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Nov 2, 2015 - Nations State Tournament

What a weekend, as Saturday was smooth sailing with 2 wins, Sunday was certainly challenging.  The kids were having a great time and as we watched the Tidewater Drillers and Norfolk Destroyers play a down to the wire great game.  It was back and forth with the Destroyers pulling it out and the Drillers losing a tough played game.  Our thoughts were opened to winning a State Championship with the Drillers out of the way.  Well, the Virginia Warriors had a different idea.  We played tough early in the game and came back and were looking good with a 3 run lead in the 4th.  The Warriors were hitting well at the top of the order.  In the 4th and 5th inning we couldn't make a play.  I will say the Warriors played well, but we certainly helped them as we beat ourselves. A learning experience was in motion as was a big touch of humility.  3-1 against tough competition, not bad for a great bunch.  



Oct 31, 2015 - SUNDAY SCHEDULE

11am Field 2 Tidewater Bombers.  York County Complex.  Time Change,  1 Hour Fall Back.  

Great day today with 2 wins and finished as 3rd seed.  Winning can be a long day tomorrow so plan to be there a while.  Cool


Oct 30, 2015 - Nations State Tournament Saturday, 10-31

Our games are Saturday at 10:30am and 12:30pm on Field 2, York County Complex.  Who we are playing has changed already, so presently we are playing:  Tidewater Bombers and the Virginia Crush.  We know that we play whoever shows up.  

Seeding for Sunday is Saturday's games.  



Oct 19, 2015 - 3-Way at Bethel

It was a great time at the Ball Game yesterday.  The kids did great with Williamsburg Revolution and Western Branch Bruins.  Very competitive game with the Bruins, even though fielding errors in the cold were more than usual for both teams.  The parents really came through with the concession desserts and helping in all respects.  It was a good total for the kids fund.  

I am looking to set up a Thursday evening, 6pm October 29th game with the Preditors at Grafton Elementary School, to warm up for the State Tournament the 31st.  Look for further information this week.



Oct 12, 2015 - 3-Way Confirmed for Sunday October 18th

We will Host a 3 Way at Bethel High School, Sunday October 18th:

11am   Mariners vs Williamsburg Revolution

1pm    Western Branch Bruins vs Williamsburg Revolution

3pm    Western Branch Bruins vs Williamsburg Revolution

Concession will be available:  Chef Judson Clement and Heather....We ask for Mariner Parents to donate baked goods for Sale and help work the concessions.




Oct 12, 2015 - October 25th No Scheduled Games

We will remain OFF for Sunday the 25th.  The teams that we missed because of the rain are not looking to play and are scheduled for other events on the 25th.  We will use that week to prepare for the October 31 and November 1 State Open Tournament, which will be a challenge.  Some of the best in the state will be there and we will do all we can to make a good showing.  

The Sunday the 25th we will be OFF.


Oct 11, 2015 - York County Tournament

Well we made it to the Championship game. Had some good games along the way won 4 and then the bats went cold. We had some great pitching, defense was sound and the bats were pretty good yesterday and the early 9am game. The pitching was good for the Horns And he hit the low and outside unhitable spot that should have been called a ball. Then the field umpire was trying to get a call right, but was unsuccessful unless we helped him.  Without sounding like sour grapes the loss was due to our inability to hit unhitable pitches. It was a great job by their pitcher to hit that spot consistently. 

Our kids were great and played well, umpires weren't as good, you had to be there.....



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