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Belmont Bandits 10U baseball team

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Sponsors and Donors are dear to our hearts....

Feb. 21, 2017

Stacy has done a great job working with Bill Bostick and Tarheel Sports Photography on getting this banner done to show off (MOST) of our sponsors. In order to be on the banner, the requirement is to donate $100 or more and those shown have done so. We have had some anonymous sponsors that paid over $100 who are beautiful and talented, but will remain anonymous nonetheless. We appreciate all of them very much.

A lot goes into maintaining a baseball 'program' these days. If you aren't affiliated with a youth rec league like many of us only know about from our youth, then you have an unusual set of obstacles to deal with these days. Things like league insurance, separate team insurance so that we can practice safely and not have a group worry about the use of fields we may be on, equipment, and fees to play on the weekends in the most competitive baseball association around these parts. If there were a tougher one, we would be there with dirty hats and semi-worn cleats eager to compete. So, every week presents a cost to our team.

We have another fundraising deal coming up with Johnny Bs. This will mark our second year doing this with them, and even though the market is getting crowded with others - we look to have a successful partnership with them just like last year. I know they were happy with what we were able to offer them with the cards we sold, and I'm sure we spend the equivalent of a couple months rent in there per year from just our team's parents and followers. They were very good to us, and we in turn showed up in droves not only during baseball season, but after that as well. So, later this week Stacy should have some cards to hand out. Let's please support this local business in the same manner that they support our local team.

Many of our sponsors are businesses that made a decision to donate money to help with all of the expenses that go along with playing baseball. To me - they are sponsoring America. Not only are they are showing their devotion to their community, but they are also proving to be a leader amongst their capitalistic peers in supporting the most American thing we have left in small towns like ours:  baseball. Whether it is those necessary dental needs, orthodontia to help make your lovely children even more beautiful, photographs that capture those special moments in life, maintaining probably the most important sense of all (eyesight), sitting down to enjoy a great meal at a homestyle restaurant, finding the right establishment to make a purchase of an import truck, getting a vehicle repaired at a premium repair center or choosing just the right place to challenge yourself and your body to workout.... if you ask the Belmont Bandits, our group is going to direct you to our sponsors who have stepped up to support our  team.

Although the businesses and people that sponsor us don't do it for this reason, there really isn't much better local advertising you can get when you consider the banner we put out every weekend we play. That banner will hang an average of about six hours per day, and if we play 45 games that is 270 hours of advertising that hundreds of spectators walking by will see daily, and thousands will see during a season's time. It is 4 feet by 8 feet long, so it draws attention. We also like to remind the site followers about your business- so let us know if you ever want anything announced. That banner advertisement sure beats a 30 second spot on local TV, because I will be fast forwarding past those commercials so I can get back to watching the Alaskan Bush People. If you have a sign on the highway, I highly doubt that most of your traffic will see it as they shuffle through their satellite radio, spotify, phone and TVs that are now standard in all cars.

Donors hold another special place in our hearts. These are people (and businesses) who decided to give, and did so out of the goodness of their hearts as well. Whether it was $50 or $500 - we appreciate their belief in what we are doing as a group. We know about the relatives that help donate, and get a kick out of seeing them at the field. You can tell it's pure love to see their grandkids, nieces, nephews and cousins doing well and having fun. Our donors and sponsors will play a big part in our success on the field this year. We are glad you are part of our group!

Even if you didn't donate or get a sponsor for our team, we appreciate our "fans" showing up so prominently and regularly each time we take the field. It gives the kids a big boost knowing that they have loved ones interested in what they are doing at age nine. We know you could be fishing or relaxing with your thoughts. Choosing to be part of these boys' lives says a lot about you, and we love it. We know that getting into games costs money, and if you go to enough games it costs a lot over the course of the season. So, thanks to those who continually show up and cheer our boys on no matter what. We are ready for this weekend and look forward to the season with all of you.





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