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2018 JU Dolphin Captains

Chase McIntyre, Ryan Beville, McLean Chicquen, Max Hartong

11/10/18- I want to start off by offering my thanks to the 2018 Jacksonville University captains for humoring me and taking their time to respond to my Q and A request. I also want to thank Head Coach John Galloway for making the players available. I have enjoyed watching these guys battle throughout their JU careers and I can’t wait to see their skill and leadership on display come February.


This Q/A will allow you to get to know the players that the Dolphins expect to lead them to a championship. Max, Chase, McLean, and Ryan also offer their insight regarding their teammates, their backgrounds, and their coach.

Additionally, below you will also find some of my musings on a variety of lacrosse topics including a controversy regarding one local high school, a few early thoughts on Jacksonville University’s 2018 schedule, Fall term grades on the JU attack position. Be sure to tell your friends and send your thoughts and suggestions to raylax@bellsouth.net.


Lax904: When did you first hear of Jacksonville University and what were your first thoughts about playing college lacrosse in Florida?

Max Hartong: I played on the same club team (Burning River) as Josh Kuehn in high school and JU was checking in on Josh at a tournament. The JU coaching staff saw me play and contacted me shortly thereafter. Since Josh was already committed and had visited he was a great resource for info about JU. I was immediately excited about coming down. What could be better than D1 lacrosse in Florida?

Ryan Beville: I first heard about JU when they emailed me the summer after my sophomore year. My first thought was how awesome it would be to play Division 1 lacrosse in warm weather, near the beach, and against some of the top teams in the country for 4 years, especially to join a new program and help build a bright future.  

McLean Chicquen: I heard about JU through my recruiting process because one of the coaches at the time was actually from Victoria, BC. Personally, I love playing lacrosse in Florida; it's a nice change of pace from what I was used to, playing in the rain at home and then the snow at Stony Brook.

Chase McIntyre: I heard about them on an Inside Lacrosse article, seeing that they were the first D1 lacrosse program in Florida. I hate the cold, so my coaches thought it would be a great fit.


photo by Brice York

#22 McLean Chicquen

Lax904: Did you watch any Jacksonville University games prior to being a member of the team? Live/Internet?

Max Hartong: I was able to come down to the Moe’s Classic during my junior year when JU played Ohio State in EverBank. It was a great game. I saw them play the Buckeyes again the next year, this time it was very cold, pouring down rain at OSU. Not a good game that time.

Ryan Beville: After I visited and committed to JU, I watched or followed almost every game following my commitment into my junior and senior year of high school.

McLean Chicquen: When Coach Galloway and I started I watched them play St. Johns on YouTube. The guys came up with a big win in what looked to be a miserably cold NY day. 

Chase McIntyre: Yes I watched the very first Moe’s Classic, and casually watched more games online whatever I could get up in Canada. 


photo by Brice York

Chase McIntyre in frozen Hartford- March 2017

Lax904: What do you miss most about playing lacrosse in up north in February and March?

Max Hartong: I loved how competitive Northeast Ohio lacrosse was during my time playing up there. It was a lot of fun. I definitely do not miss shoveling snow off of the field before games. 

Ryan Beville: To be completely honest, I’m not sure if there is anything I do miss! Being able to practice without having frozen hands and feet can’t really be beat.

McLean Chicquen:  I definitely don't miss the rain that time of year but that is usually the time box lacrosse starts to get ramped up, and that's what I miss most.

Chase McIntyre: Not much to be honest, minus the hot showers after practice and games.


Lax904: What is the #1 highlight from your time with JU lacrosse to date? Details…….

Max Hartong: Beating Bellarmine to clinch a spot in the SOCON tourney last year. It was my first time making the tournament so it was just a really fun moment. After everything we went through last year to finally see it pay off was awesome. We’re looking to cash in on that opportunity this year. 

Ryan Beville: My #1 highlight was definitely last year and making it to JU’s first SOCON tournament. Even though our record didn’t show up, our team improved so much throughout that season. The feeling of walking out into the playoff game atmosphere is unexplainable. 

McLean Chicquen: My #1 highlight thus far would have to be beating Bellarmine on the road to clinch the programs first SoCon playoff berth.

Chase McIntyre: Beating St.Johns in overtime my sophomore year; it was a great game under the lights, lots of chirping and a great atmosphere. I remember pilling on to Dakota (Rohlin) after he scored down the alley.


Photo by Brice York

#26- Freshman Dixon Smith

Lax904: Which new Dolphins will have the biggest impact in 2018 and why?

