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Belcoo O'Rahilly's



CLUB O'RAGHALLAIGH LINK - http://freeteams.com/belcoo/page.html?page=69064

Underage & Primary School Children can keep up to date with Notes on Training, Games and News by clicking the following link  http://belcoogaa.weebly.com/

Mar 25, 2019 - Update 7: Last Man Standing

The Following 22 people survived the 7 weeks of Last Man Standing. They split the £500 prize for £22 each. Winners all listed below

Gerard Mellor   Barry Hanrahan
James McGrath   Brendan McPartland
Jamie Callaghan   Brian Flanagan
Ken McPartland   Christy Haughton
Kieran Leonard   Ciaran Corrigan
Mark Scully   Ciaran Fitzpatrick
Niall Cox   Ciaran Flaherty
Niall Murphy   Diarmuid Rooney
Paul McCusker   Diarmuid Ward
Ryan McGovern   Frankie McMurray
Ryan Meehan   Gary Lynch

Mar 24, 2019 - Club Notes


The Under 11.5’s had a good workout with Aughadrumsee at the weekend. They are due to travel to Coa for a 3pm throw in this coming Saturday.

The Under 15 Boys team lost 7-8 to 3-9 at home to Derrygonnelly in the first league fixture. They are due to travel to Tempo for an 11am throw in this coming Saturday.

The Under U16 Girls training continues Wednesday & Monday from 7pm to 8.15pm ahead of their league opener next Wednesday (3rd April) at home to Derrygonnelly.

Best of Luck to Conor McAloon and Ciaran Flanagan who are part of the St. Michaels MacRory Cup Panel who play in the Hogan Cup Semi Final this coming Saturday.


The Senior Ladies return to action on Sunday when they travel to Irvinestown for a 6pm throw in.

The Adult Men’s season gets underway this weekend. The Reserves travel to Lisnaskea on Saturday for a 5pm throw in while the Seniors make the short journey to Arney to play Belnaleck at 1pm on Sudnay. We wish the players and management all the very best for the year ahead.


Club Membership is due by the 31st March. We have several ways in which you can join. Club O'Raghalligh is one year formed this month and we have close to 150members at this stage. There are several benefits of signing up to the £20 a month subscription which includes your membership. Alternatively, there is a £10 a month option with other benefits or just make a one-off payment of £25 to be an Adult Club Member, £10 for Under 18's, £50 Family. Full details of all options can be found on the club website.

If any business would like to take up and Advertising Sign at the Football field. Please contact club Chairman Bernard Feeley. Again, details can be found on the club website.

A successful Table Quiz was held in Jacks Bar on Friday night, we thank all those who contributed in any way to making the night the success it was.


Congratulations to clubman Darren Ray who claimed the Lotto Jackpot of £5,850 on Monday night.

Mar 23, 2019 - 'Smoke Free' Poster Competition Results

The Clubs Health & Well Being Committee held a Poster Competition in the Primary School recently as part of the Club going 'Smoke Free' on 13th March. We thank all the children who took part. The winners were pictured with their entries along side Chairman Bernard Feeley & Health & Well Being Chairman Damien McHugh.
P1 - Cara McGrath.. P2 - Alanna Timoney.. P3 - Danny Carron.. P4 - Kate Ryan.. P5 - Cara Donnelly.. P6 - Spencer Welsh.. P7 - Lisa Lavery.

Mar 23, 2019 - Successful Table Quiz

Fun was had by all at our well attended table quiz in Jack's Bar on Friday 22nd March. There were 24 tables who were well tested by James McGrath and his team. After 6 sets of questions, the Dingbat and Picture Rounds as well as a 20point Music Round for song and artist, the clear winners were Conor Leonard, Aidan Leonard, Aine Leonard and Marie McGourty. Runners up - Paddy & Francis Keaney, Ian Corrigan and John Tracey. The 'Boobie Prize' went to the McCabe team - Kathy, Kelly, Stacey and Sinead.

We would like to thank all those who attended and special thanks to all our sponsors including Belleek Pottery, The Custom House and all those business who contributed to the raffle. Thanks also to the organisers, Linda, Leona, Tamara and John as well as Jack's Bar and to Quizmaster James McGrath.


Mar 21, 2019 - Under 15 Boys League Fixtures

Sat 23/03/2019 11:00 AM HOME   v Derrygonnelly
Sat 30/03/2019 11:00 AM AWAY   v Tempo
Sat 06/04/2019 11:00 AM AWAY   v Derrylin
Sat 13/04/2019 11:00 AM HOME   v Devenish
Sat 20/04/2019 11:00 AM HOME   v Enniskillen Gaels
Thu 25/04/2019 7:00 PM AWAY   v Derrygonnelly
Sun 05/05/2019 1:00 PM  HOME   v Tempo
Sat 11/05/2019 11:00 AM  HOME   v Derrylin
Fri 17/05/2019 7:30 PM  AWAY   v Devenish
Fri 24/05/2019 7:30 PM AWAY   v Enniskillen Gaels

The Under 15 Boys League gets underway this coming Saturday morning with a Home game against Derrygonnelly. We wish the players & management all the very best for the season ahead.

Mar 21, 2019 - Under 11.5 League Details

Under 11.5 League - DIVISION 3 - Gets underway this coming Saturday with a home game against Aughadrumsee. Fixtures & Rules attached for the season.

