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Belmont Bandits 11U baseball team

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Top Gun's The Battle of the Bats

May. 19, 2017

Baseball returns for the Bandits. We have games at Martha Rivers, Field #3 on Saturday at 9am and 12:30pm. It should be a fun weekend re-immersing ourselves back into the baseball world. There will be top competition this weekend, as it appears there are no local alternative organizations playing 9u ball at all. The other region in Concord has a smaller turnout, so this weekend is a spotlit tournament to be in.

Quick bio of the coaches as inspired by a facebook quote my wife showed me recently. She is as big a part of the Bandits as anyone, because she's been here from day one and we always self-reflect to make sure the path we are on is as positive for our team as can be. If only life were as easy as facebook memes and online inspirational diddys. But, this facebook post had to do with what should be expected out of 9-12 aged youth coaches. This is my forum to explain to our group and anyone else who wants to hear it, where we as a coaching staff stands.

My experience inside the fence may be a little different than what our fans/parents/supporters view is outside the fence. There is a lot of mutual respect most of us coaches have for each other in these games, though sometimes games do get heated. We walk a fine line of sticking up for our team and individual players at times, all the while trying to not point out an opponent's kid individually if possible. It's easy to paint youth travel ball coaches with a broad stroke since we have TV shows that glorify those who are entertaining through shock or humor. Plenty of coaches are Type A, demanding, aggressive guys by nature. There is nothing wrong with that....because this ain't backyard kickball, no matter the age. You are either in, or your out. Your Belmont Bandit coaches were brought up understanding baseball from watching local, college and Pro baseball during the 70s,80s and early 90s...and it was played a certain way during those times. We teach our kids a lot of the same stuff from then...and whether that's good or bad is a decision you can make own your own. One particular coach we have is more unusual than others, and works on some stuff that was done in from the 20s-60s that nobody does anymore. He believes it still works, and though it isn't what the local academy baseball coach will teach, it still has value. There are no internet drills you will find to practice these type approaches. So, we are the very definition of "old school", and we will continue doing what we do, how we do it. We know what type of league we participate in, don't ask the opponents to play worse so we can feel like we're better, and try to compete at every turn because this is a sport that people have signed up to play. There are thousands of rec leagues that emphasize juice boxes. That's great for most kids that play baseball. If that's something that's paramount to a parent, then they should pursue that type of thing. That's not what we are doing. We play travel baseball.

It has been brought to my attention of recent that there are many teams that are now "sponsored" by or affiliated with a company or organization. I was asked if we had ever been approached to partner with this type of deal. I would like to officially announce that we have partnered with a corporation:  Spot-Bilt. We may, at times, from now on be referred as The 9u Belmont Bandits, as powered by Spot-Bilt athletic shoes. We receive the best deal I could broker;  we receive no money from them, and they pay us no money to be an affiliate. George Brett's spirit lives within the 9u Belmont Bandits!!!







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