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Denver Sharks Semi Pro Football Club

Photo Gallery - Sharks 2018 - May 28, 2018

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The Denver Sharks & Colorado Raptors played a tough game Saturday night. The Raptors started the scoring & got up 12-0 (not having a field goal kicker, they went for 2 each time).  The Sharks were able to get on the board with a touchdown of their own, right after the extra point, there was a 50 minute delay due to lightning strikes. On the ensuing kickoff, the Raptors ran it back for a TD to put them up 18-7. WIth a lot of teams, that would've broken their back, but not the Sharks, they came back to score 3 more TD's to get up 28-18. In true Raptor fashion though, they stepped up big, scoring 2 more TD's to take the lead 30-28. After failed drives by both teams, the Sharks got the ball back & ended up kicking a 30+ yard FG to take the lead 31-30. While that was the final score, it wasn't finished without drama. A long pass by the Raptors star QB combined with a roughing the passer penalty gave the Raptors great field position deep in Sharks territory. A couple of runs & passes later & the Raptors were on the Sharks 3½ yard line. That's when the Sharks defense really stepped up & mental mistakes by the Raptors took them from the 3½  back to the 18½ yard on 3 consecutive penalties. A 4th down pass was knocked down & the Sharks took over. Victory formation & One kneel down to end the game began the historic celebration for a brand new team that went undefeated & won the championship, a feat that's never been accomplished in the CFC. 

Congratulations to the Denver Sharks for an amazing season and rewriting the history in the long storied Colorado Football Conference Sharks!!!!