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Nov 22, 2016 - Booster Club Meeting Notes

Here is the tentitive itinerary for the Booster Club meeting tonight:

Field News -

  • The Hennepin County Sports Grant was written and submitted asking for assistance in paying for several new items that we will be on the hook for at the new field.  Brian Nelson and Judy Pertulla were involved in this as we put in a team effort with ACBYA and Robbinsdale

  • Field work has been finished for the season.  The district did not allow us to do any of our own maintenance, seeding, etc. as Peterson Companies is responsible for the field until May 2017 and we are not allowed to make any modifications.  

  • Dugout Block was laid the week of 11/14.

Off season -

  • We were not given a time slot for a game at US Bank Stadium.

  • Last booster meeting we briefly discussed purchasing new jerseys.  I have met with Ron Johnson from BIG Athletics regarding this.  They are one of the biggest Addidas reps in the region and they can get us 2 sets for the price of one.  Cost would be $72 per jersey.  The total would be almost $1800.  It would allow us to cut costs of apparel package because we can shift all jerseys down 1 level.  The white “Falcons” jerseys are no longer usable as too many have too much tackle twill falling off them.

  • BIG Athletics has also given us a chance to purchase fanwear from them this season. They donate 10% back from team fan wear ordered and have a shorter turnaround time than All Star.  

  • Community involvement- Brian and Judy have some info on how we can get more involved through some volunteering in our community.  


Fundraisers -

  • Hit-a-thon- Noelle Goldman will be running this fundraiser this year.

  • Wine Tasting does not have a date set yet.  Monica Flis has vounteered to be the lead for the Wine Tasting.  We are going to be looking for people to help solicit silent auction items in the next couple months.  Silent auction items bring in most of the revenue at the Wine Tasting.  If you would like to contribute a basket or anything else please contact Coach Sobiech

  • Sue Sturniecks will be working on the ABC card. Contact Brian if you can help her with handout or finding companies willing to be on the card

  • New Fundraising Opportunity- BIG Athletics has given us an interesting opportunity for a fundraising effort this year selling sweatshirts and tee shirts.

Spring Break -

  • Tryouts will be held March 20-24.  Spring break begins on March 27th this year.  The trip to Lawrence will be Tues. March 28th thru Friday March 31st.  

Off season Training -

  • We have a good number of players getting in the weight room each day.  We encourage players not involved in a winter sport to get in there to prepare for the start of the season.

  • Preseason pitching will begin Wednesday 2/8 and be on Wed. mornings and Sunday nights.  

  • The booster club will be paying for preseason workouts at the dome.  There will also be batting cages at AHS on Sunday nights starting in Feb.

Dates are as follows:


Plymouth Dome warm ups

2/11 --- 9-10 pm

2/18 --- 9-10pm

2/25 --- 9-10pm

3/4 --- 9-10 pm

3/11 --- 9-10pm

AHS Balcony Batting Cage warm ups will be posted soon


Upcoming GamesNo upcoming games...