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⚽️ H O M E ⚽️ O F ⚽️ T H E ⚽️ #1 H U R R I C A N E S : ⚽️ YOUR SOCCER HQ ⚽️ Arrive for warm-ups 45 minutes before match kickoffs⚽️ Practices are now at 6:00, but will move to 5:45 as we lose light in October⚽️ Begin hydrating the day before each match⚽️ You're a champion, so eat a champion's breakfast, and a good packed lunch beats a school lunch⚽️ Start everything smart; finish everything strong⚽️ Give a good ball, defend savagely, talk about everything⚽️ Work supporting angles on attack and defense⚽️ Fall down? Get up fast. Really hurt? Help is on the way⚽️ Know your teammates. Connect. Never strand a friend⚽️ Practice how you play in uniform. Do the uniform proud⚽️ Prepare for excellence in every way, on and off the field⚽️ Thank your supporters and go for the top⚽️ Thank your competition. They sharpen you⚽️ Build your teammates at every chance. They build you⚽️ Watch higher level performances. They inspire you ⚽️ Take what you learn here into your family and school. Win ⚽️

Nov 19, 2018 - Ocala Hurricanes Team Awards -- Fall 2018


               BSYSL ~ FALL 2018

#2 Logan Richie

Audi Murphy Overcomer Award


#3 GiGi Leon

Mary Slessor Determination Award


#4 Lainey Liles

Amelia Earhart Winger Award


#5 Angie Loforte

Colonel Ruby Bradley Team Spirit Award


#6 Mia Liebegott

Mia Hamm Passion & Skill Award


#7 Josh Sieradzki

George Washington MVP Award


#8 Jackson Walker

Da Vinci Most Improved Player Award


#9 Tessa Ward

Heather Penney First Strike Award


#11 Ryan Gorman

Joe Montana Crunch King Award


#12 Jack Gorman

Michael Jordan Perseverance Award


#13 Tre Ward

Sir William Wallace Team Sabre Award


#14 Chase Richie

Aaron Judge Rookie of Year Award


#15 Josh Gangelhoff

Colonel Nolde Last Man Award


#16 Nate "Q" Quiroz

Simon Bolivar Focused Fighter Award


#17 Emily Metzler

Emilia Prater Team Shield Award

Nov 19, 2018 - Early Champion Ocala Hurricanes Finish Strong

November 17th, 2018


On a chilly Saturday morning in mid November, Ocala's Big Sun Soccer League kicked off the final day of its ten-game fall season. Players arrived with hats, sweaters, and even some blankets over their shoulders. And today Ocala's triple crown soccer champion Hurricanes left no doubts about their winning ways after clinching their U15 title in Week 7. 

"We are not just the Hurricanes," said their head coach Fred Miley. "We are the Ocala Hurricanes. Just like the big leagues, we have claimed our families, our league, and our town to represent. We know soccer is about community, and we are part of that."

Speaking captain Angie LoForte (#5) lost the toss, and the Reds squad elected to defend the south goal with the bright low sun at their backs. The Ocala Hurricanes struck first with an interior run and assist from Ryan Gorman (#11) to Tre Ward (#13), who banged in his 13th goal. "We always take the south bench, so that goal was right in front of us," said Miley. "Ryan's work made that happen, and Tre dusted it off. A thing of beauty."

The Canes took that tenuous edge into the first water break and knew they were in a battle. The Reds answered early in the 2nd quarter with a goal of their own. Halftime was knotted up, 1-1.  The rising sun took out the chill and the Hurricanes were glad to switch sides to get the glare out of their face. "When we switch sides and keep working like this, we're gonna blow this up," said Assistant Coach Corey Liles to the squad at halftime. 

But Coach Peterson's Reds had their own ideas, setting up another goal early and holding their only lead about ten minutes until Canes striker Tessa Ward (#9) scooped up a loose ball and knocked a pass ahead for Ryan Gorman to bust into a free zone and nail his tenth tally of the season. "That's why Ryan's our crunch king," said Miley. "He struck that ball with complete certainty into the right side netting. I had no doubt he would nail that one. You see, Ryan doesn't like it much when another team starts thinking they're better. He loves his teammates and knows what the work together has meant. I think that is why nothing stops him from stepping up."

The Hurricanes regrouped for the final water break with some snarl in their chatter, going into the final quarter locked up at 2-2 with a team they defeated, 7-1, earlier in the season. "It's never easy to beat the same team twice in youth sports," Miley said later, but at that water break he echoed what Coach Corey said at halftime. "Now it's your turn to blow this up. You will blow this up."

The Canes won five corner kicks on the day, and the fifth would be the charm, as Nate "Q" Quiroz sent one in front of the near netting for Jackson Walker to knock in his first of the season, deflecting off a Red defender. "Jackson is not a big kid, but he is very smart and quick -- he scrapped for that goal in traffic and it put us ahead when we needed it," said Miley. "It was fun to see how he did that among some opposing players nearly twice his size."

From an interior skirmish at midfield, Tre Ward kept the momentum with what would prove to be the winner by stealing a ball and then blowing into a seam and then daylight all the way down the right touch line. That unassisted gesture of authority landed his second tally on the match and team high 14th on the season. "Tre hardly ever talks," said Miley. "But it was obvious he had the drive to make his statement on that play."

The Reds drew it close, at 4-3, with a penalty kick after a Canes foul in the box. But the Canes added a fifth goal from striker Lainey Liles, returning from an elbow injury from handling a hog in her 4H activity. She took a feed from Tre, to lock up the solid win in a wild finish. "Four goals in seventeen minutes is pretty wild," said Miley. "Glad we got three of them. Our kids always believed, and Coach Peterson admitted later to me that we had them gassed at the end. That's the endurance edge that we worked all season to acquire. That's why we ended our last five weeks of practice with wind sprints. Our kids said on Day 1 that they wanted to be excellent. They worked together for their title and that's why they have it. We are proud of how they finished as the champions they are. They could have slacked after they clinched it, but didn't. They finished well. This was always more about ourselves than our opponents. How we finish is just as important as how we start. Character and class, start to finish. They demonstrated both with purpose and clarity. We are a hard-working, passing team, and we know how to overcome anything together." 

The Hurricanes go into the holidays with new friends and memories from a hard won title run. "This is about what they expected of themselves and each other. This is their title all the way. Josh Sieradzki is the only U15 player in Ocala with a triple crown," said his coach, "and we have three other players -- Angie, Lainey, and Q -- who have two titles. Everyone else was shuffled in with the draft. We drafted for character, and we were right. For the newcomers, we can only say, 'Once a Hurricane, always a Hurricane.' "

The question was posed and answered on Day 1: "What kind of team do you want to be?" The answer from each player was unanimous: "Excellent." The rest is now a fine set of memories from a great set of kids. There were no shortcuts. A 9-1 record takes hard work, something special, and something extra. The Canes outscored opponents, 48-13, with a lights out defense and a well-connected attack always ready to light it up. They worked to be the best and they were. The Ocala Hurricanes are champions again, with their names boldly signed onto how they started and how they finished. Yes, they were excellent together.


⚽️  BSYSL U15 BOX SCORE, 11/17/2018


CANES          1               4                 5

REDS             1               2                 3


              FOULS  CK  SAVES  SOG  GOALS

CANES          5      4        4        11        5

REDS             3      1        6          7        3 


  1st half: Tre/Ryan

       ~ 1st water break (1-0) ~

                Reds goal

   Halftime: Canes 1 Reds 1

                Reds goal


         ~ 2nd water break (2-2) ~

                Jackson/Q (corner kick)

                Tre (unassisted)

                Reds goal



Nov 10, 2018 - Canes Barrel By Aqua, 5-0


November 10th, 2018

"Overcome" is the rally word for North Central Florida's best U15 soccer squad. And that's what the Ocala Hurricanes did this Saturday, rebounding with a flurry of five unassisted goals from five players, following their only loss in squad history last week, a tight contest with the second place squad that they defeated in the opener. The Canes claimed their third consecutive title two weeks ago in Week 7 of the 10-game season, but that only puts a target on their back the rest of the way. 

