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Keweenaw Bay Hockey Association

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    1. a.       The registration fee to be charged to each players shall be set by the KBHA Board of Directors at least one (1) month prior to registration.
    2. b.      Reimbursement of paid registration fees shall be handled on a case-by-case basis by the Board of Directors. USA Hockey fees are not eligible for reimbursement under any circumstances.
    3. c.       Registration of players shall be held as near to the second (2nd) week of the start of school as possible.
    4. d.      Registration of players are the player draft will require approval of the Board of Directors.
    5. e.      The Association President shall approve a Registration Officer who shall be responsible for all registration and fee obligations for KBHA.
    6. f.        Each player wishing to be a member of KBHA must be properly registered with both KBHA and USA Hockey before they will be permitted on the ice.

                                                              i.      All paperwork with USA Hockey, MAHA, and KBHA must be completed

                                                            ii.      All fees to KBHA and USA Hockey must be paid in full

                                                          iii.      Parents must sign up for two (2) concession stand shifts per player they have participating in KBHA

                                                           iv.      Uniforms, or any KBHA owned equipment, from the previous season must be returned or paid for

  1. g.       Players registering after the second designated registration date, or after October 10th may inquire a late fee to be decided by the Board of Director


  1. 2.       EQUAL PLAYING TIME
    1. a.       It is the KBHA Board of Directors’ responsibility to oversee the equal playing time rule and to address any problems that arise.
    2. b.      Exceptions to the equal playing time rule must be approved by the Board of Directors annually. Players of the Keweenaw Bay Hockey Association are to be provided with equal playing time each game with the following exceptions:

                                                              i.      Tournament games

                                                            ii.      Play-off games for State Tournaments

                                                          iii.      Disciplinary reasons

                                                           iv.      Penalty situations

                                                             v.      “A” or “AA” teams

  1. c.       If parents feel their child is not receiving approximately equal playing time, they should:

                                                              i.      Talk to the coach(es) about the situation

                                                            ii.      Bring the problem to the attention of the ACE Coordinator if the situation is not resolved between the parent and coach

                                                          iii.      If the situation cannot be resolved with the involvement of the ACE Coordinator, the ACE Coordinator should involve the KBHA Board of Directors with assistance remedying the issue


  1. 3.       DRAFT PROCEDURE

Background- There are always numerous concerns when there are enough players to split a team. As a result, in the past there have been hard feelings when the procedure is not understood. For this reason, this procedure shall be posted to the KBHA website, and made available upon request, to interested individuals.

Objective- The objective of establishing a draft procedure is to provide a means of assigning players so all teams within the division are as close to an equal level of talent and competitiveness as possible.

  1. a.       Evaluations

                                                              i.      Evaluations will be held at the beginning of the season. The President of KBHA will hold a meeting with all coaches prior to the tryouts to develop tryout structure. A minimum of four (4) coaches will participate in the evaluation. Players will be graded on a scale of 1-3 (1 being the least skilled, 3 being the most skilled) in each of the following criteria:

  1. 1.       Forward Skating
  2. 2.       Backward Skating
  3. 3.       Stick Handling
  4. 4.       Passing
  5. 5.       Shooting
  6. 6.       Game Play
  7. 7.       Goaltending

                                                            ii.      Each coach invited to the evaluation must record a score for each player. If each coach scores a player differently, the score will be averaged out for that player. If a player is unable to attend the evaluation, his/her rating can be determined from the previous year.

  1. b.      Carpooling/Sibling Requests

                                                              i.      Attempts will be made to place members of the same family, or close family friends who are eligible to play in the same division on the same team in order to ease the financial burden placed on families

  1. c.       Protected Players

                                                              i.      The purpose of protecting players provides a coach the ability to secure a roster spot for their son or daughter, or the son or daughter of one of their assistants. Each coach may only protect up to three (3) players but are not obligated to protect any player I they do not wish to do so. Although these players are not open for the draft, it is still important to accurately grade these players as they will count as the first pick in the respective class they scored to.

