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Keweenaw Bay Hockey Association

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WEEKEND REPORTERS NEEDED:  Parents we need your help. 

Each weekend could you designate 1 parent or any volunteer from your team to take pictures and write a short article about the games. 

Please send it to me at lakesuperior67@hotmail.com or you could even send it to...

Barry Drue at the L'Anse Sentinel office sentinel@up.net






MANY HANDS MAKE LIGHT WORK: For those of you who are new to our association...

You need to know 1 thing - WE ARE OPERATING ON 100% VOLUNTEER EFFORT. 

Everything from open skating, cleaning, making the ice, sharpening skates, driving the zamboni, to maintanice on both buildings is done by people who step up to the plate and volunteer. 


Please use your gifts and talents to make our association a great one. 

If no one has asked you yet.....DON'T WAIT....TELL SOMEONE what you are good at (or what you enjoy) and help out KBHA.




HOME GAMES:  Parents when we have home games ( AND...IF YOU ARE THE FIRST GAME OF THE DAY)please arrive 1.5 - 1 hour early  -

(Skates need to be sharpened, ice needs to be zambonied and the concession stand needs to be set up early  - (Visiting parents need their cup of coffee:)

....Don't forget teams come from a distance away and they often arrive early due to possible weather issues). 

Home games are NOT necessarily a time to watch your child play.  We are here to serve other players and their parents, so dig in and help out. 

Remember:  Just don't take your child and go home....

Make sure you help clean up and shut down (if your the last game).  If you don't help.....your just leaving work for other volunteers (they are just as busy and do just as much!).




TEAM VOLUNTEERS NEEDED:  Each team should have...

3 Zamboni drivers

3 volunteers who know how to sharpen skates, &  

3 People who can do the score sheets and run the clock

This is besides having concession stand workers, and people to help with the penalty box doors.

If you have an interest or.... your team needs someone to step up......ASK AND WE WILL TRAIN YOU!:)