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Fall "Reunion" Win Sparks Summer Season With College Ball in Sight

Mar. 19, 2016

The Smithtown STAMPEDE Fall 2015 reunion "put the band back together" for one late-September tournament.  A huge Boys of Summer/RYO Becher Classic victory versus Sachem Varsity seemed to jump-start the Champs' decision to take the field for the Summer of 2016.  The Summer tournament schedule has been announced and will run through July 31 in order to allow seniors time to prepare for college and their Fall baseball commitments.  Two new Summer stops in Connecticut at War at the Shore for their 19U offerings are included.   These long-time teammates and their families are looking forward to a Summer of fun.  

With all of the seniors having their college/baseball commitments in place, parents and players realized that valuable lessons were learned along the way.  Several of which the STAMPEDE Juniors will surely benefit from.  One important step was to hire a representative ("Agent"-type) for players.  Direct contact, relationships with college coaches, and camps/tryouts by appointment with only 12 or 13 players invited was often the key.  Guaranteed "looks" resulted last Summer and Fall.  Surely put a quality video together in the 2 1/2 to 3 minute range to help promote your son.  Remember to make it interesting, and know that even Little League ballplayers look good hitting off of a tee.

Praying for college coaches (you might be interested in) to show up at some tournament the big organization booked is a spotty path to success. Granted, they are in business to make money after covering expenses, but make sure players' best interests are put at the top of the list.  Make sure you know what's going on and that your expectations are met.You'll need to do your homework and legwork while not allowing some high school coach's politics or inability to recognize talent also stand in your son's way. 

With proper grades and the talent to play in college, select representation will help guide you to the right college fit for your student-athlete.  The greatest satisfaction of all will come with your son's academic success in college while he's playing solid baseball.  You'll do the right thing... without the clueless and/or the check-takers who quite often show us they do not.


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