"This is the earliest title the Hurricanes have claimed," Coach Fred Miley said, "and there we were reaching down for more of ourselves, with three games left. It has always been more about ourselves than our opponents."

The Canes returned only four players from last spring's undefeated squad, and only central defender Josh Sieradzki comes all the way through all three seasons since the perfect 10-0-0 squad last fall. Last week the Canes snapped their perfect 7-win start this fall and their 25-game undefeated streak as a club, but Miley took it as an opportunity to return to the team rally word, "Overcome", for this week. "This is a mentality match for y'all," he told them.

Hurricanes speaking captain Ryan Gorman won the toss, and elected to defend the north goal with the wind at his back. The Canes grabbed the early edge with possession time and never let it go. Their first quarter efforts yielded three shots, two corner kicks, and eventually, an early unassisted goal by Captain Ryan, who promptly celebrated his ninth goal with a Karate Kid "final kick" routine with his twin brother Jack. Apparently the skit was too funny to be called unsportsmanlike. The second quarter leveled out to a more even fight, as the Hurricanes picked up the only corner kick and only shot, settling for the tenuous 1-0 edge going into halftime.

The Canes roared out of halftime at a Cat 5 level, recording 8 of their 17 shots and 3 of their 7 corner kicks before the second water break. "The third quarter is when we grabbed this match," said Miley. "We were flexing our confidence as champions, and back to ourselves hammering the other net. We could have gone all day like that. " Tre Ward nailed his team-leading twelfth tally with a low drive from distance. That laser beam was followed by a steal with a runaway surge on net by central defender Jack Gorman, who finished with a point blank strike leaving no doubt that another Karate Kid skit was teed up, only this time with Jack kicking and Ryan taking the fall. Taking their 3-0 lead into the final quarter, the Hurricanes kept their foot on the pedal. Tre's sister Tessa knocked in her ninth goal, putting the Canes up, 4-0. That's when Coach Miley moved sweeper Josh Sieradzki up from the back to give him a run up top. He answered that opportunity with his second goal, to round out the 5-0 win with five players all scoring unassisted goals for the Canes. "You could say we all were hungry today," said their coach. "And Josh Gangelhoff needed only two saves to pick up his second shutout behind our lights out diamond defense."

The way the rec teams are jumbled each season, the first task of each coach is always to quickly and clearly establish a team identity that the players can claim for themselves. "We are a hard working passing team," said Miley. "That's all we claim about ourselves. Nothing fancy." And from there the chips have fallen, with the Canes at the top of the stack. "They were not joking around on Day 1, and they've been serious ever since. These kids have a certain sort of fun that they have chiseled out with hard work, because they are very deliberately the best," said their coach.

Miley sings his players' praises because of their buy-in on the basics and good old-fashioned work. "Our players expect the best of themselves and each other. They understand and care about excellence. They know life is often competitive and they are putting in the work to be the best. That's what they decided to do on Day 1, and that's what they are doing from start to finish. They were drafted for their character. Some of our kids happen to have some experience and skills, too, but character is why they are selected as Hurricanes. No shortcuts. No tricks. Just steady work on the fundamentals, with regular drills maximizing decisions under pressure. Every player makes a lot of pressure decisions each practice. They learn to get their eyes up, talk, and connect. The drills drive them to rub shoulders and bump heads in different combinations. They finish with wind sprints. They know they worked for their edge. They know and respect each other. All our players get how much they need each other. Most importantly, they know how all this translates from soccer to life."

"We're proud of them, but this is never about what we adults expect of them. This is about what these future adults expect of themselves. They are more than kids just having fun. They are tomorrow's leaders, and they know excellence is the best fun. This is their title, because they took it with their hearts joined together. Once a Hurricane, always a Hurricane."

To conclude the 10-game season, the 8-1 early champion Ocala Hurricanes next face Coach Peterson's Reds on Field 3 at 9:30 on Saturday morning, November 17th. Punch your ticket, Canes fans! Join our team families that afternoon at 2:30, for team awards and Ocala's best New York Pizza, pasta, and Italian ice at La Famiglia Pizzeria. "Steve Escandon is the owner and our awards banquet sponsor," said Coach Miley. "Let's thank him with our continued business, and please also remember Luis Quiroz with El Toreo  for sponsoring our Oxford Blue uniforms. These generous restaurant owners have backed our champion kids as champions in our community, and will always be on their side."


⚽️  BSYSL U15 BOX SCORE, 11/10/2018


CANES          1               4                 5

AQUA            0               0                 0


              FOULS  CK  SAVES  SOG  GOALS

CANES          5      7        2        17        5

AQUA            2      1      11          2        0 


  1st half: Ryan Gorman (unassisted)

       ~ 1st water break (1-0) ~

   Halftime: Canes 1 Aqua 0

                Tre Ward (unassisted)

                Jack Gorman (unassisted)

       ~ 2nd water break (3-0) ~

                Tessa Ward (unassisted)

                Josh Sieradzky (unassisted)



Nov 5, 2018 - Canes Settle for Split with Blues


Saturday, November 3rd, 2018

After a deluge in Ocala the night before, a crisp November morning glittered across the soggy pitch in North Central Florida, for a rematch between the top two squads in the BSYSL U15 Division. The 7-0 Ocala Hurricanes had staved off the well-manned Blues squad, 3-2, in the season opener, and clinched the championship last Saturday with a 9-1 win over Burgundy, extending the club's undefeated course across 25 matches and three seasons since its inception last fall. But today would be another story, as Coach Moreno's #2 Blues, 3-2-2 going into the rematch, were pumped for the upset and firing on all cylinders.

The Hurricanes opened the early match with a good surge and the first two shots, but the Blues made their first counterattack count, drawing the Canes keeper off his line a bit too early, and landing a goal from their right flank. The Canes returned pressure on the Blues goal after that. "We responded well to their first goal," said Canes coach Fred Miley. "We showed some composure and took the possession time and pressure back into our own hands." The Blues were called for a foul in their own box, as Tre Ward was maneuvering for a shot. Ward took the PK, but the Blues keeper deflected it to his right and the Canes did not capitalize before the first water break halted those skirmishes in front of the Blues net. "That first water break interrupted our momentum rebounding from the first goal," said Miley. "Moreno's squad regrouped well after that and took the second quarter."

The Blues reclaimed momentum and pressure from several breakaways that central defenders Jack Gorman and Josh Sieradzky scrambled to disrupt. Before halftime the Blues finally found a seam and landed their second goal with a low drive from distance through traffic, screening out Canes goalkeeper Josh Gangelhoff from a clear line of sight and a chance to react. "They were frustrated in the middle by Jack Gorman and Josh Sieradzki. That shot was cranked from a midfield loose ball situation," said Miley. "A page out of our own book."

Both squads ended the first half with only four shots on frame apiece, but only the Blues had anything to show for it. "They converted on half their shots before we knew what hit us," said Miley. "We had to reorganize our heads at halftime to face the biggest deficit in team history. I reminded them that we've strung many goals together many times for 38 on the season. It was just another chance to be who we are: a hard working, passing team."

The Hurricanes did indeed settle the match back into their own style with better passing in the second half, out-shooting the Blues, 5-2, and winning 4 corner kicks to the Blues 2 corner kicks. "We won about five high quality chances on their net," said Miley. Perhaps the most thrilling missed chance was a corner kick from Nate "Q" Quiroz to a header from Mia Liebegott that banged off the crossbar. "It was a tightly contested match," said Miley. "The second half was ours, as usual. We were never out of it and we never hung our heads. I was proud of the kids on both sides of this match. Several parents said it was an entertaining match to watch. Everyone showed up with their best. I just think our opponent was a little hungrier this time, and that's how any squad gets an extra step on the loose stuff."

Although his Hurricanes fired 9 shots on frame to the Blues 6, and earned 5 corner kicks to the Blues 4, those were not the numbers that determine a winner. "Coach Moreno's squad converted better on their chances. For me, that's the summary," said Miley. "We had nine shots on frame and five near misses. They have some experienced players, several older boys, and good goalkeeping. They physically pushed us off our passing game in the first half, and into more of their kick and run style. That's when they got up on us. A competitive match, and well officiated. They deserve the well-earned split."