Max Hartong: Dixon Smith is the real deal. All around great athlete and has been learning the game quickly. Jeremy Winston, another Texas guy, is also a beast. This rookie class has a lot of talent.

Ryan Beville:  First off, they will all impact us positively whether it’s in practice or in games because these guys are all good players. I think Jeremy Winston will have a breakout freshman year, he’s an incredible dodger and plays with a swagger that most freshman don’t have. I’ve guarded some of the top midfielders in the nation, and can tell you that he’s going to be right up there with those guys. LSM’s Mack Dickie and Noah Rubin have done a great job adding depth to that position. They both work really hard and will most likely get lots of runs this spring. Jack Dolan has really done a great job at the SSDM position as well. He plays very fundamentally sound and does a great job with ground balls. Since that’s my position, it has been really fun giving him all the tips I’ve learned over the years to improve his game. I think he will get good playing time as well and help contribute to the rope unit’s mission. Lastly, Dixon Smith is probably our best close defender right now and that’s no secret. Even ask Jordan Wolfe! He’s been playing really well, both with his ability to cause turnovers, and his on ball/ off ball defense. I’m excited to see how he does this spring. 

McLean Chicquen: There are a number of new guys that are going to make big plays for us this season but Dixon Smith stands out to me the most. It's no secret we were still figuring out who we were on D last year and I think Dixon brings the IQ, confidence, and swagger we were lacking.

Chase McIntyre: Jeremy Winston, great athletic midfielder with great hands. Will definitely draw the defense attention to open other guys up.


photo by Brice York

Jacksonville celebrates their 17-11 win at Bellarmine in 2017

Lax904: What are your expectations for the team in 2018?

Max Hartong: We expect no less than to win the SOCON.  We returned a lot of guys who had an impact last year and a lot of these players have matured. We also added a handful of new guys that I think can rise to the challenge this spring. 

Ryan Beville: Obviously my expectations are very high. I expect our team to win AT LEAST half our games. I really expect us to go undefeated in SOCON play as well. We all have the confidence that those games are very winnable. A SOCON championship is an expectation for the team, because I/we know we are capable of it. Lastly, I’m expecting our team to win its first NCAA playoff game. 

McLean Chicquen: At this point, it's championship or bust. We return our top 6 scorers, all of our D, all of our goalies, and lots of our rope unit. When you look at that plus the guys we've added, there’s no reason we shouldn't win a championship.

Chase McIntyre: We only got a taste of the SoCon Tournament last year, would love to see us go all the way, it about time for the Dolphins to shine. But mostly be the toughest team on the field, which is our main mission.

 Hunter Forbes

Sr. Hunter Forbes aka Braveheart

Lax904: If college lacrosse ties were decided by Braveheart, who on the JU team would you choose to do the honors? Why?

Max Hartong: Bev (Ryan Beville). Gotta go with the best athlete on the team. We trust him on D and with the ball. 

Ryan Beville:  I’d have to say Hunter Forbes because he’s a very dominant face-off guy. I trust he would win that ball forward and be able to take it down for a game winning goal. 

McLean Chicquen: Haha I'm always trying to take face offs in practice so I'd love to say myself but I don't think coach would say the same... So I've got to go with Hunter Forbes because of how valuable that possession would be off the face off. 

Chase McIntyre: Probably Mclean (Chicquen), for an O middie he’s pretty good a taking face-offs.  

General Questions

Lax904: Who was your favorite professional athlete growing up?

Max Hartong: Lebron James. Except for the years he was in Miami.

Ryan Beville: Mike Vick! Watching him play quarterback was an absolute treat! Especially when he was with the Eagles.

McLean Chicquen: Rick Nash and Sidney Crosby were both guys I always looked up to, I can't pick one. 

Chase McIntyre: Todd Bertuzzi/Vancouver Canucks


photo by Brice York

John Galloway- Chairman of the Board?

Lax904: If Coach Galloway wasn’t involved in lacrosse, what would his profession be?

Max Hartong: Coach Galloway is extremely passionate as a coach. I’m sure if he had that passion for something else he would have success there too but I couldn’t imagine him in another profession. 

Ryan Beville: CEO of some company. He’s such a good leader and public speaker that he would eventually be at the top of a franchise somewhere. 

McLean Chicquen: I can't really see him doing anything outside of coaching. His passion for the game and mentoring young men is unmatched so definitely coaching another sport or a teacher.

Chase McIntyre: Motivational Speaker/ Tennis Coach


Lax904: If you could play a professional sport other than lacrosse what sport/ team/ position would you choose?

