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Jul 21, 2014 - Thursday JULY 24th - CLINIC CANCELED



The coach clinic set up by SECTION III  for July 24, 2014 HAS BEEN CANCELED.

Anyone with questions should contact Nina Baker.

Jul 14, 2014 - NYSPHSAA FAQ's - May 2014




NYSPHSAA - Frequently Asked Questions – Competitive Cheerleading

Now that the Board of Regents has recognized Competitive Cheerleading as a sport the State Education Department and the NYSPHSAA will be finalizing the exact rules and regulations that will govern the sport of Competitive Cheerleading. The Cheerleading Committee will be meeting on May 20th to discuss many topics associated with cheerleading. Each Section will be represented on the committee. The Cheerleading Ad Hoc committee final report can be found at Below are some questions we have received regarding how cheerleading may look as we move forward.

– What is the difference between Traditional Cheerleading and Competitive Cheerleading? Will schools be able to just have traditional cheerleading?
– Schools will be able to just offer traditional cheerleading squads. These squads will not follow the rules and regulations of SED or the NYSPHSAA. If a traditional squad incorporates stunting/tumbling into a sideline or halftime routine they will be considered a competitive cheerleading squad and will have to follow the rules and regulations of SED and NYSPHSAA. Schools can chose to be both.

– Will coaches have to be certified to coach competitive cheerleading?

– All competitive cheer squads will have to have a properly certified coach per SED regulation. All SED coaching certifications will have to be followed. Please contact your athletic administrator for the exact requirements to coach competitive cheerleading. The NYSPHSAA may also require the AACCA Safety course as well dependent upon Central Committee approval in July.

– Will teams be able to be selected in the Spring for the following year?

– When fully implemented, teams will have to be selected at the beginning of the Section established season in the same manner other sports are selected. The NYSPHSAA allows out of season activities as long as it is open to all students and it is not mandated by the coaches. Some sections and leagues can be more restrictive, please check with your athletic administrator.

– Will teams be able to compete in both the Fall and Winter seasons?

A - The NYSPHSAA Competitive Cheerleading season will be during the Winter season. The SED and the NYSPHSAA are discussing if teams will be able to compete in the Fall season at the local and sectional level. The NYSPHSAA will NOT hold any state level events in the Fall. This topic will be discussed and examined over the course of the next few months and more information will be provided when available.

– Can teams bring in experts to work with the Competitive Cheerleading squads?

– Teams can bring in clinicians to work with their teams if this is a permissible practice of the school district. Clinicians work with the teams sporadically and not on a consistent basis. Clinicians do not have to be certified to work with the teams.

– Can teams travel out of state or host out of state teams for competitions?

– Any competition that our schools participate in would have to be properly sanctioned by the NYSPHSAA office. New York schools may only compete against member/approved schools.

– Will student athletes and teams have to have a minimum number of practices before competing in a competition?
– Students and teams will have to have a minimum number of practices before competing. The Cheerleading Committee will make a recommendation to the Central Committee on what that number will be for the NYSPHSAA.

– Will there be a State Championship for Competitive Cheerleading? How will teams qualify? What will be the divisions?
– We anticipate a possible State Championship during the winter season of the 2015-2016 school year, this will be determined in the coming months following the Cheer Committee meeting and the Central Committee approval. Each section will select the teams that will qualify for the Championship. The Cheerleading Committee will recommend what the divisions will be for the championships. NYSPHSAA sponsored invitational events could continue for the 2014-2015 school year.

– Will the Selection Classification process be used for Competitive Cheerleading?

– The gymnastics standards of the Selection Classification process will be used to selectively classify 7th and 8th graders to the high school level as per SED regulations.

– Will Competitive Cheerleading teams be eligible for the NYSPHSAA Scholar Athlete program?

– As a recognized sport, Competitive Cheerleading squads will be eligible for the scholar athlete program and state scholar athlete championship.

– When will the SED and NYSPHSAA rules and regulations be fully enforced for the schools of the NYSPHSAA?
– The recommendation of the Cheerleading Committee will be sent to the Central Committee in July. The State Education Department will inform NYSPHSAA of the timetable for full implementation of their rules and regulations in the coming months. It is not unforeseeable to consider the 2014-2015 school year as a transition year and full implementation for the 2015-2016 school year; again this has yet to be determined.

– Who can I contact as a coach or athletic director to give my input on the direction of Competitive Cheerleading?
– Coaches and athletic directors can contact their Section Executive Director, Section Cheerleading Representative, or the NYSPHSAA office staff. The NYSPHSAA is a membership led organization and the direction of Competitive Cheerleading will be determined by the membership of the NYSPHSAA.

Thank you all for you passion and commitment to the outstanding student athletes that participate in Competitive Cheerleading. We look forward to ensuring the safety of those student athletes and highlighting and promoting these student athletes. There are a several items that need to be addressed and developed since SED declared competitive cheerleading a sport; please know the NYSPHSAA staff is working diligently to ensure a smooth transition for its member schools during this exciting time period.


Robert Zayas, NYSPHSAA Executive Director 518.690.0771 Todd Nelson, NYSPHSAA Assistant Director 518.690.0771

May 29, 2014 - West Genesee to host UCA summer day camp


A UCA Day Camp

Syracuse, New York


Hosted by:  West Genesee High School


Contact:  Casey RisiState Director 866.541.6763  or


    Kristin DuschenWest Genesee Varsity Coach

Register through the Camillus Parks and Recreation:

UCA Day Camp is the perfect option for cheerleaders who want to experience camp with other teams! (Individuals welcome.  Stunt groups or teams recommended)

In addition to receiving instruction on all material aspects of cheerleading including cheers, sidelines and dances, your team will be private coached and evaluated by ourtop-notch hand selected UCA staff!  Teams will also have the opportunity to participate in some of the same “extras” offered at UCA overnight camps like All-American tryouts and Camp Champs!