After his U15 Ocala Hurricanes saw their 25-game undefeated streak across three seasons finally come to an end, he encouraged them to simply overcome the setback. "It's our only loss ever, but it's only a soccer game, and it's really just another opportunity to parallel soccer with life," said Miley. "Our one team word is OVERCOME."

Central defender Josh Sieradzki is the only triple crown soccer champion in the known history of his town and county to go 25 consecutive soccer matches undefeated. He started with Coach Miley as a seventh grader, and looks forward to trying out for the Forest High School Wildcats next year. "Hey, Josh, how does it feel to lose one?" Miley asked him with a wry smile in the post-game chat. Sieradzky, whose head was lowered for the talk, paused before the team, looked up at the coach, and then at everyone. "I don't really know what this is. It just doesn't feel right."

The 7-1 early champion Hurricanes next face Coach Hart's #3 Aqua squad (4-3-1) on Field 3 this Saturday, November 10th at 11:00. "Taking the championship early is like poking a stick into a bee's nest. The target is on our back now," said Miley. "We expected this, and we will need to prepare well for Coach Hart's squad. They played us tough the first time, and it won't be any easier for the rematch."


⚽️  BSYSL U15 BOX SCORE, 11/3/2018


CANES          0               0                 0

BLUES           2               0                 2


              FOULS  CK  SAVES  SOG  GOALS

CANES          2      5        4         9        0

BLUES          4       4        8         6        2 


1st half: Blues goal

       ~ 1st water break (0-1) ~

              Blues goal

   Halftime: Canes 0 Blues 2

       ~ 2nd water break (0-2) ~


Oct 28, 2018 - Undefeated Ocala Hurricanes Clinch U15 Soccer Title


On Saturday, October 27th, the Ocala Hurricanes clinched the Big Sun Youth Soccer League's U15 Division title with a 9-1 win versus the Burgundy squad. The Burgundy squad showed up with 8 players, so the Hurricanes sat six players, as they were missing only Lainey Liles with a non-soccer injury. The 7-0 Canes knew what to do about their only deficit of the season after Burgundy struck first in the ninth minute with a shot by their striker, #16. Nine consecutive goals later, the undefeated Hurricanes stopped the match a few minutes early with the only 8-goal margin of the U15's six-squad fall season. 

"We rotated all of our players in and out frequently," said Hurricanes head coach Fred Miley, "but they had no subs for their eight players. The players were even in number on the pitch, but we had a decided advantage with our full turnout and fresh legs. I guess that teaches our kids the value of just showing up."

In the first quarter before the first water break, the Hurricanes peppered the Burgundy goalmouth with 10 shots to Burgundy's first and final three shots of the match. The frustration ended with midfielder Mia Liebegott's unassisted icebreaker in the eleventh minute to answer Burgundy's brief lead. Three minutes later she laid out her team-leading sixth assist for the go-ahead tally from striker Logan Richie. Ironically, the two had teamed up for the squad's first score of the season back in Game 1, as Logan assisted Mia for that one. The Canes went into the first water break with a momentum that never relented. Logan opened early after the break with his second consecutive score, an unassisted header in a scramble for a loose ball in front of the Burgundy net. Tre Ward knocked in another off an assist from Nathan "Q" Quiroz. Tre added his team-leading 11th goal, unassisted, to carry the Canes to a 5-1 halftime grip on the match.

Soon into the second half, central defender Josh Sieradzki stepped into the attack with two strong results. First, he took an assist from Tre and calmly popped in #6, and then he continued his patrol for loose balls behind the constant Canes attack and laid out a smooth assist for another goal (#7) from Mia, who finished the day with two goals and an assist.

"By then we were losing count," said Miley. "It was an outpouring of shots on their net -- 36 in all. The cannonfire never ceased, no matter what our rotations were. In fact, most teams at any level need four to six matches to take that many shots. It was an energetic outing for our entire squad. Our group knows each other in all combinations, and they always overcome what they face. Always. We don't know what to do with ourselves except our best, and that keeps getting better."

The final water break found the score at 7-1, and Q wasted no time adding an unassisted goal from the right flank. Then defender Chase Richie stepped up to assist striker Ryan Gorman for the ninth goal that ended the match early. That put Chase up on the books and brought Ryan's goal total to eight thus far on the season.

"This was just another solid team effort from everyone," said Coach Miley. "Four different players were involved with consecutive scores today.  Mia followed her first score by assisting the next score by Logan. Logan followed that score with another score. Tre took it from there with his two consecutive goals. Even our deep defender Josh Sieradzki stepped up for his first goal, which he trailed with an assist for the next goal from Mia. This pattern says how easily confidence spreads on this team. Players are stepping up to the high expectations they have of themselves and each other. Several players got to try some new positions. Emily played striker for the first time and Jack played goalkeeper. It was a chance to be our best again by leaning on each other's best. Nobody has to carry this team. We carry each other."

The undefeated Hurricanes (7-0 this fall, and 24-0-1 across their first three seasons) secured the BSYSL U15 title early with this win, and look to continue their momentum for a strong finish across their final three matches. Twelve of the roster of fifteen have been involved with the squad's assists and scoring. All fifteen have risen to the highest level in the league. To watch the way they pass and communicate is entertaining and even thrilling at times, as some plays are just amazing to find in a regular rec league.

"We are putting the work in," Miley emphasizes. "Our players know the scoreboard can measure only so much, and we play for so much more than that. We play for excellence as a team, and the memories we are building. We know this is a special group making special memories together. This is about character and class. Our kids and their families understand the priorities we all share. This is a youth sport league. There's a lot at stake as we invest in our kids. Our priorities matter. Soccer has a lot to teach about life. Coach Corey and I are very proud of our group and honored to be helping these kids find out what they can do with some real teamwork together. They have worked hard enough in practice and matches to believe in each other. Teamwork is the reason for their success together. They are doing all we ask and more."


⚽️  BSYSL U15 BOX SCORE, 10/27/2018


CANES           5                4                9

BURGUNDY     1                0                1


⚽️  MATCH #7 TEAM STATS, 10/27/2018

              FOULS  CK  SAVES  SOG  GOALS

CANES          1      6        2       36        9

BURGUNDY    2      1      26         3        1 


1st half: Burgundy goal (#16)

                  Mia (unassisted)


       ~ 1st water break (2-1) ~

                  Logan (unassisted header)


                  Tre (unassisted)

   Halftime: Canes 5 Burgundy 1



       ~ 2nd water break (7-1) ~

                  Q (unassisted)

                  Ryan (unassisted)



Oct 21, 2018 - Hurricanes Shut Out Smokies, Stay Perfect

⚽️ Hurricanes 3 Smokies 0

The BSYSL's U15 league-leading Ocala Hurricanes showed up early for warm-ups on dew-drenched Field 3, spreading out for pre-game passing drills in their Navy blue and white jerseys. This was their first early match of the season, allowing them a full preparation complete with Spotify jams punctuating their bench under the canopy for the rising sun. GiGi Leon, Logan Richie, and Chase Richie were chosen captains of the day after their excellent week of practice, and speaking captain Chase reported that the Hurricanes lost the toss and would face the low sun with the first kickoff. The first quarter unfolded as a tough scoreless battle with five fouls between the two squads, two corner kicks for the Canes, and the Canes out-shooting the Smokies, 4-1. "It was a skirmishy first quarter," said Coach Miley. The Gray squad ran hard at us, and we ran hard at them. We got a bit caught up in their one-on-one style, and didn't really put our signature on the match till after the first water break." 

Central midfielder Tre Ward opened the scoring shortly after the break, with an unassisted breakaway. "Tre clearly wanted a statement goal to pick up the first edge," Coach Miley said. "You could see that in his body language on that decisive breakaway and nonchalant finish. That put our squad back onto our own business plan." Just before halftime, left midfielder Ryan Gorman made it 2-0 on a scrappy assist from Tessa emerging from some thick traffic at the top of the Smokies box. The second quarter took six more Canes shots to pan out those first two goals.

