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Belmont Bandits 12U baseball team


Welcome to the Belmont Bandits baseball site. PLEASE click on a link for our sponsors and support these businesses. We appreciate their help!



Dec 3, 2019 - The guitar pickers are on another stage

There will be four Belmont Bandits teams in the organization this upcoming year in 2020. The original Belmont Bandits D1 team (12u), Belmont Bandits - McCarn (12u), Belmont Bandits - Lathe (10u) and Belmont Bandits - McCotter (8u). This site is for the original Bandits team, and primarily has information and updates related to that team - but our other groups have direct methods to follow their teams as well (Facebook for example). The announcement of our team will be soon forthcoming, as we prepare for the 2020 season on the baseball field in Belmont. We will have a team of only 9, maybe 10 players as we continue to try to work and play the players that are on THIS team as much as possible. If you are on a youth baseball team with a roster of 15, you are not on a team....you are on a list.

Just like Hank Jr said….and just like the song says…..our Bandits team is a dinosaur. In a land of baseball teams that will go work on hitting the same pitch, in the same area and throw 200 pitches per “session” inside a facility during September through January…we will be outside smelling the grass, feeling the sun on our faces and making use of those fields that were cleared with the express purpose of playing baseball on them in 1956. For better or worse, we will practice baseball in wide open spaces and at full tilt speed. We will start doing some light pitching in mid-December, as well as some infield work (offensive and defensive) in early January. Our pitching work will consist more of mechanics, steps and working the mound than throwing a baseball as hard as possible. This group is coming up on it’s fifth full season of play, and I’m excited to be on the baseball field for the first time in a couple of years. It’s good to have loyal people on board the team, as opposed to having Loyalists. One of the many things that sets our team apart from many other travel baseball teams is that we will continue to pull for one another on purpose and avoid being divisive and cut-throat to our own.

Our boys are about to have a lot of fun, because they can now learn and execute some skills that really make baseball…..”baseball”. The game quickly becomes a talent game around age 12-13 so having honed as much skill as possible to further whatever talent you bring to the table is a great thing. We aim to spark the match, not burn it out. Size doesn’t matter. Lessons don’t matter. Opinions don’t matter. You work hard with pride and earnestness and prepare to see how you measure up on the sports field. There are far worse things, and far worse people we could have our boys spending their time amongst this spring and early summer.

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