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Section III Cheerleading

WELCOME TO THE SECTION III CHEERLEADING WEBSITE, run by the Section III Cheerleading Committee

Local Competitions are listed under the Schedule Tab - more are being added as we receive info...

Keep checking back !!

We plan for this site to be information central for all Section III Cheer Programs.

Coaches - we want to keep you informed and in contact with each other, so fill out our coach update form so we have your correct contact info!

If you are hosting a High School competition - get us your dates and attach your registration forms and info. and we'll post it ASAP, to help get the word out.




Sep 19, 2016 - Fall Championship Registration & All New Scoring Info

Coaches -

Fall Championship tab now has the Registration info and Fall Scholarship application on the Section III Fall Championship posted for download.  The Championship will be held at Baldwinsville High School on October 29, 2016.  Registrations should be sent in by October 14th - and new this year - please include your music copyright info or get it to us before competition day.

Also - the 2016-2017 Rubric & Scoring Info tab contains all the new rubric and Score Sheets for this year.  It includes instructions and there are skill sheets for coaches - for their team performances.  Some competitions may use these this year and require you to submit them, listing the skills your team will perform so judges can look for them and make sure your team is receiving the proper ranges.

The following link will also take you to all the NYS scoring information - which is downloadable


Sep 5, 2016 - cheer Rubric Class

There will be a class taught about the NYSPHSAA Cheer Rubric, taught by ALicia Ruperd on Tuesday Sept. 6th, 2016

held at Fayetteville-Manlius High School at 6pm

Cost is $15 per attendee

Aug 16, 2016 - Please Note! - NFHS Spirit Rules Book Corrections 2016-2017

NFHS 2016-17 Book Corrections
posted on 


Page 20:
3.3.5 Situation A:  Letter A situation is a legal pyramid, since it is a braced roll. There is contact at all times with someone on the ground. Therefore, Situation A should be marked “LEGAL.”  Situation B is still illegal because the bracers do not have a visual on the top person .
Page 25:
3.5.5.c – … Add the bold print: “The top person and each bracer, WHO IS AT SHOULDER LEVEL OR BELOW, have a separate spotter with the exception of bracers in shoulder sits and thigh stands”.

On the top of page 72, there is series of 3 pictures that show a cradle release to a prone position and is labeled illegal because it meets the definition of being a swan dive. This series of photos was labelled “legal” in the 2015-16 rule book and was interpreted as legal last year. Because of this previous interpretation and the current definition being in conflict, the NFHS is leaving this to individual states to determine the interpretation. Please inform your coaches of your interpretation on this rule. Coaches, confirm the interpretation of this rule from your state association or the appropriate association that governs your team.

Aug 8, 2016 - NEW Info for Coaches & Competition -coaches need to know before choreography!

Some news from our latest Section Committee Meeting - 

** performance Floor/ Mats - at competition, the ONLY time a 9 panel mat is required is at the NYS Championship - the use of 7 panels is adequate for all others & is not a requirement.

** NYS states that this year there must be a panel of 4 judges/officials plus a safety judge/official used at all competitions.

***. NO MORE RECYCLED TUMBLING - score goes with majority+ 1 skill and no matter how many athletes or how advanced the skill throw, only a .1 will be given and your score will not advance from the range you started.  If you are 0-2 range and majority skill gets a 1, your added tumbling gets .1's added, but only up to 2 - cannot exceed.

*** MINIMUM of 15 seconds of cheer is required this year

*** MINIMUM of 3, 8-counts of dance is required

NYSPHSAA has not officially ruled on the use of music not copyrighted - but it is in your best interest to use those preferred providers on the list by USACheer website  usacheer.net  gives a list of providers (those who do cheer mixes, etc) and gives information on copyright laws for using n artists music - 

Ask your provider for a Copy of your music approval (copyright use) to cover yourself. For Section III it has been decided that - a copy must be sent in with your registration, prior to competition.  This is required at major competitions and NYS is moving this way as well.


Jul 20, 2016 - High School Coaches' Clinic

Strength in Unity Because Together We Shine

2016 Cheerleading Coaches’ Clinic



For: High School Cheerleading Coaches


Where: Sandy Creek Central School

            124 Salisbury Street 

            Sandy Creek NY 13145


When: Saturday August 27th


Cost: $10- a portion of this will go towards the Section III Scholarship fund.  Please pay at door at check-in. Cash or check made out to Tanya VanOrnum.



Register by contacting Tanya VanOrnum by August 19th at tvanornu@sccs.cnyric.org or 

(315) 529-8750.  Please provide the following information:



Phone Number:

School affiliation:






Check in at 9:45AM outside HS Gym

Begin in HS GYM


10AM opening remarks

10:15- 11AM -- Ali Ruperd: Rubric and New NFHS Updates

11AM- Noon—NNY All Star Team with Jennifer Dindl: Stunt Demos

Noon- 12:25—Jennifer Spaulding: School Spirit


Transition to café


12:30- Lunch will be provided: Subs, Drinks, Potato Chips (Please let me know if you have any special dietary needs.)


12:50- 1:20- Keynote Speaker- AVON Coach Shaun Loomis

1:30- 2:00Valarie  KampffYMCA Tumbling Instructor: Tumbling Drills and Progressions

2:05- 2:30- Jennifer Spaulding- Building a Team Culture 

2:30- 3PM- Michael Stevens-Strengthening your relationship with the School Athletic Director and Administration


Jul 19, 2016 - Coach Clinic

Save the Date! 

Sandy Creek High School will host a coach clinic with stunt demos and rubric review & more

Saturday August 27, 2016 from 10am - 3pm at Sandy Creek

$10 fee & a portion of that will go towards the Section III scholarship fund.  

More info & registration form will follow.

Jul 19, 2016 - 2016-2017 NYSPHSAA Cheer Rubric

The new 2016-2017 Rubrics have been released.

The Committee voted 6-2 to adopt the attached document.  It can be shared with your sections.  


 NYSPHSAA Cheerleading Rubric 2016-17 (1).pdf 

Upcoming Games
Looking Ahead
No upcoming games...

Fall Season 2016

9th Annual Section III Fall Cheerleading Championship (Varsity Teams Only)
Saturday, Oct 29th
See Fall Secional tab on home page for registration & info
C.W. Baker High School, Baldwinsville

Winter Season 2016-2017

24th Annual Section III Winter Cheerleading Championship (Varsity Teams Only)
Saturday, Feb 11th
see 2016-17 Winter Championship tab on left side of main home page for downloadable registration & info
North Area High School- TBA

Events & Clinics

Pink-A-Boo Classic, hosted by W.Genesee H.S. cheerleaders, open competition, but limited to 25 teams
Thursday, Oct 13th
Contact Coach Kristin Duschen
West Genesee High School

Fall/Winter Season 2017-2018
No upcoming games...

Events from Prior Years
No upcoming games...