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Belmont Bandits 10U baseball team

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Bandits give back

Jul. 3, 2017



Saturday the Belmont Bandits 9u team did a run-through of what is almost here with baseball in 2017:  we began closing up shop. Sure, our regular season is done, and we will have a couple practices over the last month before the last tournament in later July, but this put a period at the end of the 2017 sentence with a finely pointed pencil. This also doubles leaving the fields in great shape, but also preparing the grounds for the upcoming football season. Many of our boys play football, so we will be spending more time down here in the coming months. We just got a jumpstart on helping out the Optimist in being ready for the season. We plan on having a big season, and bringing a little bit of Bandits into the football teams and season so it's a great fit.

Thank you to the Bandit moms, dads and players who showed up to put in the work that is required to keep those fields up. People are not supposed to be on those fields unless consent has been given, and we have gone about securing the fields the right way and will continue to do so. Our group does a whole lot more than work on getting better at baseball, and this marks our second effort this year where we put in some sweat time down at our Boat Club fields that we practice on during the year. We value showing these nine year olds that hard work is how you accomplish most things in life, and also point out that we always leave a place better than how we found it.

Some tasks accomplished include:  Scraped, pulverized and drug both infields so that we can keep the dirt a little softer going forward, cut all site grass areas (except the football field) including both baseball fields, moved the bleachers from the baseball fields to the football field, moved the OF fence on field #2 and stacked it for the summer, sprayed RoundUp all over the edge of the grounds, infields and fencelines. We cut back a significant portion of the overgrown edge of the woods that was encroaching on multiple areas of the clear grounds - including the batting cage which was being reconsumed by nature. We also measured the batting cage area/dimensions. We painted the field goal posts and foul poles 'red', as well as painted the exterior of the dugouts and concession stand windows and door. We also touched up some white trim around dugouts and football building. We moved, arranged, stacked and put in order the picnic tables, trash cans and MISC. items around the outdoor concession area. We picked up trash and removed it from the site, re-installed the batting cage nets and tightened them. We weed eated the entire grounds, cleaned up around the football crow's nest and organized some material that is on site. We also moved both portable mounds for storage during football season.

Oh... and it was the most humid day this calendar year, so we understand that this was a big sacrifice to ask of those of you who showed up. So, we want to say thanks so much again to our group who put in this effort, because we know you could have been at the lake, riding go-carts or playing golf. Collectively, we have over 200 adult work hours down there in just our two work days this year - and not including our regular work put in pre and post practice;  if you add in the kids contributions/time spent on just the work days we scheduled, we have about 500 work hours spent this year on maintaining, fixing up and getting those fields in better shape than how we found them. It's our pleasure to do so, and value the partnership we have with the Belmont Optimist Club.

Lastly, a special thanks to Teresa and Casey for their help with the new batting cage net. It is being ordered this week, and so we will have a new net down at this facility soon. We will use the older net at the site as well, so their donation is going to double the ability for Bandits and other kids in Belmont to get extra baseball swings in during practice. It's an enormous part of what has been needed down at these fields for a long time, and it is hugely appreciated. Also special thanks to Mike Hartness for feeding our whole group with BBQ. Everybody raved about it, and even got Brody to try and LIKE it. That's a feat unto itself, and speaks to just how good the food was. We couldn't be more grateful for the time and effort spent, the comradery and community help this group has offered. Thank you so much!










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