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Belcoo O'Rahilly's

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UPDATE 1: Last Man Standing

Feb. 5, 2017

There were 52 fallers in Week 1 of our Last Man Standing with Derry's failure to beat Clare accounting for the majority of these. Are you one of the 84 who advanced to Week 2.

Brendan Connolly Fermanagh Clare Tyrone Derry Monaghan Dublin Mayo
Conor Darragh Tyrone Clare Cork Kildare Mayo Dublin Derry
Gerard McGahey Tyrone Clare Galway Fermanagh Cork Dublin Cork
Eoin Corrigan Tyrone Clare Galway Kildare Fermanagh Dublin Cork
Mary Keown Dublin Cork Kerry Derry Fermanagh Tyrone Roscommon
Damien Burns Dublin Cork Kerry Tyrone Fermanagh Kildare Meath
Rachael Carson Dublin Cork Mayo Tyrone Fermanagh Kerry Meath
Niall Cullen Dublin Cork Tyrone Kerry Mayo Monaghan Cavan
Stiofan Mullally Fermanagh Cork Galway Kerry Mayo Dublin Meath
Tim Flaherty Fermanagh Cork Meath Derry Galway Monaghan Mayo
Conall Jones Tyrone Cork Galway Dublin Fermanagh Kerry Meath
Liam Donegan Tyrone Cork Kerry Cavan Fermanagh Dublin Mayo
Gerard O'Brien Tyrone Cork Kerry Derry Fermanagh Dublin Galway
Tasha Evans Tyrone Cork Mayo Fermanagh Monaghan Dublin Meath
Kelly Walmsley Tyrone Cork Mayo Kerry Down Dublin Galway
Christopher Leonard Tyrone Cork Meath Derry Fermanagh Dublin Galway
Sean Rocks Tyrone Derry Cork Dublin Mayo Down Galway
Lucia Barrett Dublin Donegal Fermanagh Kerry Monaghan Tyrone Galway
Sean Boylan Dublin Donegal Tyrone Cork Mayo Kerry Meath
Aisling Fee Dublin Donegal Tyrone Fermanagh Cork Galway Clare
Paul O'Loughlin Dublin Donegal Tyrone Galway Mayo Kerry Cork
Brian Lindsay Tyrone Donegal Cork Kerry Monaghan Dublin Cork
Feargal McGill Tyrone Donegal Derry Kerry Cork Dublin Mayo
Gerry Nolan (Junior) Tyrone Donegal Galway Cork Mayo Dublin Cavan
Dermot Lewsley Tyrone Donegal Kerry Fermanagh Cork Galway Mayo
Patrick Burns Tyrone Donegal Mayo Kerry Fermanagh Dublin Cork
Carlus Maguire Tyrone Donegal Mayo Kerry Monaghan Dublin Cork
Cathal O'Dolan Tyrone Donegal Mayo Kerry Monaghan Dublin Cork
Ger Coady Tyrone Donegal Mayo Monaghan Down Dublin Roscommon
Peter Walmsley Kerry Down Dublin Cork Fermanagh Kildare Meath
Cian White Kildare Down Galway Donegal Monaghan Kerry Cavan
Adrian McCann Tyrone Down Cork Kerry Mayo Dublin Galway
Johnny Donnelly Tyrone Down Cork Kerry Monaghan Dublin Galway
Noel McGrath Tyrone Down Dublin Cork Fermanagh Galway Mayo
Gavin Fee Tyrone Down Galway Cork Mayo Dublin Meath
Ryan McGovern Tyrone Down Galway Derry Fermanagh Dublin Cork
Oisin O'Loughlin Tyrone Down Kerry Fermanagh Cork Dublin Mayo
Eamonn Gaine Tyrone Dublin Galway Cork Mayo Kildare Kerry
Carmel McGovern Tyrone Dublin Galway Cork Mayo Monaghan Cavan
Stephen Ferguson Tyrone Dublin Galway Kerry Fermanagh Kildare Cork
Brian Cox Tyrone Dublin Kerry Derry Monaghan Meath Cork
Terry Cullen Kerry Fermanagh Dublin Derry Mayo Monaghan Cork
Tony McGourty Tyrone Fermanagh Kerry Derry Cork Dublin Mayo
Michael Burns Tyrone Fermanagh Kerry Dublin Cork Kildare Galway
Paul McGrath Dublin Galway Kerry Donegal Monaghan Tyrone Meath
Tom White (2) Tyrone Galway Mayo Cavan Cork Fermanagh Galway
Niall McCusker Dublin Kerry Galway Derry Fermanagh Kildare Cork
Henry Fitzpatrick Dublin Kerry Mayo Cavan Monaghan Tyrone Galway
Stephen Kells Dublin Kerry Mayo Derry Monaghan Galway Cavan
Spiros Papachristopolos Dublin Kerry Tyrone Cork Mayo Kildare Galway
Luke Ryder Tyrone Kerry Cork Derry Mayo Kildare Galway
Joe Fee Tyrone Kerry Cork Dublin Galway Donegal Clare
Rory Brazil Tyrone Kerry Derry Cavan Mayo Dublin Cork
Christie Haughton Tyrone Kerry Galway Cork Mayo Dublin Roscommon
Phil Corrigan Tyrone Kerry Galway Derry Fermanagh Dublin Cork
Conor Barrett Tyrone Kerry Mayo Derry Monaghan Dublin Cork
