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Belmont Bandits 10U baseball team

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Saturday work day proves fruitful

Mar. 6, 2017



We had a great turnout from the 9u and 11u Belmont Bandits this past Saturday. We organized a community event where we have the kids (and parents of our player) along with the coaches volunteer some time to beautify the local ballfields. It's a win-win for our group, as most of them also play Optimist football as well;  so it was good for them to get their hands dirty, and realize that it takes a lot of people pulling in the same direction to get something good accomplished. Many thanks to Belmont Optimist for supplying the paint and weed spray, and allowing us to provide some free labor to get the fields in a little better shape. They were very open to our request to come in to help out, and we appreciate them working with us to make the fields better for the kids of this community.

First and foremost, we want to extend a HUGE thank you to John Mark Hovis and HOVIS LANDSCAPING. John Mark has donated several hours of his time, using his equipment and did a bulk of the work needed to be done in record time which made our other jobs much easier on Saturday. Him and his employee stayed and did a great job for a few hours on Saturday, and that was after previously doing some work on the infields the previous week. I encourage everyone to pass his name along and use his services. Also a big thank you to Jason Green for organizing that portion of our work day;  it was invaluable to our getting big work done in a short amount of time.

Also many thanks to the parents who joined us on Saturday. Scott King, Jonathan Spargo, Chris Skipper, John Bradley, Sam Pruitt, Jason Green, Tyler Crawford, Stacy Crawford, Nicole King, Amy Price, Deb Blee, Melissa Pruitt, Gerald Sprinkles, Doc Hardin, Kris and Jolee Toms, Greg Adams and AJ Main. All the boys came with their parents and made it a fun and productive day. Our group even saved a large black snake from certain death. Lucky for the snake Skipper and some workers found it instead of me. +1 for the animals on the day.

We had some not be able to make it due to various events, which is fine. We certainly do understand busy schedules. However, I do want to recognize one individual for his efforts. Mike Hartness had already planned a trip out west with his boys many months before we scheduled this work day, and he still found time to come and pick up trash and help out prior to his vacation. Mike is all about his boys, this team and we love having people like that involved.

On Saturday, we were able to do the following:

*Cut brush and trees back behind and off the football building, and reorganized the materials that are stored behind it.

*Weed eated both fields and areas near field

*Filled in low spots on both baseball fields

*Dug up and sprayed ant hills

*Lined both baseball fields to proper dimensions

*Put three sets of staubs at three base locations on field 2

*Re-shaped the mound on field 1

*Measured and marked two locations for the temporary mound on field 2

*Created a double mound bullpen with small RR tie retaining wall at two different pitching rubber to plate distances of 46 and 50 feet, respectively

*Painted the football building red

*Painted the concession stand windows

*Painted the football storage container red

* Made a smooth entrance from higher elevation of the parking lot into field 1

*Drug and raked up rocks on both baseball fields


It was a very productive day, and I'm glad we had so many volunteers out to help. We had 20 parents and about 25 kids donating some time to their community, and to help make something they use better. We often talk to them about the sacrifices their parents make for them to play the type of sports that exist these days, and Saturday was a good hands on reminder of exactly what some of those days are like.












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