Ryan inserted another halftime pep talk on playful request from his teammates, and then promptly added the final tally for his team after being moved to the striking line about ten minutes into the second half. Ryan (#11) took a hard won feed from Mia -- her team-leading fifth assist on the season. Mia worked the ball down the right flank past two defenders before her perfect cross. Ryan moved in from the left side and took that cross past resistance from a defender and the Smokies goalkeeper at the far post, for the highlight goal of the day. The two slapped hands after the beautiful play. "That's the stuff we practice," said Miley. "That play was exactly who we are."

Ryan's second goal was the fifth Canes shot of the quarter, and fifteenth of sixteen that his team would take this day. It was the play that locked things down for the Canes before the final water break. Everything after that would settle mostly back into the trenches at midfield. "That's the moment we took the match for our own," said Miley. "Ryan practices what he preaches. He has seven goals for his squad, and each of them meant more to his team than just a score. His goals swing his team forward to victory. Ryan is not just a winner. He moves his team to winning ways."

The Hurricanes then held onto the U15 league's first shutout of this spring season. The Hurricanes defense silenced the Smokies especially in the second half, allowing no shots at all. "They had two scary good chances on our net," said Miley, "and we squandered more than our fair share, so we have some work to do. Thirteen of our shots on goal were saved, and we knocked three over the bar from close range -- we will be working more on our shots. Josh Gangelhoff had a good day in goal, and our diamond defense picked up the league's first shutout of the season today. Our defense is coming along nicely."

Handling their first rematch with strong focus and resolve against the hard working Smokies, the Hurricanes maintain their perfect start, outscoring all opponents so far, 29-7. It would appear that their teamwork and confidence continue to build momentum for more heavy impact. "We know the difference between respect and fear," said their coach. "We respect how hard that squad worked and the way they came at us with all they had. But we also knew we had nothing to be afraid of if we just went on with the business of who we are together -- we are very simply a hard-working, passing team. That is what we expect of ourselves."

The 6-0 Ocala Hurricanes face Burgundy for Game 7 at 11:00 on Field 4.



⚽️  MATCH #6 TEAM STATS, 10/20/2018


CANES    5        4         3          16        3

GRAY      4        2        13           3        0 


CANES                2             1            3

GRAY                  0             0            0


  1st half: 

        ~ 1st water break (0-0) ~




  2nd half: Ryan/Mia

         ~ 2nd water break (3-0) ~



Mid-season team video -- "Keep the Momentum":



Oct 14, 2018 - Ocala Hurricanes Kickers Stay Perfect With 7-1 Win

⚽️ CANES 7  RED 1

On Saturday, October 13th, Ocala's Big Sun Soccer Complex rolled into some more pleasant fall weather, with a crisp and sunny morning. By the time the sun was higher for the U15 midseason 11:00 kickoff between the 4-0 Ocala Hurricanes and the 2-2 Reds, both squads were ready for a good run. "It wasn't so humid or up in the 90s like our first four matches," said Canes Coach Fred Miley. "We train to be a strong second half squad, so I think we had a little more in our tank this time for how we like to finish."

In the 12th minute, Ryan Gorman fought for a loose ball to knock home the first Hurricanes score. That brought an important early edge into the first water break, staging more hard work and good communication shortly after the break with an assist from Lainey Liles to fellow striker Tessa Ward. "Our girls worked out that goal with good communication and hustle," said their coach. About ten minutes later, Red brought a breakaway up their right flank led by their big striker Drake, who nailed what would be the only Reds tally from about ten yards out. Ryan Gorman was apparently irked by this and less than two minutes later answered with another unassisted goal of his own, off another loose ball -- his fifth goal on the season. "Ryan knows how to harness his emotions for the good of the team," said his coach. "He has the respect of his teammates and can quite deliberately bring a great spark for our fighting spirit at any time. He was involved with three goals today, and had a few words for the squad at halftime."

The Hurricanes took that 3-1 lead into halftime, but blew the game out in the second half. Tessa Ward knocked in the fourth Canes goal (her eighth on the season) in short order, off an assist from Ryan, bringing the widening edge to 4-1 at the second water break, to start the fourth quarter. That's when striker Tre Ward recognized some fatigue in the Red defense and attacked those seams with three consecutive unassisted goals. "Tre was just sealing our deal with those three late runs. We had to take him out before he tore a hole in the net," said Miley.

The Hurricanes meet their midseason mark at 5-0, outscoring all five of their opponents, 26-7. "We're off to a strong start, but we know we are remembered for how we finish, not for how we start. The rest of the season will consist of five rematches for all six squads. This is a classy, hard working team. We prize our sportsmanship first. Our players expect excellence from themselves and each other. They will show up with their best teamwork each Saturday," their coach said. "We measure ourselves against ourselves from the week before."

For Game 6, the #1 Hurricanes (5-0 this season, and 22-0-1 across their first three seasons) face the #2 Smokies (Gray squad, 3-2) on Field 3, Saturday, October 20th. That's the early match this time, at 9:30. Players should arrive at 8:45 for warm-ups.


⚽️  MATCH #5 STATISTICS, 10/13/2018

             FOULS  CK  SAVES  SOG  GOALS

CANES       4        8         3         15       7

RED            4        1         8           4       1


 1st half: Ryan

        ~ water break (1-0) ~


              Red goal



    2nd half: Tessa/Ryan

         ~ water break (4-1)







CANES                3               4              7

REDS                  1               0              1

Oct 9, 2018 - Hurricane Michael

Possible practice cancellations will be announced on our team app or on our team text threads. We are expecting heavy rains and high winds across the peninsula this week. Feel free to text or call Coach Miley if you are uncertain of word on our Tuesday or Thursday practices.

Oct 7, 2018 - Hurricanes Push Mojo Past Aqua, 5-2


On Saturday, October 6th, the Ocala Hurricanes added to their perfect start, with a 5-2 win over the tough Aqua squad, out-shooting them, 13-3, for the convincing win. Widening an early two-game lead over the field of contenders, the 4-0 Hurricanes (21-0-1 across three seasons) rode a hat trick from Tessa Ward, who broke through the resistance just a few minutes into the match, off an assist from her brother Tre. 

"I saw Tessa in the try-outs," said her coach, Fred Miley, "and I did not want to coach against her. I wanted to coach for her. She has a lot of go-getter-grit, and an instant full heart in her decisions. That's an advantageous quality in this sport. She's dynamite in a laser beam with soccer decisions. Doesn't even need a mental process to jam for a soccer ball. Some players in a youth league enjoy soccer, some love soccer, and some are just here to learn a new sport. And then there's the occasional kid who also is hard-wired for what soccer demands. That's our #9. Our team is hitting a passionate fighting stride now, and our girl Tess likes to be at the point of the spear. So that's where we put her."

The Hurricanes took that 1-0 edge into the first water break, but Aqua was there to fight also, and answered with their first shot from running behind the last Canes defender (offsides position) to receive a long pass, setting up an easy surprise one on one for a score before halftime. "We thought the call was missed," said Miley, "but we easily shrugged it off because we know we miss coaching calls, too, and sometimes uncertain officiating calls or non-calls go our way, too. We really like that officiating crew and we know we're lucky to have that head referee at our level." The Hurricanes knew they had to reach down as a team for their own mojo, and the second half would become just that kind of story once again.

After the first water break, the second quarter began tilting toward anyone's match, with skirmishes going both ways. "We found ourselves playing more defense than usual after the first break," said Miley. "That got our attention."

Ryan Gorman certainly noticed the shift from Hurricanes dominance to a stalemate, and shared a challenge with the squad at halftime. "Hey, this is for all of us. We all have to scrap for the loose balls if we want to take this game back. That's how we're gonna take this." Ryan's teammates apparently took his challenge to heart, because the next four goals for the Hurricanes would not only lock the game out of range, but by no coincidence, all four were unassisted, directly from stolen or loose balls. The Hurricanes took a "skirmish and shoot" approach and made it pay. First, Tessa got things going off a steal for the go ahead goal. Then Ryan's twin brother Jack struck from the back line off a loose ball, landing his first tally of the year and what would turn out to be the winner. Then Tessa scooped up another loose ball and added the squad's fourth goal with a quick strike from distance for her first hat trick. Her brother Tre followed the new team pattern with another strike off a loose ball, for a 5-1 firm handle on the match. Aqua scored late with a high bomber from distance, and the Hurricanes answered that with more gale force winds around the Aqua net, banging out five more shots and winning two more corner kicks in the final ten minutes before the contest was settled, 5-2.

