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Belmont Bandits 10U baseball team


Welcome to the Belmont Bandits baseball site. PLEASE click on a link for our sponsors and support these businesses. We appreciate their help! 




Feb 14, 2018 - Work day and other related info

We will try to get as much into this Saturday on the work day as possible. We see the forecast and understand the threat of rain, but since we have become Seattle South we have to gamble by showing up and getting as much done as possible. For most of our teams in the program, they will be playing soon so our weekends become more scarce to get some of this work in. The facility will be coming to an end in the next two weeks, so it is time to transition full time to the outdoor elements and all the surprises that mother nature enjoys bringing to us when we try to practice or play. It reminds me of a cat bringing a dead bird to your doorstep;  appreciative of the hustle, but maybe something we could've done without for a little while?

Anyway - the season is closing in on us, and with little outdoor time logged one gets the feeling we might be a little behind from previous years. Those were some great memories thinking back to when we were wearing shorts in January 2017, 2016. We will have some food down there to eat at the work day, and it usually is fun to help give back to the community that supports our teams as well.

Most of our teams have their uniforms and all needed supplies to be able to play. During these odd weather months from February to May, you play when you can. So, we are ready to play some, even if early targeted weekends for games get rained out. Thanks in advance for coming to the work day. We look forward to getting the season started here soon, and it appears the season is ready to see us as well because it's here. Play ball.


Jan 31, 2018 - The lonely, cold road

We have been practicing a couple times per week recently, and trying to get as much work in as possible due to the weather conditions that have surrounded us of late. Luckily we have the indoor facility to work on pitching, hitting, baserunning, etc. We can't wait to get outside, and will feel more comfortable when we are able to do just that.

We have signed up for all our tournaments this year, and look forward to sharing that schedule with our parents. We will keep the dates when we are playing a little close to our vest, so that we avoid as many of those late calls for schedule changes as possible that a couple teams like to do. We look forward to playing everyone, no matter who it is and trying our best....win or lose. It's easy to make a call to not play someone, or play a one-day and use up the same two pitchers every tournament. We are not trying to go 40-0. We won't go 40-0, or 35-5. That's reality.

Baseball is a very humbling game. No matter your perception - be it warped or accurate - of how you view our coaches and team, we deal daily with the realities that any team can win a baseball game at any age, at any time. We don't attempt to demand respect by asking for it;  we do the exact opposite - we ask our boys to earn it through sacrifice, through fire. It sounds funny to talk about 10u sports this way, but whether anyone wants to say the truth aloud or not that is exactly what we are all involved in. The road of practice offers many valuable life lessons that help prepare the boys for these very public games where they experience both excitement and humiliation.  It's not too much baseball if you are able to do it, WANT to do it and can actually do it.

The schedule we are signing up to play sets our team up to be embarrassed, challenged, excited, happy, sad, frustrated and surprised. It's OK. It would be real easy to go find the easiest tournaments, organizations, times, dates and teams to play to make sure a W/L record stands at a certain percentage. That isn't what we are about. I look forward to seeing how these boys compete at this new age group and level of play. Baseball gets harder every year, and it is always fun to see how each individual and the team as a whole responds to these new challenges they will face.

Jan 17, 2018 - 5 Bandits teams this year

There will be five Belmont Bandits teams this year, spanning various age groups.

The original Belmont Bandits team is now at 10u, and last year we added an older Bandits group. They are back this year plus three more teams so we will have groups competing in the following Top Gun tournaments this year:  8u, 9u, two 10u teams, and 12u.

Many of these boys have been putting in some early work to prepare for the season, and it is evident who has thus far as we have begun team practices. Many thanks to our student and college volunteers who have been at the facility helping train our baseball players:  Adam Andrew, Derek Perry, Nolan Wilson and Jordan Lathe all gave their time during the Christmas break to come work out a little, and pass along any tips that have worked for them throughout the years to our guys in pitching, hitting, catching and fielding. We will make sure to follow their careers with interest, and be their biggest fans at any games we can see them play over the next few years. It is a great thing to see young people 18-22 years old give their time to their community's youth. Seeing them work with our players was just a snapshot of their great character. There is no doubt these young men will do great things as they enter young adulthood.

We are in the early stages of the season, believe it or not;  Head Coaches should be finalizing uniforms, schedules that work for the group and distributing practice times over the next week or two. We will have our individual team photo sessiond happening in the next month also. Having a plan and doing what you are supposed to do is part of our success on the field. There is always an excuse to be somewhere else, or not do the little extra things that give our players an advantage on the field. We are not a program of excuse makers or complainers. Mental and physical toughness should be a staple of what is taught at each practice. We are happy to have everyone on board, and hope our approach works for your player and family. Good luck to all our teams this year.

Jan 15, 2018 - Welcome to 2018 Belmont Bandits season

Welcome to the 2018 baseball season. It starts early, don't it? This will be the last week for individual lessons at the facility because we will look to make room for plenty of team practice time during some of this bad January and February weather. 

We will look to get outside as much as possible when weather permits. We will have a work day down at the baseball fields in the next few weeks - more to come on that later. One other reminder:  players can go get fitted for your uniform now. We put that order in quickly so we can get the uniforms back in time to have our team and indivudual photos done, and banner made for the year.

There have been many sponsors for a few of our teams pouring in of late - which is great news! Please remember to get all info to Stacy. We look forward to promoting, patronizing and recognizing those who have so generously donated to our program. We will be setting up payment for all Top Gun baseball games in the next two weeks, so the season is right around the corner.

Go Bandits.

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