match."

Both sides were resilient and fought very hard. The Hurricanes obviously had the younger side, with only one player who is fifteen, and everybody else in middle school. Nevertheless, their edge was in their passing.

"You don't need age or size for good passing," said Miley. "You just need good communication with a work ethic, and we have that. Our kids worked as hard as they do in practice to control this match with passing. Usually that results in a win, but there are never any guarantees in soccer. Each match has a storyline, no matter the score. We were stringing together seven and eight consecutive passes five or more times in each half, and I never saw more than three consecutive passes for our opponent. That's why most of the match was on their end, and that is something else to take forward. It's always easier to possess than chase, and we had them gassed."

Indeed, both sides left everything on the field as morning breezes gave way to the high noon heat hitting the 80s in Florida's horse country. 

"Our kids were wanting more time for this match to tumble our way," said Miley, "and I know they are mentally replaying some of the missed chances. They'll be looking forward to seeing this blue squad again for the final match."

Bobby Herndon, the league director, stepped in for Coach Gorman's absence, and did an excellent job marshalling his strongest players back to hang onto the 0-0 draw. Chittum needed only one save for an actual shot on frame, and came out a couple of times to disrupt a couple of other chances. Coach Bobby leaned on a few fast breaks to shake things up, but they were usually stopped before they could get close. "Aiden isn't kidding about the easy day," said Coach Miley. "Our diamond defense did another sound job sending the battles elsewhere."

The Hurricanes finished the match with a few more deep rushes into the blue squad's penalty area, but squandered their shots wide or over the bar from within spitting distance of open net. "We ran strong till the end," said Miley, "but just didn't finish. I told our kids there's a story to every match. This match was ours to take, but we didn't take it. We did a lot of things we are looking for, but missed the finishing touches. It's a useful experience to build on, because it will make us work harder to properly finish our opportunities -- one of life's lessons."


Apr 14, 2018 - BSYSL Results: Week 4



Apr 13, 2018 - A Look At Game 4

This Saturday the Ocala Hurricanes take on Kevin Gorman's royal blue squad, to be coached in his absence by league director Bobby Herndon, staging a matchup of the last two undefeated sides in Big Sun's U15 Division. Both sides have piled up 11 goals in the first three matches, but unlike the blue squad which has allowed four tallies, the Hurricanes defense stands alone as the only solid wall in the league, with all three of the league's shutouts notched on their goalposts. 

"Three no-nos to start a season is a first for me," said Coach Miley in his 17th season coaching high school and youth levels. "For this level, we are doing more fine tuning on defense than the average bears. We have hammered our diamond defense repeatedly in practices. They know how to work together and take a lot of pride in holding down our back third of the pitch. They're also good at sending the battles elsewhere for our midfielders and strikers to take the day."

A tough obstacle for the Hurricanes to overcome this match will be the absence of three key players due to family events elsewhere. "We will be missing the Minami brothers and Q (Nathan Quiroz)," Miley notes. "Anthony and Daniel have been a big reason our left side has been too explosive for any squad to handle, and Q has been marking out and shutting down the top strikers we've faced. Even without those three boys, we still have a persistent passing team with a solid work ethic. With only one sub, we will need everything from everybody. Not the best time to be missing three key players as we face our top rival, but that converts to a perfect opportunity to reach down for who we are together. We will see this squad again for our final match, hopefully with all of our players, but this is an early invitation for us to stand up for our identity together."

The Hurricanes look forward to some rowdy support as they kickoff at BSYSL Field 2 in Ocala, on Saturday the 14th, at 11:00. Bring cowbells and noisemakers! Players should report to the team bench, geared up and ready to go at 10:15.



Apr 8, 2018 - Ocala Hurricanes Extend Streak



 In Big Sun Youth Soccer U15 action Saturday, the 2018 Ocala Hurricanes continued their spring opening streak from last fall's perfect 10-0-0 run, with a 2-0 win over the Burgundy squad for a third consecutive shutout. The new Hurricanes return four players from the perfect fall team, as every squad is significantly "jumbled" each season. The four returning players are: Aiden Chittum (#14) still tending goal, Josh Sieradzky (#7) still anchoring the diamond defense, and Martella Asbey (#13) and Anthony Minami (#10) on the striking line.