"They played us tough," said Coach Corey Liles, "but our kids stepped it up when they had to."

The first place Hurricanes next face Coach Peterson's Red squad at 11:00, Saturday the 13th, on Field 4, where both squads practice. "We scrimmaged them last week with a 2-0 win across 30 minutes," said Canes head coach Miley. "So we kind of know each other from that and from sharing the practice field. Coach Peterson knows what he's doing, and we appreciate his sportsmanship and diligence with his players. We know they have a strong attack when things are clicking for them. We aim to disrupt that and bring our game to them. Ten of our players have been involved with our scoring in the first four matches. We generally get better as the game goes on. Our kids have worked hard to be a strong second half team with their conditioning and their learning on the fly. They understand the importance of keeping a level head under challenge. We are a feisty bunch, so the feistier the better. The competition makes everyone better."


⚽️  MATCH #4 STATISTICS, 10/6/2018


CANES    3        5         1        13        5

AQUA      1        1         8          3        2


   1st half: Tessa/Tre

          ~ water break (1-0) ~

                 Aqua goal, high shot


     2nd half: Tessa, unassisted, from steal

                    Jack, unassisted, loose ball    

                    Tessa, unassisted, loose ball

            ~ water break (4-1) ~

                     Tre, unassisted, loose ball

                     Aqua goal, high shot



   BSYSL U15 BOX SCORE, 10/6/2018


CANES           1                 4                5

AQUA             1                 1                2


Oct 5, 2018 - Hurricanes Blow by Burgundy


On Saturday, September 29th, through the noonday nineties in North Central Florida, the Navy Blue Ocala Hurricanes hammered out a 6-1 win versus the Burgundy squad, to continue their perfect start at 3-0. That also extended their undefeated streak to 20-0-1 across the last three seasons. 

Defensive captain and sweeper Josh Sieradzki, who has been an integral part of all 21 matches, affirmed, "We're working together well. Each week is better. We just need to keep talking out there." Indeed, the Hurricanes do work relentlessly with competitive drills each practice, and expect to finish practices with wind sprints to be ready for the persisting heat wave next Saturday versus Aqua. "We are tougher fighters with each match," said Canes Coach Fred Miley after the win. "We have locked onto a few key drills that push our competitive edge for endurance and contact plays. We have some snarly habits now when it comes to winning loose balls. Nobody is scared of contact, nobody waits for the ball, and nobody fades in the second half. Even our newcomers Chase and Emily have stepped up very competitively. There is nobody just learning to kick a ball anymore. Our kids are connecting already as an exciting squad to watch. They are already at a premier U15 level. Josh wasn't kidding. We build from the back line each season, and he knows. We are a team now."

Hurricanes speaking captain Ryan Gorman won the toss and elected to defend the south goal first, with a slight breeze at the Canes' backs. Two of the Canes girls opened scoring in the eighth minute as striker Lainey Liles took a smooth assist from left midfielder Mia Liebegott, after a give and go from Lainey originally, who ran back to midfield after that razzle dazzle with a big smile for her friends. "We have some very smart and tough girls on our squad," said their coach. "They don't back down for anyone, and they have a lot of fun. All six of our girls are not big and not older players, but our girls are bold, smart, creative and skilled. In a lot of ways, Angie is the heart of the team, and has a great manner of expecting the most of herself in the very grueling outside midfield position, with a smile for everyone. Tessa stands out as probably the scrappiest striker in the league -- she is a fighter down to the bone, stays connected with her passing, and knows her windows for hard, accurate shots. As a striker, she's also one of the best natural defenders on the team, which helps us surprise defenders who keep the ball too long, because she can strip it from some of these bigger boys who underestimate her, and very quickly flip the script. GiGi is our smallest player and will take on the world with her fearless hustle and smarts around the ball as a striker. She has a rugged work ethic, and we see her creating many chances late in a match when others can't keep up. Our newcomer Emily is locking down the right side with plenty of reps now, and she's as good as any defender, with a learning curve as eager as you want. She is reading a soccer book to become more informed in her first season. Mia brings a load of experience and skill, with vision and composure. Nothing rattles her. She is a stellar student and thrives on challenge, with some of her best plays happening under pressure. Our nine boys are there like their brothers. It's a solid team and we have a lot of fun. There's definitely a lot of laughter even as we work hard in practices. And you can hear their humor in the matches."

In short order after the Liles/Liebegott goal, striker Ryan Gorman took a lead pass from Nate "Q" Quiroz, and nailed his first tally of the season. Both boys went up on the boards together with that play, and it was only a warm-up for more things to come from Captain Ryan. The Canes finished the first quarter with a 2-0 lead going into the first water break. "Every water break was important today," said Miley. "We were missing two players, and rotated our two subs in and out of the midfield and striking line frequently. Only a few defenders never came out."

In the thirtieth minute Ryan took another assist from Mia for his next goal, and the Hurricanes gulped down water and Gatorade at halftime with a solid 3-0 start. "At that point we felt good about what we were doing out there," said Miley. The opening of the second half found the Hurricanes sharking around the Burgundy net with even more confidence. Just a few minutes in, Mia threw the ball in from the left touchline to a bolting friend of hers, Tessa Ward, who made quick work of goal #4, her personal third on the season. Mia's third assist in a match is an all-time squad record. Burgundy decided enough was enough and put together a strong counterattack off a back line steal, catching a couple of Hurricanes defenders out of position for the transition. "We don't have our first shutout yet," said Miley, whose squad has outscored opponents 14-4 in the first three matches, "but we are learning from the goals we give up. That was a positioning issue on a fast counterattack that generally requires a bit more experience than our wing backs have at this point, but they both are fast learners, and the lesson won't be lost on them."

Coach Corey noticed that the Burgundy squad was keying on Tre Ward, who led the Canes in goals the first two matches. "Coach Corey picked up on this when we subbed Tre out. That approach of theirs was no accident," said Miley with a smile. "They had some intelligence on our operations," he added with a bigger smile. "But that's what we like. You think you can lock us out because you key on one player, and we will hit you with our whole team. We don't lean on one player or another, and we are very tough on teams who do. That's our public philosophy: be a team. All of our kids come out fighting, and anyone on our squad can step up and score. We see that in practice all the time." Before the second water break, Lainey knocked in her second goal of the day and third on the season, by pouncing on a shot rebounded off the Burgundy goalkeeper. "Lainey's really picking up some timing and positioning on that top line lately," said Miley. "She is seeing the development of each play and wisely learning the art of being in motion off the ball for her chances on net."

At the water break, Coach Corey asked Ryan and Lainey his daughter who would get a hat trick? It turned out to be Ryan, with help from Angie Loforte's first assist. All three of his first goals on the season came tumbling into the squad's first hat trick. "Ryan is one of only three players who has done that for us over the last three seasons," Miley noted. We were glad to see Q and Angie get up on the boards, as well as Mia contributing her own hat trick of assists. We had some great fighters today. Logan Richie fought very hard for loose balls and presented strong attacking challenges around their net. His older brother Chase Richie did well on the one save he needed on his first day as goalkeeper, stepping up for Josh Gangelhoff who could not be here. All in all, a strong outing on a very hot day."

The 3-0 Hurricanes face Coach Hart's 2-1 Aqua squad next Saturday, October 6th, on Field 3, at Ocala's Big Sun Soccer Complex. "We will set up our players as fighters for this one," said their coach. "We know Coach Hart leads his squad with an intense style, and his kids don't quit. Our focus is on competing against ourselves each week. We aim to be better than we were the week before. We expect a fight from Aqua, but we aim to take our fight to them and wear them down in the heat. We calmly believe we can do that. Nobody outworks these kids, and we are starting to own the confidence that comes with the work."


CANES           2       5        1       12        6   

BURGUNDY    0       1        6         1        1




           ~ water break 2-0 ~


    Halftime: Canes 3  Burgundy 0

                      Tessa/Mia, throwing assist 

                                  from left touch line

                      Burgundy goal, counterattack

                      Lainey/rebounded shot

            ~ water break 5-1 ~


     Final: Canes 6  Burgundy 1


Sep 27, 2018 - Team Pep Rally Video

Tap the link for our team pep rally video.





