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Team Roster

2012 Fall Baseball Roster

No.NamePosYearHometownLast Team
No players are on the roster yet...


2012 Varsity/JV Roster

No.NamePosYearHometownLast Team
10Aiken, Davis2nd Base, ShortstopSR
6Anderson, PaytonPitcher, 1st Base, OutfieldSO
43Bailey, KennyPitcher, 1st BaseSO
29Benson, Sterling2nd BaseSO
15Bradberry, Josh1st Base, 3rd Base, PitcherJR
12Bradshaw, NickCatcherJR
33Butcher, Blake3rd BaseSR
17Crawford, BrooksPitcher, OutfieldFR
24Crumbley, HunterOutfieldSO
9Daniel, Cole1st Base, 3rd Base, CatcherSR
34Epps, JoshPitcher, 3rd BaseSO
14Ewing, ConnerCatcher, InfieldFR
23Fix-Brinson, AshtonSO
44Frazier, Brandon1st Base, 3rd BaseSO
16Gunnin, TylerSR
30Hargrave, HoldenSR
27Hill, JordanPitcher, 2nd Base, OutfieldSO
1Holbert, CalebOutfieldJR
11Holmes, BobbyPitcher, OutfieldSO
2Horn, JackOutfieldJR
18Kinnard, Matthew1st Base, 3rd BaseJR
25Knight, Marcus3rd BaseSR
21Leverington, WillOutfield, PitcherSO
13Mejias, ChrisPitcher, ShortstopFR
3Reeck, TimmyPitcher, 2nd BaseSR
22Towe, MasonPitcher, Outfield, 1st BaseSR
5Vaughn, ZackPitcher, 2nd Base, ShortstopJR
7White, ConnerPitcher, ShortstopJR


2012 JV Roster

No.NamePosYearHometownLast Team
No players are on the roster yet...


2012 C Team Roster

No.NamePosYearHometownLast Team
7Blizard, WillOutfield, Catcher, Pitcher8th
25Boswell, Eli1st BaseFR
22Cartrette, ChristianPitcher, 2nd Base8th
3Cheeley, EliFR
42Corley, MaxPitcher, 3rd Base8th
29Dallas, MatthewPitcher, Outfield, 3rd BaseFR
33Frankum, BrandonPitcher, 2nd BaseFR
4Galvin, LukePitcher, 1st BaseFR
28Gunby, ConorPitcher, 3rd Base, Shortstop8th
2Holbert, ChaseOutfield, 2nd Base8th
27Jessup, JoeCatcher, 3rd Base, Outfield8th
1Loftin, Dylan1st Base, Pitcher8th
41Mejias, NoahPitcher, 3rd Base8th
39Nelson, ClarkCatcher, OutfieldFR
10Phillips, Dylan3rd Base, OutfieldFR
9Powers, JoshPitcher, Outfield, 2nd Base8th
23Sykora, AustinCatcher, 1st Base8th
16Thompson, TristenPitcher, Outfield, Shortstop8th