  1. 1.       For example: if a coach protects a player that is graded a three (3), that coach will forego a first round selection during the drafting of the players given a number three (#3) rating as a selection has already been made.
  2. d.      Draft

                                                              i.      The KBHA Board President and coaches will review the rankings for final approval. All names will be placed on a card with respective rankings on the back. All goalie cards will go in one can, all number one (#1) rankings will go in another can, and so on. Coaches will first select goalies and then skaters. All coaches will pull a name out of the same can beginning with the highest ranked players, unless a coach has protected a player as in this case he/she has already had made their draft pick for that round. Once all number three (#3) ranked players have been selected, the coaches will then begin selecting number two (#2) ranked players, and so on until all players have been selected.

                                                            ii.      The coach with the most experience coaching with KBHA will be given first draft pick honors, if a tie exists it shall be broken by a coin toss.

                                                          iii.      If an odd number of number one (#1) or number two (#2) rankings exist the remaining number of players will be divided evenly amongst coaches.

  1. 1.       A coach shall not secure both an extra number one (#1) and number two (#2) ranked player.
  2. 2.       If goalies have different rankings, then the coach that obtained the lower ranking goalie shall receive the highest ranked skater.
    1. a.       If both goalies are ranked the same, then the coach with the most KBHA coaching experience, or coin toss winner, shall receive the highest ranked skater.
  3. e.      Trades

                                                              i.      The primary goal of the draft is to establish competitiveness and fairness. However, there are often requests by parents concerning the placement of a player, or there are a lack of goalies. Providing the ability to trade will provide an avenue for the coaches and the league to accommodate special requests. Trades will not be considered until after all players have been drafted. Trading players will adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. 1.       The window for trades is immediately after the draft is complete
  2. 2.       Trades can only occur between players of the same skill ranking
  3. 3.       Trade must be agreed upon by both coaches involved
  4. f.        Additions after tryouts/drafts

                                                              i.      Additions to the team after the draft will be processed by the KBHA President and all coaches involved. Players joining late will undergo an evaluation to determine his/her level of play. After being evaluated, the joining player will be assigned to a team based on the team’s current number of players and current team standings.

  1. g.       Draft certification

                                                              i.      At the conclusion of the draft and trade period, each team will be reviewed by the KBHA President and coaches involved. Upon agreement of these individuals, the draft will be certified and rosters will become final. With the draft certified, rosters can be submitted to the registrar and coaches can inform players of their placement.


    1. a.       Request by skater:

                                                              i.      Any skater who wishes to skate above their age level must present their individual case to the KBHA board by written letter or email. The Board of Directors will then contact former and potential coaches to determine if the skater can compete at a higher level. If all are in agreement by majority vote, then the skater would be granted his/her request. However, any skater can only request to move up one level and a request will only be considered if the team the player is leaving will not be short players. The amount of players needed on a team will be the final decision of the Board of Directors.

                                                            ii.      Request by the Board of Directors

  1. 1.       There may be times when the Board asks a player to move up to the next level to fill a roster. Both coaches involved will choose which player will be moving up in order to ensure all players on a team will be able to skate closest with their ability and availability. This is for the best of all members and teams of KBHA.


    1. a.       Tryouts shall be conducted in the event there are enough players to form both an “A” Level and “B” Level teams. The requirements for new team creation are as follows:

                                                              i.      There must be between eighteen (18) and thirty (30) players in the division to create one (1) additional team

                                                            ii.      There must be between thirty-one (31) and forty-four (44) players in the division to create two (2) additional teams

                                                          iii.      If more than forty-four (44) players are participating in a division, a new team will be formed when there are a minimum available number of eleven (11) players per team

  1. b.      In no case shall properly registered individuals be refused permission to play on an “A” Level or “AA” Level team if a “B” Level teams does not exist in the division for which the individual is required to play.
  2. c.       The KBHA President, with approval from the Board of Directors, shall appoint two (2) Association members to jointly select the “A” Level and/or “AA” Level team alongside the coach. The coach shall serve as the chairperson of the selection committee.

                                                              i.      The selection committee shall:

  1. 1.       Establish a set of drills in which all candidates for the “A” Level and/or “AA” Level team shall participate and be evaluated on
  2. 2.       Shall meet private to make “A” Level and/or “AA” Level team selections

                                                            ii.      The KBHA Board of Directors shall establish the try-out period for each “A” Level and/or “AA” Level team.