Sep 23, 2018 - Ocala Hurricanes Move Into First Place


⚽️ North Central Florida's Big Sun Youth Soccer League's U15 Division kicked off its second Saturday of the Fall 2018 season with 25 goals scored in three matches. The Ocala Hurricanes had to work very hard for their five. With the club's 19th win in their third season, the Hurricanes maintained their undefeated trail. They did this hosting a well contested 5-1 win in a first match with Coach Demeola's Gray squad, to move into first place. The Hurricanes have worked hard to rebuild their chemistry around only four returning players, and their strong beginning hasn't missed a stride. The squad continues its reputation as a hard working passing team with a commitment to excellence. "This is a good league for friendly competition," said Hurricanes Head Coach Fred Miley after the match. "We have some great families backing these kids on all sides. They hear a lot of cheers, and you can hear coaches cheering for players on both sides as the relationships continue with the families from other seasons. And everyone is putting in the work to improve each week. We aim to be our own best competition. Soccer leads young athletes into a level work ethic through their ups and downs, and a steady mentality as a team. We keep the soccer in soccer as we expect the best of ourselves learning the sport. Otherwise, we're just kicking a ball. Everybody truly wants to play well, and our two newcomers to the sport are looking comfortable in competitive practices with more experienced players. That's what we're after. We want our kids feeling confident about what they can do together as a team. They all are ready for the matches in a positive learning environment. Teams that focus on building character together often achieve winning results. The scoreboard is not the only measure of winning results. We had an excellent week of practice before today's match. We like our progress."

Hurricanes speaking captain and stopper back Jack Gorman reported the Gray squad won the toss and the Hurricanes would take the opening kickoff north. The first eight minutes went bouncing mostly around the midfield with skirmishes as the two squads grappled for whose brand of ball would set the pace. The Hurricanes eventually reined in the kick and run style of their opponents and started working their shorter passing to take the balance of possession time for most of the attacks. The windows for shots started opening for the hard working Navy Blue Canes, and the crowd could hear mostly Hurricanes doing the talking as they threaded their setups together. In the tenth minute, midfielder Tre Ward snatched a loose ball and knocked in the first tally from just outside the box. A few  short minutes later, Tre stole a ball from a Gray midfielder and buried another goal from distance. The Hurricanes enjoyed their first water break in the 18th minute with a 2-0 lead, but the Gray squad set up a throw down the right touch line that found #10 sneaking past two defenders for a quick goal on their only shot of the entire match. "I think that was a first for me as a coach, seeing one goal on only one shot for a whole match," said Coach Miley, "but it was a very well played goal that was well deserved by both the thrower and #10."

The Canes bounced back before halftime with a hard shot from the left flank by Mia Liebegott, which bounced off the keeper's knee for Tessa Ward to finish. "All of our kids know to follow our shots," said Miley. "All of our drills are competitive, encouraging soccer decisions under pressure. We are a team geared for battle. Even the newcomers are onto this after just a few weeks. Tess was just repeating a competitive drill from practice. She is a very fast learner and one of the most aggressive strikers in our league. She was just being herself today, and that landed her two goals."

The second half belonged to the Hurricanes, as Tessa (Tess for short) knocked in another one off her brother Tre's assist. The Canes finished with possibly the best highlight reel, as Lainey Liles headed in a high assist from striker Jackson Walker relaying Tre's corner kick across the goal mouth to the far post. Liles was happy to finish that play just seconds before the final whistle. "That's just one of those plays the Liles family will always remember," said Miley,  "because their girl played it perfectly, and it could never be done again exactly like that. A once in a lifetime play. And I'll always remember her daddy's smile after that play. Because he was no longer my assistant coach at that moment. He was all daddy."

The Canes out-shot the Gray squad, 14-1, for the 5-1 result. "The match was closer than the score," said Miley. "The Gray squad played with a lot of heart, and Quadarius Mitchell anchored their defense with a lot of well timed tackles. They played us tough and with great sportsmanship. We needed some stellar goals to stay ahead. Their goalkeeper was smart about cutting down angles and saved nine of our shots -- that's not easy. He also played well on their right wing when he switched out to the field."

"These matches are becoming a real family affair," said Miley. "I met Mia's grandfather after the match, and we all noticed how packed the opposite touch line was with a lot of people cheering for the kids with both sides. We love to see that kind of support for both teams. We have three sets of siblings on the squad. We like it when they get to connect in the matches. It means a lot to the families, so we try to put them in positions where they can connect. We think soccer is about the families, not just the players. That's why we run our gratitude lap at the end of every match to thank them. The kids on both sides can feel the support."

Following are some of the latest stats and scores as the Hurricanes jump out to an early sole possession of first place.


MATCH #2 STATISTICS,  9/22/2018

            FOULS  CK  SAVES  SOG  GOALS

CANES     1        7        0        14        5

GRAY       0        2        9          1        1



     1st half: Tre Ward (unassisted)

                  Tre Ward (unassisted, from distance)

                  #10 Gray (from throw, right flank)

           ~ water break ~

                   Tessa Ward (Tre Ward, assist)

     2nd half: Tessa Ward (Mia Liebegott, assist)  

            ~ water break ~

                    Lainey Liles (header, from Jackson

                    Walker's assist, off Tre's corner kick)


Sep 17, 2018 - Hurricanes Hang Onto Tough Opener



On a sweltering, humid mid-September Saturday, the Ocala Hurricanes kicked off their fall season versus Coach Moreno's Royal Blue squad with a completely new look, leaning on three of four returnees and eleven newcomers to bring the new chemistry for a third consecutive championship run. The temperature was over 90 degrees by the second half, and the humidity pushed the heat index up around 100. The Hurricanes, with sweeper Josh Sieradzki captaining the defense in front of goalkeeper Josh Gangelhoff, withstood about fifteen minutes of an early rush from Moreno's Blue Crew. "Our diamond defense worked well to stave off their early surge," said Hurricanes head coach Fred Miley.

Catalyzed by some aggressive play from Jack and Ryan Gorman and Tessa Ward, the Hurricanes  wrestled  to turn the tide, as those three initiated attacking triangles with Tre Ward, Mia Liebegott, Laney Liles, and Angie Loforte. By the 18th minute, Tre found enough daylight just outside the box for a hard shot rattling the crossbar, announcing the Hurricanes were there for a fight. "Tre's first shot was like a warning shot that got us all feeling we were in fact in this thing toe to toe," said Miley. "We were up against some older players, and were without our only 15-year-old, and Tre stepped up as a clear leader. This was just a matter of believing in ourselves and each other, and the choices to fight started to spread for us." 

Shortly after that bit of drama, 12-year-old Logan Richie raced off the bench to make a difference among the mostly taller players. Logan wasted no time scooping up a loose ball and laying out a perfect assist to Mia running full stride for a casual strike into the net. "Just like our hot box drill," Coach Miley remarked. "They worked together like it was nothing. Logan's initiative made that happen, and Mia kept a cool head as usual for the finish. A very businesslike first goal for us."

On the ensuing kickoff, Tre showed up as a thief, ripping the ball for himself, beating two defenders, and plugging another one into the net. "Bang Bang. Like John Wayne just showed up," said Miley. "Until those two shots by Mia and Tre, they were outshooting us."

The Hurricanes were not only missing Nate "Q" Quiroz, their oldest and strongest returning player, and a field leader, but also Assistant Coach Corey Liles. Aaron Sieradzki stepped in for Coach Corey. "Coach Corey is always a huge difference maker for us, so we missed both him and Q today in a big way, but our kids didn't let that distract them. They believe in each other and we believe in them as a team. They just had to find out what that feels like and looks like under fire."

The Hurricanes took their 2-0 lead into their halftime talk. By then, the heat was making its mark on all of the kids on both sides, and substitutions were necessary at all the right times and positions. "The strength and confidence of our team was clear at halftime," said Miley.