Amanda McGrath Tyrone Kerry Mayo Dublin Fermanagh Donegal Cork
Martin Mellor Tyrone Meath Cork Derry Fermanagh Dublin Galway
Aidan Cox Tyrone Meath Cork Dublin Fermanagh Kildare Galway
Chrissy Owens Tyrone Meath Galway Cavan Fermanagh Dublin Mayo
Aidan McElroy Tyrone Meath Galway Cork Mayo Dublin Fermanagh
Conor Leonard Tyrone Meath Galway Kerry Mayo Dublin Cork
Allison Stewart Tyrone Meath Mayo Cork Fermanagh Dublin Galway
Bernard Smith Tyrone Meath Mayo Dublin Fermanagh Donegal Cork
John McGuinness Dublin Monaghan Tyrone Cork Fermanagh Kerry Roscommon
Kenneth Hegarty Dublin Monaghan Tyrone Kerry Mayo Galway Cork
Michelle Cullen Dublin Monaghan Tyrone Kerry Mayo Galway Cork
Kieran Conlon Fermanagh Monaghan Mayo Derry Cork Dublin Kildare
Barry McGovern Fermanagh Monaghan Tyrone Kerry Derry Dublin Cork
James McGrath (Fudge) Kerry Monaghan Tyrone Derry Mayo Dublin Roscommon
Donal McOscar Tyrone Monaghan Cork Kerry Galway Dublin Mayo
Emmet Haughian Tyrone Monaghan Cork Kerry Mayo Dublin Galway
Gaby McBrien Tyrone Monaghan Galway Derry Fermanagh Dublin Mayo
Aoife Keaney Tyrone Monaghan Galway Dublin Mayo Derry Fermanagh
Neill Darragh Tyrone Monaghan Galway Kerry Mayo Dublin Cork
Sean Maguire Tyrone Monaghan Kerry Cork Fermanagh Dublin Mayo
John Sheerin Tyrone Monaghan Kerry Cork Mayo Dublin Galway
Gerry Gray  Tyrone Monaghan Mayo Cork Fermanagh Dublin Galway
Bernie McGrath Tyrone Monaghan Mayo Derry Fermanagh Dublin Cork
Terry Cullen Tyrone Monaghan Mayo Donegal Fermanagh Dublin Cork
Stephen Nolan Tyrone Monaghan Mayo Kerry Fermanagh Dublin Cork
Brian Maguire Tyrone Roscommon Cork Meath Fermanagh Dublin Galway
Darragh McCaffrey Tyrone Roscommon Dublin Cavan Fermanagh Kildare Mayo
Jim Mellor Mayo OUT WK 1          
Patrick Doherty Mayo OUT WK 1          
Paschal Oates Mayo OUT WK 1          
Michael Higgins Mayo OUT WK 1          
Ignatious McGovern Mayo OUT WK 1          
Ross Bogue Mayo OUT WK 1          
Eugene McCann Mayo OUT WK 1          
Shane Regan Down OUT WK 1          
Jonathan Sweeney Down OUT WK 1          
Caoimhe Sweeney Meath  OUT WK 1          
James McGrath (2) Meath  OUT WK 1          
Gemma Keaveney Galway OUT WK 1          
Cecelia Feeley Galway OUT WK 1          
Alan Wynne Galway OUT WK 1          
Tom White (1) Galway OUT WK 1          
Josh Killilea Cork OUT WK 1          
Mickey Dolan (M'bank) Derry OUT WK 1          
Lawrence McKeown Derry OUT WK 1          
Chris O'Brien Derry OUT WK 1          
Cathal Whelan Derry OUT WK 1          
Brendan Dolan Derry OUT WK 1          
Gerard Mellor Derry OUT WK 1          
James Gillespie Derry OUT WK 1          
Eunan Mullally Derry OUT WK 1          
Matthew McAloon Derry OUT WK 1          
Raymond Larkin Derry OUT WK 1          
Mark McGovern Derry OUT WK 1          
Frankie McMurray Derry OUT WK 1          
Kieran Leonard Derry OUT WK 1          
Paddy Nolan Derry OUT WK 1          
Ryan Meehan Derry OUT WK 1          
Stephen McFrederick Derry OUT WK 1          
Aidan McGrath Derry OUT WK 1          
Brian Murphy Derry OUT WK 1          
Brendan Cox Derry OUT WK 1          
Jonathan Feeley Derry OUT WK 1          
Jack O'Dolan Derry OUT WK 1          
Garvan Jones Derry OUT WK 1          
Philip McKenna Derry OUT WK 1          
Shane Higgins Derry OUT WK 1          
Tom Leonard Derry OUT WK 1          
Seamus Owens Derry OUT WK 1          
Bernard Feeley Derry OUT WK 1          
Niall Furey Derry OUT WK 1          
James McGrath (1) Derry OUT WK 1          
Ken McPartland Derry OUT WK 1          
Michael McGourty Derry OUT WK 1          
Seamus Conlon Derry OUT WK 1          
Gearoid Devitt Derry OUT WK 1          
Eamon Mellor Derry OUT WK 1          
Seamus Leonard Derry OUT WK 1          
Nigel Sweeney Donegal OUT WK 1          




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