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The International Open Baseball Tournament (or ICOBT) is a baseball torunament for ages 7 to 12 years old. Older or younger players, over or under the set limits, must be gauged by coaches if they are to play in the ICOBT. The gathering and evaulation days for the tournament start from April 15th and games should get underway on April 29th and run through most of May. 

The tournament is a pick up tournament, which means the teams are put together to balance them out to make the games more competitive. Beginner and advanced players are welcome, and there is an All-Star game of the very best players at the end of the tournament. Parents can help take part as assistant coaches and organizing staff. All international families and schools are welcome, yet the games are held at ASIJ in West Tokyo.

Anyone wanting to help promote the ICOBT is asked to log in and or use the email to contact the commissoner to get flyers and other info on the tournament. The ICOBT is held with support of ASIJ, TAC and the West Tokyo Dodgers Baseball Team.

The ball used in the games is a standard one used in Japan for little league and is a rubber C size for safety. Players need only a glove to play as caps and shirts are provided as part of your fees. Players can use any sports pants they have as the dress is casual. Baseball pants and belts can be bought for those wanting them, but are not mandatory. Please bring lots of water for the hot summer heat, and there are water fountains and vending machines for more. Please clean up after yourselves and others to keep the effort cooperative.

Let's Play Ball!

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