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May 20th by Garrett Farmer:



The bass have been biting pretty good especially now that the rains have started. The lakes are filling back up and water is flowing in certain areas turning the big bass on. I have been catching double digits anywhere the water is moving including a five and 6.5 pound fish this past week on topwater pop Rs. When not fishing moving water areas the fish are beginning to slow down and finesse fishing with trick worms has also been paying off. The only other baits I have been catching bass on are spinnerbaits and swimbaits in a lot of the area ponds and canals. The last trip I made to Okeechobee the big bass were either in 6 inches of clear water on big swimbaits that you had to pole 300 yards to get to or on the outer edges of the grass islands in dirty water. In the dirty water we caught fish on spinnerbaits, swimbaits, and other topwater baits. The big news now is yellow horny toads in the grass out in the lake.


The snook are on the beaches cruising within 30 yards. The big numbers of snook are not quite yet on the beaches but there are enough to go and walk and spot a few. Also early in the mornings tarpon are rolling within 150 yards of the beach just out of casting distance. With the tarpon I have also seen a few sharks cruising the beaches also. Bait is everywhere but catching bigger sized bait from the beach has been difficult to use for the tarpon.