    1. a.       KBHA will follow the S.T.A.R. program for all parents and guardians. Players and coaches will abide by the MAHA guidelines and discipline hearings if necessary. Any individuals will be determined on a case by case basis by the KBHA Board of Directors.

                                                              i.      Disciplinary action against players will be left to the discretion of the coach. Any disciplinary action can be appealed by the parents to the Board of Directors

  1. 1.       Expulsion of a player from a tea shall be decided by the Board of Directors. The coach shall present to the Board due cause as to why the player shall be expelled from the team. A hearing shall then be held to discuss all relevant matters in accordance with the by-laws.

                                                            ii.      Disciplinary action against any team in the L’Anse Hockey Association shall be applied only after a special hearing has been held. All interested parties shall be given the chance to present their case during the hearing.

                                                          iii.      Disciplinary action against coaches will be applied only after a special hearing has been held. All interested parties shall be given the chance to present their case during the hearing.


    1. a.       Any individual wishing to coach for KBHA must submit a letter of intent to KBHA. This letter will only be accepted in writing either in person, through mail, or via email. August 1st shall be the cutoff date for submitting a letter of intent, however the KBHA Board of Directors may still accept letters of intent through Sept. 21st if coaches are lacking for a specific division. The latter will be decided at the September meeting of the Board of Directors. Coaches will be voted on and decided upon at the October Board of Directors meeting.

                                                              i.      A single interested party who has met the first deadline shall become Head Coach if there is no competition for the position for a division unless the Board determines they are unfit for the position.

                                                            ii.      If two or more coaches have submitted letters for coaching the same division within the same time frame (either both by the first deadline, or both between the first and second deadline), then the KBHA Board of Directors will present relevant information regarding both parties and take a secret ballot to decide which individual will receive the Head Coach position for the division.

  1. 1.       In order to avoid a conflict of interest the following voting exception shall be enforced: If a spouse, significant other, or cohabitant of an interested coach is serving on the Board, then he/she shall not receive a vote in the matter unless it is for the purpose of breaking a tie. In such a circumstance, the President will receive a vote.

                                                          iii.      The Head Coach of each division shall be allowed to select their assistant(s)

                                                           iv.      Prior coaching experience does not guarantee an individual the position of Head Coach for any division. All Head Coaches from the prior year will need to repeat the letter of intent submission and then voting process, if necessary.

  1. b.      All coaches for the KBHA Association shall complete his/her coaching clinic as prescribed by MAHA and USA Hockey guidelines. These clinics shall be completed no later than the date set forth by the KBHA Board of Directors.
  2. c.       Expectations of coaches competing at the Squirt Level and above shall be as follows:

                                                              i.      Have a written practice schedule

                                                            ii.      Limit scrimmages to no more than twenty percent (20%) of available ice time with eighty percent (80%) of available ice time dedicated toward skill development

  1. 1.       Skill development shall include: skating, stick-handling, position play, and checking (if at the appropriate level)

                                                          iii.      Conditioning drills should be conducted at the end of practice

                                                           iv.      The coach should stress self-control, sportsmanship, and respect towards the game, players, teammates, coaches, and ice officials through personal actions and team rules

                                                             v.      Abusive or foul language by players or coaches shall not be tolerated

                                                           vi.      Coaches are responsible for enforcing facility rules during practice and game times


  1. 8.       SUNDAY GAMES
    1. a.       If an event is scheduled before noon on Sunday, it will be the parents’ decision whether their child is allowed to participate in the game or practice. A player will not be penalized for not participating in a game or practice, which interferes with his/her religious beliefs, however the player (or parents of player) is expected to give the coach prior notice to the player’s absence.



    1. a.       KBHA will pay for one tournament for each team per season. Generally this will include the State Tournament. The average cost for these fees is approximately $450. The exceptions to this are as follows:]

                                                              i.      If KBHA hosts the State Tournament, then KBHA does not have to pay to participate. In such a case, KBHA will pay this amount instead to a tournament of the team’s choosing. Please note this only applies if the team does not advance to the next stage of the State Tournament.