The new additions are helping the squad start very strong, outscoring opponents, 11-0, in their first three outings. Anthony's older brother Daniel Minami (#15) has blown up the left side of the midfield with intense hard work, a lot of steals, and many crafty counterattacks. The Liles sisters, Railey (#3) at left defender, and Laney (#2) at striker and midfield, have added tremendous positive energy and smart choices with the ball. Eric Osornio (#11) has stormed into the stopper position and Zach Kaiser (#9) locks down the right side of "Aiden's Wall", taking the Canes diamond defense to a new level of awesome. Nathan "Q" Quiroz (#16) has stepped up ferociously as a defensive midfielder on strict marking assignments, while Caleb Lombardo (#4) has exploded on the scene with three goals at the point of the spear, redefining the center striker position with a creativity/energy combination that only Caleb can bring. Angie Loforte (#5) and Kennedy Engelhardt (#6) bring quickness and endurance with solid teamwork to the striking and midfield lines, while Shelby Davis (#12) is the squad's fastest striker generating new chances on net. Finally, the new leading playmaker and "quarterback" of the squad at central midfield, is Justin Arroyo (#8) who brings awareness and skill together at the hub of counterattacks and passing setups for a Hurricanes strike. The new Hurricanes enjoy a unifying push catalyzed by a contingency of friends and teammates from Ocala's Trinity Prep, with a champion soccer squad of their own (Aiden, Anthony, Caleb, and Justin).

"For this level particularly, and remarkably so early in the season, the passing is coming together beautifully," said Coach Miley. "The families are turning out in great supporting force, the players are working hard in practice to build our identity as a team, and the fun is absolutely electric. We have some real personalities stepping up together, and we're having a good time!"

The Hurricanes won their first match over Aqua, 4-0, their second match over Gray, 5-0, and their most recent match over Burgundy (see action photos) yesterday, 2-0. "That diamond defense has a way without words," said Miley. "We're calling it Aiden's Wall. They have shushed up everybody so far." 




5-0 win over Marrianne's Gray squad.

Box score is posted; game story to be added.




On a bright and cool Saturday morning, the Ocala Hurricanes continued their perfect run from last season with a perfect 4-0 shutout over Coach Michael Peterson's Aqua squad.

The box scores for all matches are also posted on this site. In the scoring summary for the spring opener, newcomer from Blessed Trinity's championship squad, Justin Arroyo, leading from central midfield, opened the Hurricanes' scoring with a firm strike that sparked his schoolmate and returning Canes left winger Anthony Minami to the second tally before the half was whistled. Newcomer Caleb Lombardo, also from Blessed Trinity, finished the scoring from the central striker position, with two more quick punctuation marks from close range, to seal the solid 4-0 shutout over Coach Peterson's Aqua squad on the regulation pitch. 

"We knew we were opening on the big pitch, and our players were ready to run," said Hurricanes Coach Fred Miley. "But, really, our plan under the high sun with more space to really play, was to wear out the Aqua side with our passing. And that we did. Justin and Caleb earned their starting positions today at the center of our attack. Their intelligence, positive energy, and familiarity together will be important for all of us this season.  Aiden and the Minami brothers are also in that good mix from Trinity Prep, and this closeknit group has taken a wide open positive approach to all their teammates. There are no cliques in our philosophy. The Liles sisters are very tough and smart additions, and not afraid of anyone who happens to be bigger.  They both bring courage and hustle from last fall's Gray squad. We are still experimenting with our diamond defense, and who will be where. We like Aiden and Josh in the back, and we like Railey on the left and Eric up at the stopper slot. The right side is up for grabs. Most of our players will be rotating through the midfield and striking lines. The solidity of our diamond is the beginning of how we build, from the back. The kids in the back need to know each other and have each other's backs instinctively through a lot of overload scenarios. That is why we hammer them as a diamond in practice. They can't make mistakes that aren't covered. Defending a goalmouth is like defending a house or a fort or a country. Any lapse could compromises the side you are on. If our defenders are solid, the rest of us will rally from that. We have a very young team with a fun and fresh culture. They are hard working, but they keep it fun. We are our own team, and we will be strong together."

"Hey, coach," said goalkeeper Aiden Chittum. "We started and finished last season with shutouts. Think we'll do that again?"

"Let's see how many more of those shutouts we can get this season, Aiden," he volleyed. "I got a feeling it won't be just two."















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