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Merton Park Bowling Club

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Schedule / Results

2017 MP Ladies BC - Schedule

No games are listed yet...


2017 MPBC Mens - Schedule

April 2017
Wed26/04/2017Opening Day1:30 PM
Sat29/04/2017Ewell VillageH 3R W F2:30 PM
Thu04/05/2017SoutheyH 3R G F5:45 PM
Sat06/05/2017Surbiton RBLA 3RW F2:30 PM
Wed10/05/2017CuddingtonH 3R W F Mixed2:30 PM
Sun14/05/2017Surbiton RBLH 3R W KDL2:30 PM
Wed17/05/2017AuriolH 3R G F2:30 PM
Sat20/05/2017Colliers WoodH 3R W Mixed2:30 PM
Sun21/05/2017Malden ManorH 3R W F2:30 PM
Sat27/05/2017Malden Lime GroveA 3R W F2:30 PM
Sun28/05/2017Malden ManorA 3R W KDL2:30 PM
Mon29/05/2017Mixed Match (L)H 4R W F2:30 PM
Sat03/06/2017Jim Daly MixedH G10:00 PM
Sat10/06/2017Raynes ParkA 3R W KDL2:30 PM
Sun11/06/2017Carshalton BeechesA 3R W F2:30 PM
Wed14/06/2017Colliers WoodA 2Trip G Mid Week Triples1:30 PM
Sat17/06/2017SurbitonH 3 Tri W F2:30 PM
Sat24/06/2017West WimbledonA 3R W KDL3:00 PM
Sun25/06/2017SurbitonA 3R W KDL2:30 PM
Tue27/06/2017BolingbrokeH 2Trip G Mid week trip1:30 PM
Wed28/06/2017WallingtonA 3R G F2:30 PM
Sat01/07/2017HeathfieldH 3R W F Mixed2:30 PM
Sun02/07/2017Rose HillH 3R W DD2:30 PM
Wed05/07/2017South LondonA 2Tri G F2:30 PM
Sat08/07/2017GodstoneA 4Tri W F Mixed2:30 PM
Sun09/07/2017ChessingtonH 3R W KDL2:30 PM
Thu13/07/2017MitchamA 2Trip G Mid Week Trip1:30 PM
Sat15/07/2017Colliers WoodA 3R W F Mixed2:30 PM
Sun16/07/2017Club let to Croquet Club1:00 PM
Tue18/07/2017MitchamA 2Trip G Mid Week Trip1:30 PM
Wed19/07/2017Cheam FieldsA 4Tri G F2:30 PM
Sat22/07/2017EpsomH 3R W F2:30 PM
Sun23/07/2017SoutheyA 3R W KDL2:30 PM
Wed26/07/2017Imber CourtA 4R W F Mixed2:30 PM
Sat29/07/2017Hook & SouthboroughA 3R W KDL2:30 PM
Sun30/07/2017HeathfieldA 3RW F Mixed2:30 PM
Sat05/08/2017Imber CourtH 3R W KDL2:30 PM
Sun06/08/2017Ladies MIxed2:30 PM
Sat12/08/2017Rose HillA 3R W DD2:30 PM
Sun13/08/2017MitchamA 4Tri W F2:30 PM
Wed16/08/2017CuddingtonA 3R G F Mixed2:30 PM
Thu17/08/2017BolingbrokeA 2Trip G Mid Week Trip1:30 PM
Sat19/08/2017MertonH 3R W KDL2:30 PM
Sun20/08/2017Ewell VillageA 3R W F2:30 PM
Wed23/08/2017WallingtonH 3R G F Mixed2:30 PM
Sat26/08/2017Raynes ParkH 4Tri W F2:30 PM
Sun27/08/2017Captain v PresidentH 4R W F2:30 PM
Tue29/08/2017Colliers WoodH 2Trip G Mid Week Trip1:30 PM
Wed30/08/2017AuriolA 3R G F2:30 PM
Tue12/09/2017Raynes ParkH 2 Trip G Mid Week Trip1:30 PM