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Keweenaw Bay Hockey Association

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In 1996, both the L'Anse & Baraga Associations joined & in 1998 L'Anse & Baraga joined together to form KBHA. 

Our KBHA Board deals with all hockey association details (coaches, players, rules and regulations). 

The LHA Meadowbrook Arena Rink Authority board  and the Baraga Board  deal with issues reguarding the individual rinks (upkeep, open skatings, etc).

                            KBHA  BOARD:

                          President- Kendra Sprenkle

                                         Vice President - Amanda Nordstrom

                       Treasurer- Kristie Kissel                                                   

                       Secretary- Sarah Solberg

                       Richard Wickstrom (District 8 Representative)

                       Dave Lane (ACE Representative)                     

                       Amanda Sauvola- (Website Manager)

                       Lacy Hollon    

                       Mike Koskinen

                       Dustin Lindemann







                                 BARAGA BOARD:

                          President- Gerard Lindemann

                          Vice President- TBA

                           Treasurer- Michelle Fish (Concession Manager for Baraga)

                           Secretary - Tammy Mantila

                           Kevin Fish

                           Jason Mantila

                           Anthony Mayo

                           Kent Holombo

Each April at our Annual Banquet (Meeting) we vote on vacancies.  See a Board Member if you are interested in becoming involved.



***Due to personal scheduals meeting times/dates may be changed. If you are interested in attending, please let us know so you can be informed of a change.***


KBHA Board meeting dates vary. Please check the calendar for information on when they will be meeting.