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Belmont Bandits 10U baseball team

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Update on the weekend

Feb. 16, 2017

Reminder: We have practice set for tonight. I know the flu and other bugs are going around, and we've missed some players at recent practices. We reminded the boys to wash their hands regularly and not eat or drink after one another last practice.

For this weekend, we are about 99% sure we aren't playing on Saturday. Nobody signed up to play besides us - so that's not happening. We are planning to do a practice and possibly do pictures (team and individual) depending on availability of our photographer. So, please stay tuned about the times for that. Tentatively we are set to practice at 11am on Saturday at our normal location for weekend practices.

We will have Sunday practice from 1:30 - 3:30 as well. It's time to gear up, because the next few weekends are set for play. We are looking forward to working out the kinks early in the year, and making that BIG leap to kid pitch baseball.

Lastly, just a reminder about a few of our philosophies on baseball since we always don't have a whole lot of time before or after practice to cover this.... (well it's one of my philosophies for sure....and sometimes the other coaches and I disagree on certain parts of baseball theory so not trying to speak for them).

Hitting: You either can or you can't. Most hitters are born, not made. Most naturally good hitters have really good eyesight. It's not mandatory - but if you have some talent, great eyesight and aren't scared of the ball early on....you will be able to hit. We certainly will continue to practice, and believe you can get better with practice just like in everything else we do. But, it's like being a fast runner. You can get a little faster with a lot of work. But you still might not be fast. Over the next season, we will see where the boys stack up in regards to how easily hitting against live pitchers comes to them.

We try to keep hitting simple - especially at this age. We have to do a lot of deprogramming more than anything, and try to get guys to see the ball well, and attack good looking pitches. One thing is for sure:  it is all up to the player at bat to beat 9 other guys every time he gets his chance at the plate. When you hear "good pitching beats good hitting" ...it's true, but that saying leaves out some pretty important information. The Defense behind him is a pitcher's best friend, and usually they are who bails #1 out of trouble. So those 9 other guys are doing their best to prevent your hitter from reaching base - no matter how well the ball is hit. Keep that in mind. Hitting is hard. The hot shot line drives that are snagged for outs balance out with the swinging bunts and oppo field bloops. Baseball is an unforgiving game in many ways, and our boys are about to start experiencing that. Even while some of our guys will go through hitting frustrations this year, the answer usually isn't to press.  This type of skill in particular usually comes around slowly in baseball. We are looking to develop those hitting skills as this year progresses, and hopefully the boys keep a good attitude while trying to get better. Everybody can't play baseball;  most people can't really play baseball well. The coaches sure do appreciate your boy being on our team this year, and working with us to try and do something that most people can't do well.




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