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Belmont Bandits 10U baseball team

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Bigger picture reminder as a 2 game stretch approaches

Apr. 28, 2017

We have some games coming up this weekend - only 2, but at least we're playing baseball. We have a soccer game on Saturday, or else it would be a great weekend to play at least four games and see how we might do. We look forward to our two games we do get to compete in, and hope we make some strides in our play.

I have been sent all the info and updates about our place in Top Gun standings. I don't want to give too much of the wrong impression, because we do strive to be as good as we can be for sure. We want to be in the top of the standings in the toughest division (Division 1) and it's great that we are currently in that position (#3 in Top Gun for all states in Div. 1). But please don't forget what I tell all of you upfront, early on when we start anew each year. My goal, and our staff's goal, is to get each player MUCH better at baseball each year while stressing team and the team's record will typically show well. That's happened for us these last two years that we've had a full, normal team that was committed to playing travel ball.

However, we don't play past June. We don't play in the dog days of July and August when it's harder to get more teams playing and thus some teams end up "winning" various World Series or State titles. We are playing baseball during baseball season, and will continue to do so. The only thing that matters is proving you can beat the best, in order to be the best. If some team we beat five times out of six ends up winning a 'state title' in September based off of some combination of points due to tournaments played in, games won, titles won, etc....are they really the champs? Half the time, Team A has been beaten team B three times out of three games, and yet still the three-time losing team is higher ranked than the team who won those head to head matchups.

On this team, we take one game at a time. We do not kid ourselves into thinking we are better than we are, and we don't pretend to be paper champions if we weren't the best team proven on the ballfield at any time. Just a reminder....I hope we are always in whatever top standings exist when we play, because that means we are playing well. But, I don't care about points standings at end year and so forth because this is not a race that is run by all from start to finish at the same time. If we all played the same amount of games, the same teams, for the same duration....sure maybe that would give a true champ. You are a champ only if you can beat us more than we beat you. Don't mean to offend, just reminding you guys of our outlook on this 9u baseball. We are committed to getting better at baseball first and foremost.

We are set to play on Sunday only this weekend at 10:45 at Westmoreland, Field 2 against CoulOak Express for our first game. We look forward to competing against a team we have not faced before. We don't know who we will face in game two, but we are anxious to get back on the field. Go Bandits.




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