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Photo Gallery - Athlone A,s - Feb 5, 2011


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Derth of Cape Town talent affecting national teams?

Jul. 5, 2014

The demise of South African Sports generally has been consistent with the absence of local Cape Town talent from the national teams. Without playing the racist card it is evident that the so called “nonwhite “sportsman played a huge part in contributing to the success of SA sports.

Soccer legends from the last 10 years have disappeared and no successors in the making. The likes of Andre Arendse , Fortuin, McCarthy, Williams, Pienaar, Bartlett and other household names that made South Africa the African Soccer Champions and ranked 27 in the world.. The demise of Cape Town clubs, Spurs and recently Ajax and Santos are a classic example.

Rugby has seen a similar demise and the likes of Breyton Paulse and Chester Williams do not have successors.  Cricket seems to be the exception.

Baseballs strength in the 80s and 90s was clearly amongst the cape flats and “nonwhite” players that signed MLB minor league contracts were Paul Bell, Carl Micheals, Brett WIllenburg and the Weitz brothers from Mitchell’s Plain. If a National team were to be selected in 2 years’ time these players mentioned together with Faizel Moosa, Daryn Wedel and Gavin Jefferies would struggle to qualify and with the exception of Gift, and we could see an all “white” team.

The recent trend in Minor signings shows that a “nonwhite player” has not been signed since Gift   Ngoepe who remains the top ranked SA player.

Western Province Baseball clearly the home of baseball and powerhouse in all divisions have not had a “nonwhite” player sign a minor league deal in 10years, the last being Brett Willenburg. Is the demise of Cape Flats clubs consistent with the trend in other sports? The powerhouse Mitchells Plain Baseball union that boasted a membership of over 500 players and 8 clubs has been reduced to one club with a struggling membership. Mitchells Plain produced some of the best  pitchers to represent South Africa  like Fanny Van Niekerk, Ashley Dove, Robbie George, Russell Van Niekerk and national players  Neil Adonis, Deon Kerchhoff, Marvin and Jason Jonathan.

Only one of the “nonwhite “clubs has regularly featured in the top 4 of the major league division over the last 3 years. Powerhouse club Thistles has fallen by the wayside. Battswood, Silvertree, Crusaders, Lansdowne and Yankees a pale shadow of their former glory years.

There are numerous questions to be asked that transcends all sports.

Chatterbox will endeavor to provide answers from people and players whose passion is the success of the beautiful game

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