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Photo Gallery - Rickwood Field Birmingham - Feb 23, 2010


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CAPE DISTRICT History.                   Coming soon     




  Founded in 1968

  Founder members 

                             Andrew Wentzel-Moses Carolus-MikeWard  JimmyKuiler
John Corneilson -Harold Simmons- Harold Jacobs
                                   Gerald Searle-
Oliver Young-Hon Life Members Mr William
                                   Herbert& Johnny Bredeveldt


Mr "Soccer" William Herbert walked into the dressing room one evening after Battswoods soccer training session and dropped an old dusty bag with gloves, catchers equipment,wooden bats and a few old baseballs and challenged us to play baseball. It was very amusing as non of us had ever played the game competitively. A few laughs later and Mr Herbert convinced them and had arranged for Spartans Baseball team to assist us. Our first training session was a joke and filled with lots of laughter as the like of Arthur Low-shang.Tony and Ivan Sassman and Aubrey “Abby” Schullard assisted the new boys. The knowledge of the game was limited if any but the athletic ability of the household name soccer players in the team was evident and learning came easily. The founding meeting was held in 1968 in the Dressing room at William Herbert Sports ground and Harold Jacobs was elected as the 1st Chairman. A few training sessions later they were ready to take the field. Togged in the long sleeve winter Battswood soccer tops and new baseball pants they played there first game..They were no doubt taught a baseball lesson and lost by 20 plus runs. It was not uncommon to see laughable sights like players running across the diamond to return to first on a fly into the outfield. The first season was a learning one and the team improved with every game. Information  recorded in the scrapbooks of several Battswood baseball oldies was that Harold Jacobs  was the first pitcher and Moey Carolus the catcher. Arthur Low-shang of Spartans (still active in softball circles) was the chief umpire in the match. He recalls that Harold Jacobs ran to the plate (cricket style) to pitch and that he had stop the game to show Harold the correct way to pitch. The battery of Moses Carolus behind the plate and ace Andrew "meneer"Wentzel on the mound, started finding the plate and players understanding there positions. 1st Base was a daunting task and required goal keeper ability. The rifle arm of Joey Adonis from short,John Crneilson at 3rd and the steady feed from Jimmy Kuiler at 2nd assisted our first base Mike Ward.Outfielders late Harold Simmons,Harold Jacobs Gerald Searle and Ollie Young ran miles the first season retrieving long hits. Who will forget the first baseball fight with Freddy Marinus and his Woodsides team that started on the "F" field and ended at the change rooms, others ran out of the gates wielding there wooden size 3 bats.
Baseball then was played on soccer fields and never had pitching mounds or backstops, no boundaries and never wore helmets. Reflexes were required as many a ball came head height and needed quick evasive action. The legendary Mr Freddie Marinus ace Terry Wentzel and Lloyd Taylor were as quick as any pitchers today and were the top dogs then.

Battswood soccer has a 3rd generation history that goes back some 70 years. Many of the families linked to the soccer club had there roots in Wynberg  including the Wards, Barnes and Layman family and are part of the history of the Battswwod Baseball club. A rich history that runs deep.

After many years of segregated sports unification was the buzz word of the 1989 and 1990 season. Battswood Baseball Club took the initiative and joined the "white baseball league " WP Baseball Union. There was division in the ranks about the move and the likes of Colin Barnes remained with Cape District and rejoined his family team after baseball was finally unified. ( to be continued )



Black Hawks

Cherooke Braves


Devonshire Rovers - founded 1985    
                                             Founder members   Errol & Lennie Fahrenfort  Puzzy Jansen  Alan Hearn Gilbert Graham
                                                                                 CLive FOrtuin  




Observatory Cardinals

Park Pirates

Red Sox  -  founded  in 1950 
                                                       Founder members   Eddie Thomas


 founded in 1965

Spartans Baseball club was founded in 1965 in Wynberg at the home of the late Lennie Kleintjies and founder members included the Low-shang brothers Arthur and Rowland, Sassman cousins Colin Tony and Ivan. Raymond Thebus, Derek Rose, Vernie Cornelison and Darryl Fortuin.
Spartans joined Cape District Baseball and soon became leaders on the field and in the boardroom and assisted newly founded Battswood in there early stages at the request of Mr. William Herbert.
  Spartans young guns were often called the English speaking radicals because of there political persuasion and fight for justice and against the then racist regime. Cape District Sports board constitution prevented the participation of Malays at William Herbert Sports grounds and Spartans took up the challenge and had the racist ruling overturned.

  Spartans young radicals soon made there presence felt on the field as well as the boardroom where they soon became involved in the administration of the game and provided the youngest umpires and chairpersons in CDBU history. There strength was knowing the rules, being politically correct and understanding meeting procedure where they fought many a battle.
  Players of note that joined were Terry Wentzel and Aubrey “Abby” Scullard and Pedro Cito.
Spartans became the baseball champions at William Herbert before being displaced by fast improving Battswood.
  Wynberg known as the elite area was a predominately English speaking community and culturally different, representing
white collar workers. The divide between with the predominantly Afrikaans speaking working class was seldom breached except on the playing fields but seldom without tension and snide remarks and led to the defection of Spartans in 1974/1975 to WP Baseball in City Park which represented mostly so called white collar baseballers.
  Spartans played in the second division and soon the top players were being signed by WP clubs.During the stay at WP the political scene intensified and opposition to players playing “White winter Sport “ was the hot topic, and not acceptable to the Wynberg radicals who mustered support from other clubs and tabled a motion to have the players banned. When WP Baseball (City Park) refused to take action preventing these players from playing both sides of the racial lines Spartans left WP Baseball ( City Park ) and returned to Cape District in 1979/1980. Spartans met with WP clubs Black Hawks, Demons, Maitland Giants and Dynamos and all defected to CD.
  Cape District introduced the ruling that its players were to be banned from playing at William Herbert if they played any sport in “White leagues“. The end result was that Cape District cut all ties with WP Baseball (City Park) and no Inter Union games were played.
  Spartans club enjoyed great years of baseball under the SACOS banner until the unification talks started in the late 1980s which led to the establishment of SABU in 1991. Spartans and Crusaders merged when BAWP was founded. The club has since folded and the rich vibrance and political correctness has been lost to baseball. There opposition to the running of baseball in South Africa is clear and members still morn the destruction of the foundation of baseball which made it such a great sport prior to 1990 and created so many heroes and legends.


Silverstar Cardinals -Founded in 1957   
Founder Members       Freddy Marinus  Henry & Henry Numdo  
Fred Marinus at the age 21 was asked by the Sivertree Youth Club in Salt River to start a baseball team. He was playing for Yankees at the time and became Silvertree's first Chairman. His committee consisted of the founder members. Fred's tenure with Silvertree lasted for 3 yrs as his competitve athlete ability conflicted with the lazy players and could not see eye to eye with them. Fred left the club soon afterward and joined Woodsides





Wolves and Dynamos  2010 Old School

Woodside (Woodstock) - Founder Members   Leslie Jimmy & Billy Topley

                                                            Players  Bertie Sylvester  Willie Bell Fred Marinus 
                                                             Dougie Carelse played one game when the team was short