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Belmont Bandits 10U baseball team

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Positive scrimmage heading into the weekend

Feb. 21, 2017

We had a good scrimmage vs. Carolina Astros 10u in Stanley Monday night. Despite missing three of our boys with various ailments and basketball, the remaining 8 that played did very well. Our "infield" before the game was shaky at best, but for the most part the boys put that to bed when the game started and did some good things throughout. We were able to get some much needed defense, swings and base running in before we play our first real game this upcoming weekend. Thanks to all the supporters we had there for this little tune up scrimmage;  it's always great to see the support.

The Astros have a great team. Their pitching is superb, and it will take them far. They will go far this year as a group, without question. They have 3 or 4 Belmont boys on that team, and I'm sure their staff is glad to have them because they are very good players. It was great seeing those Belmont kids out there, and getting to compete against their familiar faces. The scrimmage was positive for both teams, and we are very appreciative they took time to play us early in the season so we could get in baseball competitive mode. Big things are to come for the Astros for sure, and we wish them well this year.

We have a lot to work on still. Hitting was decent. Pitching was good in spots for us. Baserunning was pretty good. Little by little, we hope to keep fine tuning the team so that their movements and actions are athletically fluid and second nature. For this weekend I hope we build on what good we did in Monday night's scrimmage, and come out swinging. I'm anxious to get all 11 out there, because I think our team is pretty solid with everyone available. We will play our best 9 in the field, and try to mix our pitching in to make the best matchups with enough leftover for day 2 action in our normal tournaments.

We will only have one more practice this week:  Thursday. No practice Tuesday or Wednesday. I think it'll be good to get these guys away from each other for a few days, and hopefully the flu, strep, various stomach bugs, etc will be done, and we can get our full crew available to go and play baseball.  It's baseball season ya'll!!!





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