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Section III Cheerleading

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Please Note! - NFHS Spirit Rules Book Corrections 2016-2017

Aug. 16, 2016

NFHS 2016-17 Book Corrections
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Page 20:
3.3.5 Situation A:  Letter A situation is a legal pyramid, since it is a braced roll. There is contact at all times with someone on the ground. Therefore, Situation A should be marked “LEGAL.”  Situation B is still illegal because the bracers do not have a visual on the top person .
Page 25:
3.5.5.c – … Add the bold print: “The top person and each bracer, WHO IS AT SHOULDER LEVEL OR BELOW, have a separate spotter with the exception of bracers in shoulder sits and thigh stands”.

On the top of page 72, there is series of 3 pictures that show a cradle release to a prone position and is labeled illegal because it meets the definition of being a swan dive. This series of photos was labelled “legal” in the 2015-16 rule book and was interpreted as legal last year. Because of this previous interpretation and the current definition being in conflict, the NFHS is leaving this to individual states to determine the interpretation. Please inform your coaches of your interpretation on this rule. Coaches, confirm the interpretation of this rule from your state association or the appropriate association that governs your team.




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