  • 23/03/2019 at 3pm Belcoo v Aughadrumsee
  • 30/03/2019 at 3pm Coa v Belcoo
  • 13/04/2019 at 3pm Belcoo v Derrylin
  • 20/04/2019 at 3pm Tempo v Belcoo

Rules for Under 11.5 (League)

a) A player shall have celebrated his/her 8th birthday prior to July 1st and be due to celebrate his/her 12th birthday on or after July 1st of the calendar year. This is a competition for boys and girls of an appropriate age for Primary 5, Primary 6 and Primary 7 only.

b) Smart Touch (size 3) footballs shall be used.

c) A player in possession of the ball is allowed one solo & one bounce or two solos and then must release the ball. If a player deliberately drops the ball to the ground or loses control of the ball once they have taken two touches, another player must touch the ball before the original player can touch the ball again. Penalty: Free kick from where foul occurred.

d) The ball may be lifted off the ground with the feet only.

e) All kickouts, restarts and free kicks can be taken from the hand or off the ground.

f) The player who is fouled takes the free and when an opponent fouls the ball e.g. overcarries it, the player nearest to the ball takes the free.

g) The opponent nearest to where the ball crosses the sideline, takes the sideline kick from the hands. 

h) When a defender plays the ball over his/her own endline, the other team are awarded a free kick from the centre of the field opposite where the ball crossed the endline.

i) Playing Area is to be 90m x 40-50m (2 Playing Areas fit on 1 standard pitch).

j) Games are to be played at maximum 11 v 11.

k) Well secured portable goal posts shall be used (4.5m x 2.2m or similar). Training poles or flags may be used, when required. Cones shall be used to mark the boundary lines.

l) All scores (goals and points) are worth 1 point.

m) 4 periods of 10 minutes will be played as default. In the event of both teams agreeing, one further period of 10 minutes may be played. 50 minutes will be the maximum allowed playing time.

Mar 21, 2019 - Update 6: Last Man Standing

There are still 26 left going into the final week of Last Man Standing.

We may need to get the selections for the 4 National League Final Winners after this weekend to narrow the winning entrants. Currently if all 26 survive week 7 the sharing of the £500 will see people lift just under £20 each. More details will be revealed when we know how many survive week 7. Selections below. 

  Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7
Jonathan Sweeney Galway Donegal Mayo Kildare Dublin Monaghan Armagh
Mark McGovern Galway Donegal Mayo Kildare Tyrone  Monaghan Armagh
Frankie McMurray Galway Dublin Mayo Kildare Tyrone  Armagh Donegal
Brendan McPartland Galway Kerry Mayo Armagh Dublin Kildare Donegal
James McGrath Galway Kerry Mayo Dublin Tyrone  Monaghan Donegal
Kieran Leonard Galway Dublin Mayo Kildare Tyrone  Monaghan Donegal
Niall Murphy Galway Kerry Mayo Dublin Tyrone  Monaghan Donegal
Ciaran Fitzpatrick Donegal Kerry Mayo Kildare Tyrone  Armagh Dublin
Gerard Mellor Donegal Kerry Mayo Armagh Tyrone  Galway Dublin
Mark Scully Mayo Donegal Galway Kildare Fermanagh Monaghan Dublin
Paul McCusker Galway Donegal Mayo Kildare Fermanagh Monaghan Dublin
Ciaran Corrigan Galway Donegal Mayo Armagh Tyrone  Monaghan Dublin
Ciaran Flaherty Galway Kerry Mayo Meath Tyrone  Monaghan Dublin
Ken McPartland Donegal Kerry Mayo Kildare Tyrone  Monaghan Dublin
Ryan McGovern Donegal Kerry Mayo Kildare Tyrone  Monaghan Dublin
Ryan Meehan Galway Donegal Mayo Kildare Tyrone  Monaghan Dublin
Barry Hanrahan Donegal Dublin Mayo Kildare Tyrone  Galway Kerry
Diarmuid Ward Galway Donegal Clare Dublin Tyrone  Monaghan Kerry
Gary Lynch Donegal Dublin Mayo Kildare Tyrone  Monaghan Kerry
Christy Haughton Donegal Kerry Mayo Kildare Dublin Monaghan Meath
Jamie Callaghan Donegal Dublin Mayo Kildare Tyrone  Monaghan Meath
Niall Cox Galway Donegal Mayo Dublin Tyrone  Monaghan Meath
Jonathan Feeley Donegal Kerry Mayo Kildare Dublin Armagh Tipperary
Frank Martin Galway Donegal Meath Dublin Tyrone  Monaghan Tipperary
Diarmuid Rooney Galway Donegal Mayo Kildare Dublin Armagh Tyrone
Brian Flanagan Galway Donegal Mayo Armagh Dublin Monaghan Tyrone
Kathleen McPartland Galway Donegal Mayo Armagh Fermanagh Dublin OUT WK 5
Aidan McGrath Donegal Kerry Mayo Kildare Tyrone  Dublin OUT WK 5
Paul McGrath 2 Meath Donegal Mayo Armagh Tyrone  Dublin OUT WK 5
Jeff Nestor Galway Donegal Mayo Kildare Tyrone  Kerry OUT WK 5
Upcoming Games
Senior Men

Sunday, Mar 31st
1:00 PM
in Belnaleck

Senior Ladies

Irvinestown (Div 2 League)
Sunday, Mar 31st
6:00 PM
in Irvinestown

Reserve Men

Saturday, Mar 30th
5:00 PM
in Lisnaskea

U19 Boys
No upcoming games...

U17 Boys
No upcoming games...

U16 Girls

Wednesday, Apr 3rd
7:00 PM
in Belcoo

U15 Boys

Saturday, Mar 30th
11:00 AM
in Tempo

U14 Girls
No upcoming games...

U13 Boys
No upcoming games...

U13 Girls
No upcoming games...

U11.5 Mixed

Saturday, Mar 30th
3:00 PM
in Coa