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Section III Cheerleading

WELCOME TO THE SECTION III CHEERLEADING WEBSITE, run by the Section III Cheerleading Committee

Local Competitions are listed under the Schedule Tab - more are being added as we receive info...

Keep checking back !!

We plan for this site to be information central for all Section III Cheer Programs.

Coaches - we want to keep you informed and in contact with each other, so fill out our coach update form so we have your correct contact info!

If you are hosting a High School competition - get us your dates and attach your registration forms and info. and we'll post it ASAP, to help get the word out.




Jun 18, 2017 - NFHS Spirit Rules 2017-2018

Be sure to pick up a copy of the NFHS Spirit Rules for the upcoming 2017-2018 school year.

Rule books can be ordered and the rule changes are posted on NFHS.org 


Spirit Rules Changes - 2017-18

By NFHS on June 02, 2017spirit Share 


Rule 1: Deletes definitions for downward inversion, front drop, knee/seat/thigh drop, split drop, sponge and swan dive.

Rule 1: Adds definitions for braced flip, braced inversion, braced roll, prep level and swing roll down (teddy bear roll down).

Rule 1: Revises definition for switch liberty.

Rationale: The definitions were added to clarify language used in the updated Spirit Rules Book: braced flip, braced inversion, braced roll, prep level and swing roll down (teddy bear roll down). The definition for switch liberty was revised to match common practice.


2-1-10, 2-1-12: Revises language to match basketball rules book on spirit squad location during basketball games.

Rationale: Revised language was written to match the basketball rules book to create consistency across activities.


3-2-7, 4-2-7: Adds the words "extended stunts that stop" to allow for show-and-go and up-and-over stunts.

Rationale: Language was revised to allow for show-and-go and up-and-over stunts without a spotter. The stunts allowed without a spotter do not end in an extended position.


3-3-2, 4-3-2: Removes the word static and clarifies article 2.

Rationale: The word static was removed to clarify how a top person can pass through an extended position.


3-3-3, 4-3-3: Reorganizes and clarifies braced inversions in a pyramid.

Rationale: Conditions for braced inversions in a pyramid that do not flip or roll are enumerated for clarification.


3-3-4, 4-3-4: Reorganizes and clarifies braced rolls in a pyramid.

Rationale: Conditions for braced rolls in a pyramid were reorganized and clarified.


3-3-5: Reorganizes and clarifies braced flips in a pyramid.

Rationale: Conditions for braced flips in a pyramid were reorganized and enumerated for clarification.


3-3-6, 4-3-6: Reorganizes and clarifies all other inversions, including suspended rolls.

Rationale: Conditions for inversions that are released were clarified. A quarter turn was changed to a half turn; this increase does not elevate safety risks for participants. The number of bases and/or spotters was adjusted. Rules for suspended rolls were moved to this section.


3-3-8, 4-3-8: Prohibits a swing roll-down stunt.

Rationale: Swing roll down stunts (teddy bear roll down) were defined and prohibited.


3-4-3, 4-4-11: Removes the word static and clarifies the connection.

Rationale: The word static was removed for consistency throughout the rules book. Language was adjusted to clarify the connection for extended braced stunts. The connection cannot be made by holding the leg/foot in the hand.


3-5-5: Removes the requirement for spotter of a bracer in a double-based prep.

Rationale: Adjusted the requirement for bases/spotters of bracers in a double-based prep.


3-5-9, 4-5-2c: Eliminates swan dives.

Rationale: Swan dive rule was deleted, as releases to prone positions are covered in 3-5-2, 3-5-5, and 4-5-3.


3-6-2, 4-6-2: Adds an exception to allow the top to release to grab another base to adjust position.

Rationale: Language was added to create an exception to allow the top to release one hand to grab another base to adjust position.


3-8-2, 4-8-2: Allows poms to be held during airborne tumbling skills.

Rationale: Language was added to create an exception to allow the top to release one hand to grab another base to adjust position.


4-4-2: Removes the word static and clarifies article 2.

Rationale: The word static was removed and language was added to clarify how a top person can pass through an extended position.


4-7-7, 4-7-8: Prohibits skills to a cradle.

Rationale: Prohibits skills performed to cradle for dance/drill/pom participants. Dance/drill/pom participants may twist dismount to the performance surface.


4-10-14: Requires bases to be in contact with the top person when transitioning from a prop.

Rationale: Minimizes the risk to participants when transitioning from props as bases to people as bases. This ensures that at no time will the top person be free of contact from a base while transitioning to a stunt from a prop.

Feb 11, 2017 - 2016-2017 Section III Winter Champions Crowned!