"Our team has six girls, the most of any team in the league, and I'm proud of that. Right around 13, 14, or 15 is when boys usually catch up to or pass the girls with their size. That's our U15 level, and we have mostly younger girls. Still, all six of our girls took on some of their bigger boys straight on, just like they do in practice. Our girls hold their own with no fear. GiGi Leon went up against boys almost twice her size and made them pay for underestimating her quickness and smarts around the ball. Our pressure drills had our kids ready not only for contact, but for the endurance they would need to hang onto the second half. Boy or girl, our team was best conditioned for that heat, and mentally ready for battle."

Moreno's Crew was obviously tweaked and prodded during their halftime talk, because they came out banging away again, using their athleticism and early energy well to win some balls and orchestrate attacks. Their first two attacks of the new half were turned away by Sieradzki and company, as the Hurricanes made some counter-attacks down the touch line. At the 51st minute, Moreno's strikers set up a crossing run with a misdirection shot to finally punch through the Hurricanes diamond. Gangelhoff never had a chance, the shot was so well placed. Much as Tre had done in the first half, the Blue squad siezed the Canes kickoff and flipped the script with a fast second goal of their own. Coach Miley soothed his fighters with the reminder: "Hey, it's zero-zero again. You know what to do. Fight!"

And that is what the Hurricanes did. Loose balls suddenly seemed to have a Hurricanes signature on them through the final fifteen minutes of the match, as the best conditioned team took control. "We were able to settle the contest into better possession time for us, which eventually tipped the match toward our opportunities. We expected our conditioning and our passing would prevail. Our kids knew they had worked for that late edge and they took it," said Miley. 

The Hurricanes generated three late surges on the Blue net as they grabbed control of the match. Emily Metzler held out several tries on her right defensive side, and a couple of times sent the ball up to Jackson Walker, rotating in for Loforte who had battled the heat and opponent most of the match at right midfield. Jackson's fresh legs shook up the match like lightning and put the Blue squad back on its heels. The first response to the tie score was a beautiful shot by midfielder Ryan Gorman from a shallow angle over twenty yards out, finding the back of the net like a heat-seeking missile. The shot was called back because of a late offsides call. "That was more potential adversity for our mindset, because none of us could see how Ryan was offside. I had to ask for a clarification of the call, to pinpoint a player for that call. The head ref was clearly backing the linesman, as he should, because he was not in position like the coaches and linesman on the opposite side were. I believe in only making an inquiry, not an argument. An extremely hot and humid match is more difficult not only to play, but also to officiate with perfect positioning. Our kids know that coaches and officials are as imperfect as they are, but I can tell you our kids faced a real mental challenge with that call, and they overcame it together with more attacks on net. I was proud of their composure. That had nothing to do with anything but them and their own resolve."

The Hurricanes scrapped for a loose ball on their left flank, with Chase Richie coming out on the winning end, and laying the ball ahead to Laney Liles, who tapped it across to Tre Ward running an interior gap, which he exploited past two defenders to knock home the winner, his second tally of the day. The Hurricanes held onto their winning margin the final ten minutes with superior possession time and continuing pressure on the Blue goal. "We really took the match into our own hands down the stretch," said their coach. "We had better defensive support systems in place, and were more level headed and confident with our hard won opportunities. They had seven shots on goal to our six, but we scored on half of our tries."

Supporters on both sides could not tell which way the match would go. In the heavy heat, the contest became a battle of wills and endurance. "That was a strong opponent. They tested us well," said Miley.  "Sieradzki and Gangelhoff held down the fort against a tough and persisting attack from some good experienced players, and did not get rattled or hang their heads when many other defenders and goalkeepers at this level might have. They held true to what we believe about ourselves and each other. They held together our team as the backbone of it. We needed teamwork and endurance to overcome several adversities beyond the heat."


Coach Miley is convinced the pre-season training was the real difference-maker. "Half of our six training sessions these last three weeks had to be made up on different days due to lightning and heavy rain cancellations. I don't think the other teams were doing that. We arrived for opening day with all six sessions underpinning our teamwork. In training, our passing and formations under pressure were the emphasis. Our kids worked hard. They were ready to win an endurance test with older and bigger kids, and that's exactly what they did." 

The Hurricanes, since their arrival last fall in Ocala's Big Sun Youth Soccer League, remain undefeated after all 20 matches so far. "Team-building requires buy-in from team members," Coach Miley explained. "This was a very competitive match that required our very best. We all have our opinions and approaches with the game, and with young people learning it. Early in a season, I like to be clear about my thinking. My style is not so much about what I expect of others, but more about how we can agree on what we expect of ourselves. People can give lip service to rec league being "non-competitive", but the fact is, both squads, like these two today, are truly attacking and defending opposite goals with all they have. All the coaches at this level do actually employ their best strategies as they give all of their players their best chances at success."

"So I'm not into pretending. ALL the coaches are working hard to help our players learn the game well. Each kid needs to feel their own role in different positions, formations, and scenarios. There are always pressure decisions to make in this sport. You can't take the soccer out of soccer or dumb it down, no matter how hard you want to try. It's more fun as a team gels with rising skills and better connections, and less fun without that. Sooner or later, kids do figure out how to kick even when they're not coached, and they do figure out which goals they are defending and attacking. Soccer by nature is always competitive, and we can teach kids to reach for excellence or not. My families are on board with a team working for excellence. All the players chose that when given the choice on Day 1. We don't care what level someone else wants to call us or whether we are labeled premier or competitive or rec when we signed up. This is not about labels. Coach Corey and I already feel we have premier kids who love competition, so we're taking this group as far as they want to go and as fast as they want to go, for no extra charge. We really don't care much about these elite sort of labels, and our kids don't feel any ceiling on what they will do this season. We are working with some high quality kids and they already understand excellence. Soccer is what it is, and it always requires work before the playing really gets fun. We'll take any group of kids and take them as far as they want to go. We get that, they get that, and that is how we go at it. Kids will do well together if they are encouraged to operate as a good team does. They will rise higher than we think, if we only show the way and let them play."

"This is a good league because we have a director who encourages excellence of character at all levels, not just excellence of play. That culture of excellence is in place. At the beginning of each season, all the coaches buy into their golden opportunities to take these kids forward in soccer and life. Soccer wouldn't be any fun if we just kicked the ball anywhere. All teams have a goal to reach, the score is kept, and the teams who work together best usually get the most goals. So, we say to our team, soccer is about working together as well as possible. We are helping middle schoolers and young high schoolers experience the world's greatest team sport with uniquely built teams under different coaches who care about the whole kid. All our kids get that, and they love working for that true team experience. Each new season, our six U15 teams are jumbled, with maybe three or four players returning to each squad. That creates a lot of fun for our volunteer coaches to put something special together in a short time."

"One coach asked why I don't coach 'competitive' level. I had to smile. My answer to him was that I believe excellence in a sport should always be a choice at any level. Personally, I'm especially passionate about beginning players having an opportunity to find an early love for the game by tasting many successes in their growth as a new player.  I had coaches who did that for me, and now I'm giving back. I cannot speak for other coaches or tell them where or how they should coach, but as for our team, it is our players who are always offered on Day 1 that choice of excellence as a goal, and they want it every time. Each coach handles Day 1 in their own way. We look for buy-in on what the players expect of themselves. They get to own their direction from the beginning, and they always respond to that ownership with plenty of focus and progress."

"Coach Corey and I are very impressed with how far and fast the early development is coming along for our two newcomers to soccer, Emily Metzler and Chase Richie.  Seeing new players pull down their skills and confidence this early is an absolutely high reward for us as coaches. We know we are responsible for our team and nobody else's. We take pride in our players and especially how they are growing as young people who are stepping into new expressions and leadership through soccer. We understand the culture we aim to lead, and we are responsible for the sportsmanship and gratitude of our players. Each team has a special mix of families, it's own dreams, and its own character opportunities. We support the best interactions possible for all the BSYSL families, and we say and try to show this early. The kids are always willing to give their best when they can feel a team that is serious  about bringing out the best in each other as they find more fun with better skills and better teamwork, in a good league that supports their best efforts. 

