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Head Coach: Brittany Craver

Contact Information:

Email: dvhscheercoach@gmail.com

Phone: 970.396.5261

Brittany has been coaching for the last five years. This will be her second year as the DVHS head coach for the cheerleading program. In her previous year, Coach Jessica and Coach Brittany led their team to the JAMZ State Championships in Phoenix and took home two first place trophies. The team qualified for Nationals in Vegas.

"Practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect."

Assistant Coach: Jessica Martinez

Contact Information:

Email: martinez130@msn.com

Jessica has been an active coach for more than ten years. She has worked closely with the TYFSF Jaguar Cheer teams coaching, fundraising, and supporting all teams through the association. She has coached a wide variety of age groups including the High School level last year with Coach Brittany. Their team took home two first place trophies and have had many other successful years during the TYFSF cheer teams as well. She loves the sport of cheerleading and works hard to make sure the team is performing at their best!

Booster Club President: Raul Martinez

Contact Informtaion:

Email: martinez130@msn.com

Raul has a lot of experience managing teams. He has played an active role being involved with the TYFSF Jaguar team. His experience includes but is not limited to: Becoming President of the Jaguar Association through TYFSF, fundraiser coordinatior, snack coordinator, business manager for the cheer team, running the board, and hosting events such as Trunk or Treat and the Easter Egg hunt which he allowed multiple teams to set up booths to fund raise. He has volunteered to become the DVHS cheer team's Booster President for 2017-18 where he will work with families and parents to host fund raisers and other exciting events.

If you are interested in being part of the board for the DVHS Cheer team, please contact either one of the coaches or Raul Martinez directly.

Music Creator: Greg Rivera

Greg has been working alongside Brittany to make custom mixes for the team to take to competitions, pep assemblies, games, and other special events. Each mix is made specifically with the event in mind. We would like to recognize Greg for his hard work and willingness to volunteer his time to make the team shine with some great music!