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 Practices for the week of Feb 5th


Mon Feb 5th

Tues Feb 6th

Thurs Feb 7th

Fri Feb 8th *TENTATIVE

 Practices for the week of Feb 12th


Mon Feb 12th

Tues Feb 13th

Thurs Feb 15th

Fri Feb 16th-PEP




Upcoming Grade Check



Like & Share:Merit System



You can earn merits by:

  • Volunteering in the community with proof of a note and signed by the coordinator of the event. Volunteer work must be approved by the coaches.
  • The whole team will receive one merit for every practice when attendance is 100% (No tardy, no leaving early, no absences).
  • Unknown practices will have surprise merit days (If you are present for that practice, you will receive a merit for attending).
  • Becoming Cheerleader of the Month.
  • Being grade eligible on scheduled Grade Check Day.
  • A/B Honor roll for each grade check. (2 Merits)
  • Perfect attendance at school for 9 weeks straight (must show proof).
  • Perfect attendance at practice/cheer function for 9 weeks straight.
  • Coaches reserve the right to award merits at their discretion for any positive behavior not listed.

Reward for Merits

The cheerleader with the most merits at the end of each season (football and basketball) will receive a $25 gift card to the place of their choice.


Please note, most demerits can be worked off, those that cannot are highlighted in yellow.

To erase a demerit, the athlete can cash in 5 merits.

The cheerleader will receive a WARNING for the first offense, and ONE DEMERIT for each time after, for the following:

  • Talking to fans or other cheerleaders excessively and uneccessarily during practices or games.
  • Being picked up late from a game or activity that exceeds 15 minutes.
  • Having your cell phone visible at any cheer-related activity or event (this includes practice).
  • Gossiping or showing a bad attitude at games, practices, competitions, or any other cheer related activity. (Rolling eyes, talking back, arguing, etc. all apply).

You will Receive one Demerit for the following:

  • Showing up any later than the arrival time designated by the coaches and/or calendar for any game, practice, or other cheer-related activity without prior approval from a coach. (After three tardies, you will receive one demerit.)
  • Leaving early from practices, games, or other scheduled cheer events- (after three, you will receive one demerit.)
  • Accumulating 5 or more excused absences per season (1 demerit for each absence after 5).
  • Becoming ineligible during a grade check.
  • Not following the dress code at any cheer-related activity or event (including jewlery).
  • Not participating in Spirit week at school.
  • Not being “Game Ready.” This includes halftime performances and the start of third quarter.
  • Eating or drinking anything other than a sports drink or water on the floor or field during games and practices. (The snack the school provides is acceptable).
  • Leaving one's trash on the field or practice areas.
  • Making obscene gestures or using obscene language.
  • Posting inappropriate images, language, or "bashing" the school, program, peers, or other schools (including rival teams) on social media.
  • Being disrespectful to other schools or teams at functions or activities. (Including rival teams).

You will receive 3 demerits for the following:

  • An unexcused absence from a practice, game, or other cheer-related event. A doctor’s note, illness, or family emergencey is an exception, but the coach must be notified 2 hours prior to the activity or event The coach will determine if the absence is considered excused or not.
  • Not attending study day without an excuse approved by coaches. (If the athlete has a planned excused absence for practice, the athlete will only receive an absent mark for the missed practice, not study day as well. The coach must be notified within the 2 hour mark of study time if the athlete will miss).

Cheerleaders may receive additional demerits at the coaches’ discretion, for any negative behavior not listed.

Penalty for Demerits

  • 3 Demerits- 1/2 game benched.
  • 6 Demerits- 1 game benched (Includes any halftime routines).
  • 9 Demerits-2 games benched and cheerleader will be on DVHS Cheer Probation.
  • 12 Demerits- Removal from the squad.



Merit Status-Athelte's Record

Absences-Athlete's record


If you have any questions relating to merits/attendance, please ask your coach. If you would like a copy of the coaches record with reasons attached, please request from coach.

2 Merit challenges:

  • Send coach your grades (ineligible)
  • Text coach how many merits you have currently

4 Merit Challenges:

  • You grades prove you are eligible
  • Finish this quote: "I don't always listen to my coach, but when I do____."
  • Send your coach one thing you feel like you improved this year and one thing you wish you would have worked harder on.

6 Merit Challenges:

  • Your grades are A/B honor roll.
  • Send an idea to coach for the end of routine.
  • Send Coach an idea for the cheer banquet (Each idea is worth 1 merit after your first).
  • Send any fun ideas you have for the PEP assembly that would add excitment to our routine (EX: the confetti poppers, fun bows, etc).

8 Merit Challenges:

  • Straight A's
  • Do a personal shoutout to a cheerleader you don't often talk to and post on social media. NOT, "TBH, we don't talk much, but you're really pretty." Each cheerleader after that is worth 2 merits. Screenshot and send to coach.
  • Post on social media, an encouraging quote to your team, take a screen shot, and send it to coach for your merit.
  • Send pics/videos of you or your teammates for our banquet. Send to coach's phone.