The culture of each team is up to the coaches to lead. We'll be happy to see other teams get a flag or a website or an app, if they so choose, to keep the enthusiasm and communication open and lively. But the real substance of a season is achieved in practice. Our Hurricanes families always bring a big, happy, positive crowd to responsibly back ALL the kids in any match. Our message is that soccer is for ALL the people, and that is why it is for the families. Every kid matters, whether they can afford Premier League or some kind of elite travel team or not. Coach Corey and I agree it's exciting to coach players new to the sport and see their progress in just a few weeks take them to the level of players with several years on them. That's what we call elite. We are proud of Emily and Chase for this awesome beginning.

"As for Hurricanes Soccer, everyone keeps buying into our simple identity as a hard working passing team committed to excellence. I have never seen a newcomer to the sport who did not want to rise to the level around them. Even a year or two with the game can make a big difference, but there are some drills that promote "soccer decisions" better than others. These are the competitive drills, and they don't usually involve a lot of cones or talking or standing around. There is no ego in good coaching, because every minute is for the kids, and they learn best in action. Coach Corey and I are good for each other's approach. We like to keep them moving."

"Our kids are good thinkers on the fly because that's all we do. We buy in on Day 1, and then go to work to be the best we can be.  A steady mentality is very important for young athletes. It's truly amazing how far kids can go together when they learn to believe in themselves and their teammates. That is the simple focus we need to overcome whatever we face. The mentality of an overcomer is always a mark of our Ocala Hurricanes players by late season, but I was very glad to see this sort of shared composure in our opening match, even without two of our leaders."  

"Our families can see at practices how these players are putting in the work and believing in each other. These kids deserve all the credit. Soccer is not rocket science, but it requires a lot of work to play it simple. Our parents and players are clear about the messages from their coaches, and we are seeing our kids stepping up as leaders already. I know our games will be a blast again, and our game stories are for the family scrapbooks. The beautiful plays will continue to come together as these kids build their connections and feel all the families behind them. Yes, we are bragging on our kids. That's why we have a team website. This is not just about soccer. It's also about life. Do we try to score more goals than the other team does? Yes. Do we aim for the first place medal? Of course. We teach our kids most of all to be better than they were the week before, as a team.  That's because our kids are infinitely important and when we believe in them and notice their efforts in the world's greatest competitive team sport, we set them into motion to be whatever they may be. This is a lot like shooting arrows. Our kids will fly far if our belief in them is the drawn bowstring."

Sep 5, 2018 - Canes Schedule


  ⚽️ O C A L A   H U R R I C A N E S (9-1) ⚽️

            (26-1-1 across three seasons)




9/15    11:00    3      Blues                W 3-2

9/22    11:00    4      Gray                 W 5-1

9/29    11:00    4      Burgundy          W 6-1

10/6    11:00    3      Aqua                 W 5-2

10/13  11:00    4      Reds                  W 7-1

10/20    9:30    3      Gray                  W 3-0

10/27  11:00    4      Burgundy           W 9-1

11/3      9:30    3      Blues                  L 0-2

11/10   11:00   3      Aqua                  W 5-0

11/17    9:30    3      Reds                  W 5-3



WEEK 5     Points      W-L-T 

*  Canes       27         9-1-0

**Blues        20         6-2-2 

    Gray         16         5-4-1

    Aqua         13         4-5-1 

    Reds          12         4-6-0

    Burgundy     0         0-9-0

* First place clinched in Week 7

** Second place clinched in Week 9


⚽️ NOTE:

This is a team website meant to keep our team's families up to speed with our team's season. Game officials record scores after each BSYSL match. League officials record standings. League officials award first place medals at the end of each season. As with most youth leagues, participation is honored and achievement is rewarded. The Ocala Hurricanes consider soccer a competitive sport that includes achievement, and therefore we also track scores and standings by jersey colors in order to help our players and families understand our bearings in the league. We post them on our team site to help our families and extended families keep up with our team news. The league itself tracks scores and standings by team numbers. We use jersey colors instead of team numbers, because colors are easier for players and families to identify. 

We know that soccer, as the greatest world sport, will always be the people's sport. We celebrate the people, not the scoreboard. Our players and families are grateful for the opportunity to participate, which is why, after each match, we thank our opponents and officials and run an enthusiastic gratitude lap for our supporters on only our own half of the pitch -- win, lose, or draw. We know there is a medal only for first place, and no medal for participation. We are serious about that medal and we are serious about the character and fun we find pursuing excellence as a team. We are grateful for the opportunity to a be team this season. We also know that there may be a variety of perceptions of our enthusiasm and gratitude, especially as we thank our supporters after what may be a victory, which is why we now confine our expressions to our own half of the pitch. Because the Hurricanes measure themselves against themselves from the week before, in the three areas of sportsmanship, teamwork, and performance, we therefore also keep scores and standings, just as the league does, to track how we are doing among our peers. We see how measurements in any sport -- such as batting averages and shooting percentages and wins and losses and shutouts and comebacks, help players to understand the kinds of progress and improvements they may be showing in character and teamwork, not just in individual skill sets. Because our squad acknowledges soccer as the greatest competitive world sport, we consider this competition an opportunity to grow in life, which is why we prize sportsmanship, character, and teamwork first.

The way we treat people within this realm of clear competition is of paramount importance. We know that opposite goals are defended and attacked, by opposing squads, and that the sound of ball against net is what players work to achieve. We know that soccer is simply competitive by nature, and players don't just kick the ball anywhere. Soccer is not a recreational activity like walking a dog, which may be fun, but definitely is not competitive. We know that soccer has goals, just as life does. How we go about achieving those goals demands not only hard work, but teamwork. In fact, we believe "teamwork makes the dream work". One of the goals for the Ocala Hurricanes is the first place medal. We believe in reaching for the top with all we have, not because one person is more important than another, but only because the nature of a competitive sport can bring out the best in all of us if we choose to let our best choices prevail. This is why our sportsmanship along the way is our highest goal and prize. We know that it can be expected for the successes of any organization to come under scrutiny, particularly with youth sports. What we teach our children as priorities will always be extremely important. Please address any questions about the Ocala Hurricanes team philosophy directly to Coach Miley. Thank you.  ⚽️ 



Aug 31, 2018 - Welcome to the New Canes


The undefeated Ocala Hurricanes (17-0-1 across their first two seasons) enter a third BSYSL U15 season this fall with four returning players: sweeper Josh Sieradzki, midfielder/goalkeeper Nate "Q" Quiroz, midfielder Angie LoForte, and striker Laney Liles. The league switched to a draft format for team selections, which typically jumbled teams almost unrecognizably, season to season. "This season, coaches could at least hang onto a few familiar players if they weren't snatched too soon by other coaches," said Canes head coach Fred Miley. "This is a great youth league with a lot of excellent and caring coaches. It's always a lot of fun especially to see how fast the newcomers to the sport will pick up skills and start building their confidence. It's a great place for players to learn and grow with soccer as the medium, because the family support is absolutely amazing. We lost a lot of key players from last season as they focused on Blessed Trinity's defending parochial champion squad this fall. During tryouts Coach Corey Liles and I scanned for good team attitudes and coachability as we rebuilt through the draft. I believe what Don Shula said years ago about his perfect '72 team: 'You win with good people.' We were looking for players with families who are well known to be positive and supportive role models (two former coaches) with other kids, not just their own. Our family philosophy and approach is central to all we do, so we rebuilt our fall squad with this priority first. We deliberately selected three sets of siblings to support our family unity."

New players are: Jack and Ryan Gorman, Chase and Logan Richie, Tre and Tessa Ward,  Josh Gangelhoff, GiGi Leon, Mia Liebegott, and Emily Metzler. "Both newcomers to the sport of soccer, Emily and Chase, are intelligent and athletic, showing a quick learning curve with the more experienced players swirling around them," said Miley. "We should be ok. Especially with this collective work ethic. More than ok."

The New Canes will retain their dark blue and white uniforms, now generously sponsored by El Toreo Mexican Restaurant, owned by Luis Quiroz. Along with other squads, the Canes were rained out of both scheduled practices this week, but made up what they missed with training sessions on Friday and Saturday. "Every preseason training session is important, as all coaches know," said Miley. "We were coming together with our first two sessions, and the kids were just waiting for enough sunshine to get back at it. I think we are the only squad that made up what we missed this week. Coach Corey and I like our group. They are putting in the work." 

First match, due to weather, is now moved forward to September 15th.

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