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Connellsville Falcons

May 8, 2017 - Equipment Hand Outs

Equipment will be handed out on the following days after school at the lockerroom.


Seniors/Returning Lettermen - Monday, May 15th

Juniors/Seniors - Tuesday, May 16th

Make-up Day - Thursday, May 18th


Incoming Freshmen will pick up their equipment after school, at the high school field house with Coach McLuckey on Monday, May 15th.  Make-up day will be Tuesday May 16th.


Spring Practice will begin on Monday, May 22nd.

Apr 6, 2017 - Download the "Tracking Football" App.


I would like everyone to please download the Tracking Football app. to their iphone, ipad or android phones.  It is a recruiting app that keeps track of both your track stats and your football stats if you play both sports.  Even if you play only football, it will keep track of all the stats the football scouts would like to see.  You can link it to your HUDL highlights as well.  Please update all your info, because this will go staright out to recruiters for every division.  Great way to promote yourself, without really having to go out of your way.  We will be testing all the "Combine Drills" before our Spring Game on May 27th.  Check out the brochure that i have attached to this link.  You will need to type in the Verification Code:  PA27465

Apr 6, 2017 - Clean Up Connellsville Day, April 22nd

We are going to be volunteering our time to help Clean Up Connellsville, April 22nd.  Please sign up in the weightroom or by emailing mthomas@casdfalcons.org.  It will be a nice day for the entire team to get together and help out our community.  The Parent's Organization have been gracious enough to provide drinks and pizza for all of those who plan on volunteering. 

Apr 6, 2017 - Norwin Big Man Challenge

 Norwin Football Lineman Challenge Coach Flier (2017).docx

We will be attending the Big Man Challenge at Norwin.  It will be on May 21st from 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM.  We can only have 8-10 players per team.  If we have enough for 2 teams, we will take 2.  However, only the first 10 that sign up are guarenteed a spot on the squad.  Signe up with Coach Thomas at Lifting, Monday, Tuesday or Thursday.  Deadline is April 30th. 

Not to mention, the boosters have been generous enough to pay for it.  So it is free to all players!  However, if you sign up and back out at the last minute, before we can find a replacement, you must page $13 for your spot.

 Following the Challenge, there will be a Pig Roast.  So sign up as soon as possible. 

(Click on the above document for all the details)

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