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What to expect at the tournaments this year...

Jan. 6, 2012

Some of you are new to club volleyball so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to go over some expectations for parents and players during the tournament play.

  1. Try to pick a good spot for the team to congregate. The players will be there early for warming up and coaches will be early to get the schedule and to have a coach’s meeting to go over ground rules and any changes.  If we are there in the morning we will be done by 2:00 p.m.  If we are there in the afternoon we will be done around 7:00 p.m.
  2. There is no food or sports drinks on the court. Only water in a sealable container.  I’ll have a milk carton to contain all the bottles. 
  3. Only players and coaches are allowed on the court.
  4. Absolutely DO NOT approach the scoring table or the referees during match play. After a warning if it happens again, it will be points to the other team and possible ejection from the gym. The score on the board has to match what is on the scoring sheet. There isn’t much I can do except ask for an accuracy check.  The “up” referee has the final say on calls and only the captain on the court can ask for clarification or protest during the game.
  5. The game of volleyball has evolved in the last ten years.  What some may consider a lift or double contact in the past is now acceptable play.  One of the radical changes is the play at the net.  Players can touch all BUT the top two inches of the net and as long it’s not interfering with the play on the ball or other team.
  6. We are allowed to use 2 liberos (defensive players that play in the backrow only); the first is the main libero and the second is the reserve.
  7. The game of volleyball is first to 25 points, win by two; best two out of three and we use rally scoring.
  8. Some gyms will not allow lawn chairs in the gym, even if there is padding underneath the legs.  Please check with the site director before you bring them in.
  9. At the end of the tournament we clean up the playing area and our team area before heading home after a long day of playing! 

Some ideas on what to do during the tournament:  cheer for our team, cheer for another AZ Sky team, bump the volleyball around with the players, and continue giving your child praise & words of encouragement. There will be no time for the players to leave for lunch, so make sure they have packed a snack or two during the day.  Sometime the matches will be at night so be prepared to bring a light dinner to snack on in between matches.  Some of the players will have refereeing assignments while others will have a “free” moment.