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Belmont Bandits 11U baseball team

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April sunshine, won't you stick around?

Apr. 7, 2017

So the weekend is set, and maybe the sun will shine so we can play in the next couple days? After all this rain, my grass at home looks great but I would exchange that for some great baseball play from the Bandits this weekend anytime. We are set to face Elite Baseball 9U at 10:45 in the first game on Saturday. Then we have Team 24 Gamecocks at 12:30 following that game. We are excited to get back on the field, and hopefully can show well.

The Belmont Bandits have battled Coach Snethen's bunch for years...going back to when our current boys were barely walking. So, we are familiar with how good a coach and program they always have. They are the type of place much like Belmont used to be where you have the same 12-14 boys every year playing hard together, and when three or four groups get up to the 2 or 3 High Schools they feed together they are pretty dang good. Belmont is now a hot spot for transfers so we're set up a little different going forward as these boys age. The point is, every time we see Elite they are a little better than before, and when they get to be 12,13,14 that crowd will flat put it on you. We have our work cut out for us in game 1.

Game 2 we get Team 24 Gamecocks. SMH. As many of you know I'm a lifelong Gamecock fan....so I have a special place in my heart for our opponent, their owner and the guys who operate out of their facility. Sheldon Brown owns Team 24 and is as good a guy as you could ever meet. He has multiple age group teams all over, and they are playing great baseball at every level, just like you would expect from a Gamecock. #24 was hell on the football field, and it is awesome to be competing against a team run by a guy like him. One of our homeboys, Devon Lowery, operates out of Team 24. Many of our boys took pitching lessons from Devon this winter, and know just how great a facility and instruction is down there. Devon is as good a guy as we can have our boys around. After a great career in Pro ball, he now dedicates his time to coaching the youth around the Lake Wylie area, and giving lessons too. He is one to go get lessons from, if you want your money's worth. We didn't take hitting lessons from there, but Kelly who operates out of the facility as well is one of the few hitting instructors around that I really believe knows what he's talking about on a fundamental level and how it applies to different age groups. I don't know him or Sheldon personally, but they have All Star guys down there coaching these teams up. I hope we can hang with these guys on the field, because in a sea of former softball players turned 'baseball coaches' that we encounter, it is REAL EASY to immediately recognize who the baseball guys are. Have I mentioned I love the Carolina Gamecocks yet? Go Cocks....except in this game.

Please be at the field at 10am, at Park Sharon Fields on Saturday. I will have a link under directions if you need the address or map. I hope we come out and have a great showing. We have two other Belmont Bandits teams (8u and 11u) playing this weekend, and I wish them good luck as well. We are all at different parks, but we hope the best for each team in their tournaments. Both are new teams feeling out the roller coaster ride that is travel baseball. Also, thanks to Coach Jason Green (Coach of the 11u Bandits) for setting up the practice at Belmont Abbey College last night. The kids were very excited to be on such a wonderful college field, and it was a lot of fun. What a great group of coaches and guys at Belmont Abbey. One of our former Bandits, Nolan Wilson, is currently on the roster up there. We plan to do some sort of outing soon where we go cheer on B.A.s baseball team.

Lastly, many thanks again to Bill Bostick and Tarheel Sports Photography. He submitted some pictures to the Belmont Banner and this week's edition shows our boys in play. I really love the intense look and action they are showing in the pictures. That captures what we try to have them play like every pitch, play and sequence. Loose intent is something that is hard to master in baseball, but why not try at this age? Those pictures say a lot about how they play, and I'm proud of that. Bill has been unbelievable this year, and I can't sing his praises enough. If you ever need photographs, please give him a call. As you can tell, the action photos can't be done any better.  We haven't gotten to practice a whole lot this week, so we hope the boys come ready to play early. Looking forward to having a good time with everyone, and hearing that baseball organ play.





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