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Connecticut Trailblazers Youth Organization



Connecticut Trailblazers was formerly an AAU Basketball Association in East Hartford, CT for young boys between the ages of 10 – 17. The trailblazers held their non-profit status under the National Amateur Athletic Union for over 8 years. Under the direction of Sonserae Cicero, the organization has transitioned into a life skills program for youth in transition. Our organization’s mission is to support the enhancement of athletic skills, talents, and abilities of under privileged youth within our community. In order to accomplish this mission, the executives within our organization are committed to developing the character of our kids by setting trends of honesty, dignity, and respect.


Coupled with the sport, community service plays a pivotal role in the success of our youth on and off the court. It is imperative players, parents, and volunteers commit to participating in and supporting various fundraising and community service events throughout the year. With this being said, as a transitional youth organization, financial challenges fall upon many families, which alleviates the ability of some athletes to participate in sport they love. Some of those challenges include operating expenses, tournament fees, equipment costs, and travel.



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