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Canes Age Profile: A Very Young Squad

Apr. 18, 2018


Here is your Ocala Hurricanes age profile:

Emphasis: WAY Under 15!


Age 15: 1 defender, 1 midfielder

Age 14: 1 midfielder

Age 13: 1 defender, 2 strikers, 1 midfielder

Age 12: 1 goalkeeper, 2 defenders, 3 midfielders, 2 strikers


All but two are in middle school, and over half our squad

is not yet in their teens. At the start of the season, nine of our

fifteen players were twelve years old and "playing up". One

recently turned 13. We can't have a competitive team this young

without a mastery of the fundamentals of passing, and we can't

have passing without communication and hard work. That is why

we are a hard working, passing team with an emphasis on

communication and connection. Without age or experience, our

connectedness with each other as a team with our families behind

us is the ONLY way we can compete.


The encouragement you provide is the most crucial of the

necessary constants. Thank you all for staying at practices and for

supporting our young squad so strongly at matches. Our kids can

hear your voices and feel your hearts behind them. I can tell you

they are working harder than ever now at this point in the season,

and your involvement is the most important element of their

soccer experience. I'll never forget what my Rollins College coach,

Gordie Howell, did when my father came to his first match to see

me play about a third of the way through my freshman year. As

soon as Coach Howell's post-game talk with us was done, he

marched straight over to my dad, and in his own unique Green

Beret manner of authority, he positioned himself in front of my dad,

a former Navy doctor, and I could just hear him firmly say,

"Dr. Miley, you need to come to more of these matches, because

your son just played out of his skull with you here in the stands."


Parents, with our families truly behind us and bringing the example

of connectedness and support forward in our team culture, we will

have more than our strong finish. We will have strong memories

and serve the highest purpose of this sport: togetherness. You are

doing exactly what we need, so please keep it up to the max!

Thank you, parents, for your clear leadership with this set of hearts

behind our kids. It means everything.


-Coach Miley




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