  1. b.      No team may fundraise for tournaments with the exception of the State Championship Tournament. In this case, the team is asked to approximate the cost of the tournament which includes group transportation, group lodging, and group food allowances. Any individual wishing to attend the tournament must pay his/her own way and will not be permitted to use KBHA money. The team is not authorized to over-fundraise and will be required to donate extra monies back into a fund designated for the next State Championship bound KBHA team.

                                                              i.      A team may attend any tournament of their choosing, but may only enter if the entry fees are either split among team members, or through sponsorship donations for the tournament. Fundraising or soliciting for regular tournament fees from outside individuals is not permitted.



    1. a.       All members of KBHA are responsible for helping run our rinks and keeping them clean. The team with the first game of the day in either rink is expected to open the rink and concessions one and a half (1 ½) hours prior to the start of the first game in order to accommodate the visiting team(s). The team with the last game of the day is expected to have the rink ready for the next event scheduled at the rink (i.e. game, rental, or open skating). Individuals tending the concession stand are expected to restock products, ensure the cleanliness of the ice rink and bathrooms, and deposit money as necessary.

                                                              i.      During games, two (2) individuals should be assigned to attend to the concession stand

                                                            ii.      It is expected that each skaters’ parent/guardian do their fair share at the rink during games. We rely on these individuals for:

  1. 1.       Cleaning the ice
  2. 2.       Cleaning the facility
  3. 3.       Attending to the concession stand
  4. 4.       Running the time clock
  5. 5.       Keeping stats during the game



    1. a.       Parents and guardians are required to sign up for two (2) concession stand times per skater, prior to the first day of practice. Once a time slot has been taken, it is that individual’s responsibility to ensure the concession stand is run for that time. If unable to fulfill these duties for a scheduled time, it is that individual’s responsibility to find a suitable replacement for the time slot.

                                                              i.      Responsibilities during concession duty include, but are not limited to:

  1. 1.       Enforcement of all posted facility and open skating rules and regulations
  2. 2.       Cleaning the ice as needed, and/or as trained
  3. 3.       Supervising open skating
  4. 4.       Cleaning the rink area, bathrooms, changing rooms, and main entrance
  5. 5.       Restocking the concession stand inventory
  6. 6.       Closing a locking the facility at the end of the shift

                                                            ii.      During open skating, at least two (2) individuals shall be assigned to the responsibilities of concession stand duty


    1. a.       Ice officials must be a second (2nd) year Squirt or higher
    2. b.      Interested parties should contact the KBHA Referee Coordinator for assistance on becoming an official
    3. c.       Ice officials shall pay for, follow, and pass all USA Hockey fees and requirements for ice officials
    4. d.      Upon completion of the online test, all officials shall provide level number and barcode to the Referee Coordinator
    5. e.      Ice Officials high school age and younger will be reimbursed for ice official fees after officiating five (5) games for KBHA.
    6. f.        Ice Officials shall receive as balanced of a schedule as possible
    7. g.       KBHA Officials will not receive mileage pay for games, however out of town officials shall receive fifty cents ($0.50) per mile from KBHA.
    8. h.      MAHA will set the pay rate for ice officials during State Tournaments




    1. a.       KBHA encourages the development and continuance of athlete participation in any sport. It is asked that players/parents involved in a sport that may conflict with hockey practice times and games keep coaches informed of such scheduling conflicts. It is the coach(es)’ discretion as to how absences from hockey practices and games will affect the player(s)’ game time on a case-by-case basis.



    1. a.       Any team planning to host a tournament at either rink may request a start-up loan from the KBHA Board of Directors. This money shall be in an amount no greater than one-hundred fifty dollars ($150). The money shall be used to promote and prepare for the tournament.

                                                              i.      In the event money is borrowed from KBHA, it shall be repaid at the close of the tournament.

                                                            ii.      All profits from the tournament, above the amount of the loan, shall be kept by the hosting rink and allocated at the appointed ice rink board sees fit.

                                                          iii.      Any monies contributed to the tournament by individuals either within or outside of the host team are not eligible for reimbursement unless special permission is granted prior to the contribution.