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Niagara Falls Rapids PeeWee B

Nov 23, 2014 - Stay Positive Team!


Nov 23, 2014 - Oakville Visiting

The Rapids had Oakville visiting them today.

The team played a good game but just couldn't catch a break, with the game ending in a loss.

IceChips: The team has a practice Tuesday followed by a team get together to review game play, plus another practice Thursday as well. The 50/50 was not won today and will be carried over.

Nov 16, 2014 - Etobicoke double header this weekend

The Rapids had a double header this weekend against Etobicoke.

They first travelled to Etobicoke yesterday.

The first line of the game we were able to pot a goal, causing Barb to live up to her promise of candy bars for all. It was a nice set up from Kayla to allow Kaylynn to net the first one of the game. The Dolphins were quick to answer back causing a tie game. But that didn't stop the Rapids. Amanda and Kayla set up Kaylynn again, for another lead. Only to have the Dolphins snag it away from us to take it to a tie in the second.

The second and third periods did not fair well for the Rapids with 4 goals against them.

The girls played well and tried hard but came away with a 6-2 loss.


Today they had the Dolphins come to their barn for a match on the ice.

The Rapids started the scoreboard up with a beauty by Jacklyn, off a rebound from Rylan with a pass from Amanda.

The Rapids held the lead throughout the game until the Dolphins answered back with a goal in the third, causing a tie game.

The girls played really well as a team and showed what they can do out there.


Ice Chips: they have a practice on Wednesday and Saturday this week followed by a game on Sunday. The 50/50 was won by Jacklyn, a goal and the 50/50 money, what a great day for her.

Nov 9, 2014 - Another Tough Game

The Rapids travelled to Mississauga on Sunday morning to face the Chiefs for the first time.

After an hour delay to get the game started, it was another tough game for the team, ending in a 5-0 loss.

IceChips: The girls are up for a practice on Tuesday.

Nov 2, 2014 - Hat Trick For Kaylynn!

The team hit the ice for the second time this weekend against Leaside.

The first period was well battled with the puck mostly in Leaside's end. The score stayed at the zero mark into the second period.

With the second period underway the team took many shots on net with many chances. Leaside was the first to put one on the board and followed close after with a second one. The Rapids did not give up and managed a goal at the ending of the period with Kaylynn getting the point and Kayla and Amanda getting the assists.

Down only by one going into the third the Rapids tied it up with another from the Kaylynn and Kayla team. The Wildcats answered back quickly to take the lead again. Then with a pass from Kayla in front of the net Kaylynn was able to complete her hat trick with a backhand lifted over the goalies shoulder.  With the game tied up and on a penalty kill the rapids weren't able to hold off the Wildcats and ended with a 4-3 loss. The girls played a strong game today and Marlayna was solid in net.

Ice Chips: The girls have a couple practices this week followed by an away this coming weekend. The 50/50 was not won again and the carryover winnings are now over $80.

Nov 1, 2014 - Strong Game For The Team

The Rapids started a double header home game weekend this Saturday morning.

First on the list was a game against Stoney Creek. The first period started on a sour note with a 2 goal lead from the Sabres.

The Sabres netted a 3rd one just into the second period. The Rapids answered back with a goal by Kaylynn assisted by her defence Meganne and Kayla.

With only 1 goal down going into the third the Rapids came out in force. The Sabres pushed through and got another one to lengthen the lead. But the Rapids were quick to answer back with a goal by Kayla, assisted by Kaylynn and Kiley. The game ended in a 4-3 loss with a curfew making fall a few minutes short.

Ice Chips: The team finishes off the double header tomorrow against Leaside. the 50/50 was not won and is once again carried over.

Oct 28, 2014 - Away Game Disappointment For Rapids

The Rapids made the trip to Caledonia to face off against the Haldimand Rivercats on a Tuesday night.

The Rapids played hard and had many chances at the net through the game. The Rivercats were able to put a few passed the red line and take the game at 2-0.

Ice Chips: The team comes back Thursday to Niagara for a tough practice to prepare for the weekend

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