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Under 11.5 League Details

Mar. 21, 2019

Under 11.5 League - DIVISION 3 - Gets underway this coming Saturday with a home game against Aughadrumsee. Fixtures & Rules attached for the season.

Rules for Under 11.5 (League)

a) A player shall have celebrated his/her 8th birthday prior to July 1st and be due to celebrate his/her 12th birthday on or after July 1st of the calendar year. This is a competition for boys and girls of an appropriate age for Primary 5, Primary 6 and Primary 7 only.

b) Smart Touch (size 3) footballs shall be used.

c) A player in possession of the ball is allowed one solo & one bounce or two solos and then must release the ball. If a player deliberately drops the ball to the ground or loses control of the ball once they have taken two touches, another player must touch the ball before the original player can touch the ball again. Penalty: Free kick from where foul occurred.

d) The ball may be lifted off the ground with the feet only.

e) All kickouts, restarts and free kicks can be taken from the hand or off the ground.

f) The player who is fouled takes the free and when an opponent fouls the ball e.g. overcarries it, the player nearest to the ball takes the free.

g) The opponent nearest to where the ball crosses the sideline, takes the sideline kick from the hands. 

h) When a defender plays the ball over his/her own endline, the other team are awarded a free kick from the centre of the field opposite where the ball crossed the endline.

i) Playing Area is to be 90m x 40-50m (2 Playing Areas fit on 1 standard pitch).

j) Games are to be played at maximum 11 v 11.

k) Well secured portable goal posts shall be used (4.5m x 2.2m or similar). Training poles or flags may be used, when required. Cones shall be used to mark the boundary lines.

l) All scores (goals and points) are worth 1 point.

m) 4 periods of 10 minutes will be played as default. In the event of both teams agreeing, one further period of 10 minutes may be played. 50 minutes will be the maximum allowed playing time.




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