Max Hartong: Rugby. Not sure about teams or positions but it looks pretty cool.

Ryan Beville: Pro golfer.

McLean Chicquen: Hockey for the New York Ranger and I would center Rick Nash

Chase McIntyre: Hockey/Vancouver Canucks/ Left Wing


Lax904: Do you have any pre-game rituals?

Max Hartong: Within 24hrs before game time: no red meat, dairy, turkey, or lettuce. High school coach told us to avoid this stuff so I've done it ever since. He also preached that we don’t play video games or listen to music that gets you pumped up. (Something to do with using up dopamine levels). I’m not even sure if these things work, just habits I formed a long time ago and stuck with.

Ryan Beville: When I first wake up, I shower, stretch, and call my parents. Once in the locker room I like to re-tape my stick, talk with the guys on the team, keep the mood light, crack jokes and stuff. This helps me stay calm. I’ve noticed if I listen to some music and think too much I get too excited and jittery. 

McLean Chicquen: Nothing too crazy, I always shower in the locker room, and then tape my stick, then put all my left equipment on before my right and leave the locker room last

Chase McIntyre: Re-tape stick and putting every on left first.


Lax904: Have you always played your current position?

Max Hartong: Yes. I started playing lacrosse in 5th grade and my coaches immediately gave me a long stick. I’ve played both LSM and close defense over the years but always defense.


Lax904: What percentage of lacrosse growing up was field vs box?

Ryan Beville: 100% field.

McLean Chicquen:  Before college I played 7 years of box lacrosse and only a year and a half of field lacrosse. 

Chase McIntyre: 80% Box and 20% Field.


Lax904: What advice would you give to your 14 year old self?

Max Hartong: High school flies by, then college flies by. Enjoy it while it lasts. 

Ryan Beville: Hit the weight room hard, and focus on schoolwork and grades. Always be humble and confident.

McLean Chicquen: Stop wishing you were older and out of school because these next 8 or 9 years you are in school are the best years of your life, and the relationships you make will last a lifetime.

Chase McIntyre: Work on your left hand more vs backhands and take High school grades seriously.


Lax904: What do you see yourself doing 10 years from now?

Max Hartong: I’m studying for the LSAT right now. If everything works out I would like to be practicing law by then. 

Ryan Beville:   I see myself working in medical or pharmaceutical sales, and coaching lacrosse. I plan on moving out west to either San Diego or Denver.

McLean Chicquen: 10 years from now I hope to be the coach of a new college program out west.

Chase McIntyre: Being involved in lacrosse and traveling the world.

 Pat Poulos

Junior Pat Poulos- Saturday Night Fever 2018

Lax904: Which JU lacrosse player would have the best chance to win America’s/ Canada’s Got Talent and what would their talent be?

Max Hartong: Chase York. We’re lucky enough to hear him sing from time to time and it’s impressive. Opera-style.

Ryan Beville: Zach Crotty and his magic tricks!

McLean Chicquen: I have to go with Pat Poulos for his dance moves.

Chase McIntyre: Chase York does a mean Step Brothers impersonation of them singing: Por Ti Volare (Con Te Partiro). Look it up.

 Max Hartong (Captain)

President Max Hartong?

Lax904: Which JU player would make the best President of the United States or Prime Minister of Canada and why?

Max Hartong: Hunter Forbes. Smartest guy on the team.

Ryan Beville:  I think Drew Davis would. He just has that presidential look about him! He’s intelligent as well.

McLean Chicquen: Max Hartong, he's always got a say in every political decision/debate.

Chase McIntyre: Max Hartong, guy has a great outlook on life, and stunning features.


Ryan and Steve Beville


Keith Chicquen, McLean Chicquen and Casey Powell

Lax904: Who other than yourself is most responsible for you becoming a Division I lacrosse player?

Max Hartong: My parents have always been very supportive. They are the #1 reason for me becoming a D1 lacrosse player.

Ryan Beville: My dad. He was always with me traveling to every summer and fall tournament, and was with me on every visit that I took.

McLean Chicquen: My parents have always pushed me in sports. My dad had me on skates when I was 2 and both my parents took me to every game and practice along the way.

Chase McIntyre: My dad.


From Max Hartong: Favorite place to eat in Duval?

Ryan Beville: Safe Harbor Seafood.

McLean Chicquen: Safe Harbor Seafood


From McLean Chicquen: If you could meet one person from sports history, who would it be?

Chase McIntyre: Probably Tom Brady,love how he was a late draft pick and people doubted him. But now is arguably the greatest quarterback of all time.

Ray Carnicelli