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London Mariners

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The London Mariners


The London Mariners are a competitive independent travel team based out of London, Ontario, Canada playing in the Southern Ontario, eastern Michigan and northern Ohio area.  The majority of the players have been together for over 5 years, playing at the "A" level with the London "EBBA" (Eager Beaver Baseball Association) Tecumsehs for at least 4 of those years, until 2014 when the team decided to take their level of play to the next level as a travelling competitive team.  The team is considered a 2001 team, with about half the players born in 2001 and the other half in 2002.


Under the guidance and coaching talent of Scott Carroll, the 2001 London EBBA Tecumsehs steadily improved their baseball skills over the years.  From a dismal start the first year, the team progressed rapidly, where they were the runner up team in both the 2011 and the 2012 "A" OBA (Ontario Baseball Association) Championships, and then the runner up team in the 2013 "AA" OBA Championships.  Incidentally, the team that the Tecumsehs lost to each year were the Niagara Falls Falcons.  Hat's off to the Falcons for the excellent games. 


In 2013. the final year as the London EBBA Tecumsehs, the teams record was as follows:


2013 Tournament results

St Thomas Minor Peewee "A" - Champions
Chatham Minor Peewee "A" - Champions
Brampton Minor Peewee "AA" - Finalists
Barrie Minor Peewee "AA" - Finalists
London EBBA Minor Peewee "A" - Champions



London District Baseball Association

2013 Peewee Brock Pennant Champions
2013 Peewee Brock Playoff Champions



Ontario Baseball Association

2013 Minor Peewee "AA" Finalists


Looking to the Future:

The main focus of the London Mariners coaching staff is to provide our players with a positive environment while at the same time exposing the players to challenging and competitive baseball that will give them the opportunity to enhance their playing ability and at the same time provide them with an enjoyable and exciting baseball season.  Through support, guidance and continued encouragement to perform at the best level that each player can, we are developing well rounded individuals who will have the tools they need to succeed in baseball and in their future goals.

The expectations of the players is that they give their all when practicing and playing baseball, respect for other players, coaches, umpires and parents.  While winning is fun, it is not the most important factor, instead our emphasis is on execution, teamwork and playing the game the way it is supposed to be played.


The London Mariners are proud of what they have achieved in the past, and look forward to even more exciting baseball in the future!