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2016 12U

 #00   Hailee    C/1B

 #1       Mary       3B

 #3      Maddie   P/OF

 #4      Hazel      1B

 #6      Suzie      C/OF

 #7      Layla      OF

 #17   Madison 2B/OF/P

 #20   Victoria OF

 #24   Audrey   SS/P

 #25   Arianna OF

 #30   Haley     2B/OF




Like & Share:Team Quotes and Good Sayings

"If you make a mistake, pick it up and throw it away." (coach Paul)


"Which way is up?!" Smile (scrimmage game) 


"It was uncatchable...no it wasn't...ok!" Cool (practice "dodgeball" throwing game) 


"You're killing me Smalls" (coach Paul, said as needed) Wink


"What's you're team name?" "MSI" "That's It?!" (USSSA video crew...and so was born "THE ZONE"!!!)


"No Smoking...No Golfing" (Random sign at Quakertown Field #5)


"It's not good, but it's better" (Coach Paul during sliding practice)


"I see a Gap and she's going shopping!" (Girls dugout cheer)


"She's like a mountain lion!" (Coach Paul during practice)

"How much farther is the field?" "It's still a good ways." "This is ridiculous, I can't believe they designed the fields like this.  I am going home!" (Disgruntled, random BYC grandmother coming to watch a game)


"Pain is temporary...Quitting lasts forever." (Paul B)


"That was interesting!?!?" (Coach Paul during practice)


"What, you want me to go get it?" (Coach Paul during practice)


"He asked you a question." (Coach Paul to Chef Paul)


"I have no life...my sister plays softball!" (Little boy wearing shirt at Quakertown tournament)


"I am not totally sold on that, but I'll believe you because of the way you said it and everything." (Coach Paul to Haley, Paul B and others during our 3-hour layover at Quakertown - The "Gage and me vs. Gage and I" grammar debate)


"Where are you guys from?" (Rob to 1st base coach) "New Oxford." (1st base coach of team wearing jerseys that say New Oxford right across the chest, as did the coach's shirt - the crowd was looking for a little more locational detail) "Gee, Thanks!" (Andrew) "That is like us saying, we are from MSI" (Andrew to Rob) Wink


"Girls win when they are having fun!" (Sign hanging on the field at the New Tripoli Tournament)


"You know what I found out...I have 'hot' hands!" (Andrew describing his baking prowess approx. 30min before 'the race heard 'round the world') "What does that even mean!?!?" (Bill voicing what everyone was thinking) ... We won't leave you hanging - apparently Andrew can melt frosting with his bare hands while piping cakes! (no, none of this is a typo - I love this team!!) Smile