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Belmont Bandits 12U baseball team


Welcome to the Belmont Bandits baseball site. PLEASE click on a link for our sponsors and support these businesses. We appreciate their help!



Photo Gallery - - Jan 14, 2020

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Mar 19, 2020 - Community Help

The following is also posted on our Facebook page. Please let Stacy or myself know if there is a local elderly resident in need of our help.


The Belmont Bandits are a local baseball non-profit organization comprised of four total teams. Over the years, we have received a lot of support from local businesses, organizations and people from our community. Groups like Belmont Optimist, Charlotte Metro Credit Union, Ritas Family Restaurant and Georgios Restaurant have been in our corner so we would like to follow their lead and offer our community some help where it is needed. We play baseball as competitively as our small town resources allow versus teams comprised from large areas…so we are used to big challenges. We also always try to balance that competitive spirit by showing our boys that we are part of a tightknit community that values loyalty, volunteerism and helping others. During these unusual times, and while we are still allowed to safely help, we would like to ask those in the community to let us know about a person or persons over age 65 that could use our help. We would be glad to show up and do some yard work, or make a run to the grocery store for them as needed. This would be done safely with all precautions taken into account, and with adult supervision along with our players. We don’t know if we can help everyone – but we want to reach out and offer help for those older neighbors most in need in our community over the next 1-2 days.

Thank you very much.


Kirk Crawford

Belmont Bandits

Mar 19, 2020 - Baseball Hiatus

Like everyone else - for the next couple of weeks (at least) we are not to be on the practice fields during this Coronavirus period. We will keep our teams updated on the practice schedule, and availability of fields in the coming weeks. Make sure to remind the boys to stay active at home and do something positive with their time!

Mar 9, 2020 - Gold Championship Loss signals start to the Bandits 2020 season

Our inaugural tournament in 2020 was not too bad. We finished 2-1 overall, played for the GOLD championship and lost. Saturday games were cancelled due to field conditions which meant we would be playing two to three games on Sunday in a "One day event" set up. When playing one day events you always have a quicker game time (hour and half max....including the championship game), so this usually alters the strategies we attempt. The entire field of 19 teams was split up, and we settled in the tough "South" division of play located in Gastonia at Martha Rivers Park. The South division held eleven teams competing to grab one of those six "third game" spots to play in. We won our first two games in steady fashion, and ran off the field of game #2 to start the championship game ten minutes later.

Our hot bats in the first two games died out a little bit in game three ...when we needed them the most. Pitching was thin this weekend, as two of our regular pitchers did not pitch. It's a good thing we didn't play a full weekend or else we would have had to challenge the other team to rollee bat. We will work on a couple of the on-field mistakes this week, but focus on getting the whole team up to speed in being mentally tough. It matters. Still, finishing 2nd out of the 11 teams represented at this tournament iisn't too bad for our first play of the year. We should see a positive difference in our team soon now that we can practice during the week since daylight savings time has hit. The David vs. Goliath tour will continue....and it will pay off for our boys in the long run.....wait and see.


Feb 19, 2020 - Work in the snow

On Saturday, February 8th we held our annual clean up day at Boat Club Road facilities. We had some work scheduled, and were able to do most of it. We were greeted by an exciting visitor as we worked:  snow. True to our nature though, our group kept on working through the snow and got done what was able to be updated. We fixed the two infields, cleaned up debris, trimmed bushes and limbs, mended the batting cage net, re-did the entire bullpen mound at Field #1 including introducing some turf and sand, repaired and resurfaced an extra portable mound located at the batting cage, made a new (and wider) concrete ramp for the football concession area, put down sand/dirt in holes around the fields, moved the football bleachers, moved and installed Field #2 fence back into place and cemented in some bollards at the first entrance drive area.

Thanks to all four Bandits teams that came out to get this work done. We had a whole lot of Bandit parents, siblings and friends that showed the players how they too know how to work as a team. We accomplished a lot, and the grounds are better and safer because of the work done. Again, thank you so much for volunteering half your Saturday to our organization and community - we are all better off because of it.

Baseball season is right around the corner. Our group will be finalizing our roster and cannonball into the season here in the next couple weeks.

Jan 31, 2020 - Boat Club Makeover

Thanks to the guys that helped spread the sand and re-shape Field #2 this past weekend. Our team's dads - Jonathan, Eric, John, Aaron and Mike as well as Jarad and Tait from McCarn's team - all did a lot of work to get that field ready to use this spring and summer. Every year we make pretty substantial upgrades that make the playing surfaces and surroundings a little better. We always talk to the boys about leaving a place better than they found it....be it the fields they play on, the classroom they took part in or their place in the world. I'm thankful to our wonderful parents for showing their boys how it is done.

February 8th we will have our annual 'Clean Up' day. Like I said previously, we always plan to upgrade the facility down there as much as possible, and it takes a large number of hands available to do the work. In the past we have painted the baseball fence, resurfaced infields, spread dirt and sand, put up batting cages, trimmed trees and bushes, cut back brush, filled holes, smoothed out common area ground, moved bleachers, moved fences, built bullpens, put down turf in batting cage and concession areas, built dugouts (Field #2), painted foul poles, re-diagramed and re-sleeved Field #2 fenceline, re-built pitching mounds on the fields, made ramps to the concession area, painted the football building, painted the football storage connex, re-made the doors on the football building, painted the dugouts (Field #1) and painted the trim of the baseball concession stand. I'm sure I'm leaving some stuff out - but that list is off the top of my head. We have had a lot of effort from our parents over the years, and our organization is very different than most around here because we are a zero sum / non profit group who puts 100% of the money and effort that is donated to the kids that take part in our teams. Belmont Optimist has a long standing reputation of doing this, and in today's world where it's harder than ever to get volunteer activity going - it says a lot about our parents who have actually shown up and devoted spending their time with not only their kids, but for the community. These younger age groups playing on these fields currently benefit from previous, older age groups' sweat...and younger age groups coming up will benefit from our group's work.

It's looking like a fun year is ahead for our group;  thanks to all that have pitched in to help get the fields ready so these boys can spend their time in the fresh air, on the green grass, under the blue sky...and in those red uniforms.

Go Bandits

"Get used to it"

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