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Advertise at Free Teams

Free Teams provides many ways for you advertise your brand or company to the users visiting our team websites. Whether you want to get the word out to everyone who visits the site, or one sport or team in particular, we can create an advertising campaign to fit your needs.

There are currently two locations on our team websites where you may advertise. The first is on the left side of the page directly below the navigation menu and is shown on every page at a team's website. The second location is at the bottom of team news stories, which gives users an action when they are done reading a story. Ads are shown in a rotating order with a maximum of 5 advertisers. Advertising blocks must be purchased from 3 to 12 months that are locked in at the current rate. That means if the rate increases, your price will not be affected. After your first advertising block purchase, there is a month-to-month plan available where either party may terminate at the end of a paid month with a 21 day notice.

Ad Specs:
  • Navigation Ad: 240 pixel height by 120 pixel width. Price: Contact Us
  • News Story Ad: 120 pixel height by 240 pixel width. Price: Contact Us
  • Ideally a logo or product.
  • The ad will link to a company or product page if you wish.
  • Animations must be simple.
  • Images must be in GIF, JPG or PNG format.

For more information such as site statistics, or to get started advertising at Free Teams, please Contact Us and indicate you are interested in advertising.