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Week 2 Game Recaps

Box Score

Sep. 10, 2017

Week 2 Game Recaps:

Red vs Jesuit   5-4?

From talking with a few players and Coach Ben on the bus ride home, it sounds like this was quite the game. There were some periods of “what are we doing” and periods of “We are looking great”. All games have ebbs and flows, it is how you manage the down times and try to make those periods shorter and shorter.

Coach Ben can comment on the overall play but my take away was that you boys put in some good work and fought as best you can. Nice job!


White vs Sunset  5-1

Let’s not look at the score at all. While a loss is a loss, the score was nowhere near how the game played out. For some nice long stretches, we dominated that game. Good movement, passing, covering space, switching the field. Gentlemen it was attractive football.

Unlike possession without getting chances, we had our chances. The score could have easily of been flipped. Well 5-2 because of those odd penalties that got called.

The times we struggled, we were being beat physically. We also lost our shape a few times and it opened up some of their players. The game got in our heads because we were all focused on “bad or unfair” calls by the refs. We lost our heads and made some mental mistakes.

Gentlemen, it happens. You will play games where nothing goes your way. Every bounce goes for the other team, every call, the sun is only in your eyes, the wind is always against you, and the field is always uphill for you. Make no mistake, games will challenge you, but if you make the game how you want it, you can overcome most situations. We did not drive though our challenges this game. We let them beat us.

Jordan and I spoke on the sidelines after he came off, and he expressed his frustrations with the Refs. He was very frustrated and did not feel it was fair, nor did he feel that I was doing enough about it.

I thank you Jordan for your passion and your efforts. Getting up like that means you care about the game and that is something I will always applaud. I also thank you for waiting and talking to me on the side. You chose the right place and time to vent your frustrations, and I appreciate that.

As for the Refs, this is something I can’t bend on. I am not a yelling at type coach, not at players, not at Refs, not at other coaches. There is a lot I did not like in that game for calls but I have to respect the decisions by those elected to manage our games. It is also my job to speak to the Refs, which I did at half, and I can also report for outrageous officiating if I feel it went that far.

It is your job to work through all challenges. If the Ref is acting like a 12th player for them, well, then you need to take on 11 vs 12.

Losing a match and being outclassed is one thing. Being the better team and still losing is another. We were the better team technically! We did play the better football! We left a bit on the table that would have changed that game, but we will learn and move on.

If you take away all the “bad calls” and really look at yourself in how you played; if you honestly feel you played well, that you gave all you could, then you will sleep well at night. I slept great, because I know what I saw. I know we were the better team and that we will move on to continue to improve. I was proud of our play.


Training Tues and be ready for a mix of fitness and technical work. It won’t be too crazy with games on Wed but if we show up and are not focused, we will put in more work that planned.




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