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Wild West Classic-October 28th

We are coming up on our first local competition  in two weeks! I have included information for this competition below:

  • Meet time:7:30am on Saturday October 28th. We will meet at Desert View High School by the gym (student parking lot).
  • Performance time: We will drive to Mountain View High School and check in on arrival. Our performance time is 10:35 however times are always tentative at competitions so if you plan to attend I suggest getting there an hour before to ensure you do not miss the routine.
  • Once we arrive we will motivate the team and get them ready for competition. Please understand this time is for the team only to get them focused and excited. It’s also a great team bonding moment that is crucial to their performance. We have specific warm up times and have roughly four minutes at every mat. Because this time is crucial to our performance we ask that friends and family members do not follow us back during this time or before their performance. We like for the team to be completely focused. After the competition performance families may meet with their child. 
  • There will be concession stands. They will sell drinks, snacks, and other food (I.e pizza). 

The spectator fees are as follows:

  • Adults $8
  • Kids $4 (5-17years)
  • And children under 4 are free. 
  • We will take the team after the awards to eat. We ask the team members have some cash with them to provide their own food. 
  • All team members must ride back on the bus with us for this competition. Arrival time back to the school is difficult to predict because awards can sometimes be long. The schedule I received is tentative, so it may change the day of. I estimate us to return to the school around 6:00pm however it could be earlier or later. We will have the team make phone calls well before we leave to make sure you have ample time to pick them up. We also ask parents or family to try your best to pick them up no later than fifteen minutes after we return. It’s a long day for both athletes and coaches and we need to close down the school as quickly as possible as security cannot leave until we do.



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