DATE: July 14-16, 2014LOCATION: Camillus Middle SchoolTIME: 8:00AM – 3:00pm

*Check-in/Registration begins at 7:15AM

**There will be a 1 hour lunch break as well!

PRICE: $125/cheerleader for non-residents and $115 for residents


Additional Information: For more information or further questions please call/email.  This location will offer concessions and a GREAT foundation for your team to kick-start the season!

May 22, 2014 - Clinic info from Empire All-Starz



Summer Pop-Warner Cheer and Dance Clinics! 

Learn from the best! The areas only All-Star Cheerleading Facility!

The areas only USASF / ACCA Certified Instructors and Pop Warner Judges!

Sunday June 15th 10AM - 12PM

Sunday July 13th 10AM-12PM

Saturday August 2nd 12:30PM-2:30PM

Dance, Cheer, Stunting and Tumbling – All 4 all 3 days!

Only $8.00/Athlete per day! Register for all 3 and save!

Text 315-368-7415 to Reserve spots today! Ask about Group Discounts!


Summer Pop-Warner / High School - Cheer and Dance COACHES CLINIC!

If you are new to the Pop-Warner Cheer and Dance program you need this training session!

If you are brand new to coaching at the Varsity Level you also need this training!

Learn proper stunting and tumbling techniques and how to teach them from beginner to advanced!

Learn how to plan and run practices and how to make the best use of Assistant Coaches!

Plus lots more! Learn from the best – Over 30 years combined coaching experience who have performed and competed at every level; Pop Warner, High School, College and All-Star! Ask questions to a top Safety Judge at the Pop Warner Level!

Monday June 23rd 6:00-8:00PM

Monday July 14th 6:00-8:00PM

$30.00/Coach and 1 Assistant Coach for free!

Text 315-368-7415 to Reserve Spots today!


May 22, 2014 - Results from NYSPHSAA cheer committee May Meeting

To keep you up to date with NYSPHSAA cheer requirements.......results from the May meeting.


Cheerleading as a sport will officially begin with the winter sports season of 2014-2015.


The following requirements, along with any that are determined/defined at a mid-June meeting,  will go before the Central Committee for final approval in July.

Coaches would need AACCA certification, First Aid/ CPR & AED training,  concussion course, School violence & Prevention, and Child Abuse in order to coach. (AACCA course locations  can be found on line, and may also be taken online at

(Teams must hold tryouts within the defined winter season for winter 2014-15.  So if you normally choose your teams for the year in spring or summer and carry through for winter, you must wait and choose your winter team at the start of the winter season, just like other sports in your district (basketball teams, hockey, etc)

It is still being discussed whether there will be separate Fall & Winter cheer seasons.  For the moment things begin with Winter only.

Teams would be required to hold 10 practices prior to their first event (game, competition).  Each athlete on that team, must participate in at least 8 of those practices before they can participate in an event.

Two types of cheer teams for schools, Competitive and Traditional.  Competitive cheer, will be any team that stunts, tumbles, etc (our normal current cheer) -whether they attend competition or not - and MUST have a certified coach.  The Traditional type of team can only do traditional style cheer - no stunting or tumbling allowed, and doesn't require coach certification.

Be prepared - Division changes are being discussed and will change one again.  They are looking at a non-class based format, but based on school enrollment (yet to be further discussed in June) with divisions by team size.  It is anticipated that the Section III cheerleading committee will move to follow these guidelines by implementing competition changes at the beginning of the school year, so that teams are adjusted by mid-year when the winter requirements go into effect.

Changes to competition routine format have not been discussed and are anticipated to remain the same.


On April 29, 2014 by a unanimous 17-0 result, the NYS Board of Regents voted to officially recognize Competitive Cheerleading as a SPORT in New York State.  




 Check for more details & breaking news on the vote.

This is effective beginning with the upcoming 2014-2015 school year - so be prepared coaches - get those certifications up to date!  Coaches in  All recognized high school sports have to be certified in NYS so that will extend to Cheer as well- if your school hasn't required it before - they soon will !!

A committee will meet in Albany, NY at the end of May to further determine guidelines , etc.

Feb 10, 2014 - NYSPHSAA Cheer Invitational Complete

Congratulations and Thank you to all the teams who participated in the NYSPHAA Cheerleading Invitational, hosted in Section III at the SRC Arena. We hope all the participants enjoyed the event.  A Big Thank You to all the volunteers who helped make the event a success, The Section III cheerleading committee and NYSPHSAA could not have done it without you.

Special Congratulations to the Teams who represented Section III!  Baldwinsville, Oriskany, Liverpool, Sandy Creek, South Jefferson, Syracuse Academy of Science, Fulton, Cato-Meridian, Auburn, Cicero-North Syracuse, West Genesee, Bishop Grimes, Chittenango, Fayetteville-Manlius and Phoenix



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Training on New Rubric/Scoresheet (prospective judges 7-8:30pm, coaches 5:30-6:30pm)
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Section III Cheer Committee Meeting
Monday, Aug 11th
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22nd Annual Section III Winter Cheerleading Championship (Varsity Teams Only)
Saturday, Feb 7th
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