Congratulations to all the teams who competed in the 2016-17 Section III Winter Championship, held at South Jefferson High School on February 11, 2017

(full results under the Winter Championship tab)

Sectional Champions - Team Divisions


Class AA Champion – Cicero-North Syracuse High School (score 189.05)


Class A Champion – Mexico High School (score 164.75)


Class B Champion – Phoenix High School (score 183.95)


Class C Champion – Sandy Creek High School (Score 163.20)


Class D Champion – Copenhagen High School (Score 145.80)


CoEd Champion –  South Jefferson High School (Score 170.80)



The following Teams will be Moving on to Represent Section III at the NYSPHSAA Cheerleading Championship, to be held at SRC Arena, Onondaga Community College on March 4, 2017


Division 1 Small –  Fayetteville-Manlius High School


Division 1 Large –  Cicero-North Syracuse High School


Division 2 Small –  Mexico High School, Phoenix High School, Sandy Creek High School, Copenhagen High School

Division 2 Large - no teams


Co-Ed Division –  South Jefferson High School



Nov 30, 2016 - Judge Request Form for Competition Hosts

 For Any Competition Hosts  -

The NYS Officials Assignors have asked that you use the form below to request judges.  Please Get your judge requests in as soon as possible as there are many events lining up and there may be difficulty assigning judges.



Oct 29, 2016 - 2016 Fall Section III Cheer Champions!

Congratulations to all the teams who competed in the 2016 Section III Fall Championship, held at C.W. Baker High School in Baldwinsville on October 29, 2016

 (full results under the Fall Championship tab)

Sectional Champions - Team Divisions

Class AA Champion – Cicero-North Syracuse High School (score 178.75)

Class A Champion – Indian River High School (score 158.80)

Class B Champion – General Brown High School (score 176.15)

Class C Champion – Sandy Creek High School (Score 144.20)

Class D Champion – Oriskany High School (Score 118.35)

CoEd Champion – Baldwinsville High School (Score 143.60)


Oct 17, 2016 - 2016 Cheerleading showcase to benefit the Ricci Family

2016 Cheerleading showcase to benefit the Ricci Family

Saturday November 5th 2016

11AM – 4pm

Shawna Ricci has been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. She needs an operation immediately followed by radiation and chemotherapy. She is married to Bryan Ricci and has 4 children. At this difficult time money raised will help with any expenses they will occur.  Two of the children Bianca and Chloe have been a part of our cheer family since we opened our doors. Shawna always supported her daughters, their teammates and our gym.  Now it is our time to support Shawna.  

Northeast Rebels is going to host a cheerleading showcase! Open to all cheerleading teams and their family and fans in the area.  100% of the proceeds will go to the Ricci family to help offset Shawna’s medical needs and anything else the family may need during this difficult time.  


High School

Pop Warner


We are welcoming teams from all over to perform for their family and friends in a competition like setting, without the competition jitters and nerves.  We invite the entire community to come watch and support these Athletes as they perform what they have been working so hard on all season.  

Admission for the day will be $7/ person

Children 2 and under are free

There will be T-shirts for sale, and vendors set up.  There will be concessions, a Chinese auction and 50/50.  There will be a chicken BBQ on site, along with a DJ running the entire event.  

As a vendor to set up a booth at the showcase we ask for a $60 donation and a raffle for the Auction worth at least $15.  Anything you sell you keep, your donation comes in form of renting booth space. (Vendors need to provide their own table and set up)


Its at the Field Of Dreams Complex Schuyler NY Any questions you can call Joanne Falcone at  315-894-4711

Oct 3, 2016 - Liverpool Kick Off Classic - Cancelled



Due to Low Registration Numbers - the Kick Off Classic Competition at Liverpool High School on October 15th has been CANCELLED

Sep 19, 2016 - Fall Championship Registration & All New Scoring Info

Coaches -

Fall Championship tab now has the Registration info and Fall Scholarship application on the Section III Fall Championship posted for download.  The Championship will be held at Baldwinsville High School on October 29, 2016.  Registrations should be sent in by October 14th - and new this year - please include your music copyright info or get it to us before competition day.

Also - the 2016-2017 Rubric & Scoring Info tab contains all the new rubric and Score Sheets for this year.  It includes instructions and there are skill sheets for coaches - for their team performances.  Some competitions may use these this year and require you to submit them, listing the skills your team will perform so judges can look for them and make sure your team is receiving the proper ranges.

The following link will also take you to all the NYS scoring information - which is downloadable


Upcoming Games
Looking Ahead

Sec 3 Cheer Committee PreSeason Meeting for Fall 2017
Monday, Aug 7th
7:00 PM
Section III office bldg., Brittonfield Parkway

Fall Season 2017
No upcoming games...

Winter Season 2017-2018

Bling It On Cheer Classic at Baldwinsville (open competition)
Saturday, Jan 27th
Registration info will be posted under the area competitions tab when available
Baldwinsville High School

Events & Clinics

Falltastic Cheer Competition (open competition)
Saturday, Oct 14th
Contact Dianna Johnson or see Area Competitions & Events Registrations tab for forms & info
South Jefferson High School

Fall/Winter Season 2018-2019
No upcoming games...

Events from Prior Years
No upcoming games...