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Belmont Bandits 10U baseball team

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Successful work day; season around the corner

Feb. 19, 2018

  Thanks so much to those who attended the annual work day the Bandits do at the field. We had great participation as usual, and really appreciate all those who gave up some/all of their Saturday to get the baseball fields and facility up to par before this long run of practices and games happens. Having the work day is a very important thing for our teams, but it also helps the community keep up a great set of fields that have been part of many fantastic baseball plays over the last half century and change. Our kids get to re-live and play amongst local history every time they step on that field. There are countless men over 40 years old that can recall some of their most favorite days being spent down there. Very special thanks to Mr. Spargo who ran his tractor and boxscrape for hours on end and really helped speed up the process in re-doing that field #2 so we can get many teams on it for practice and play.

Our fields at Boat Club Road are very much representational of what we are as a group of teams. New people to our group learn this, and either accept it or move on - but we approach our baseball preparation the same way those baseball fields appear to the eye. We are traditional, plain on purpose, no nonsense, hard-working and anti-glitter. That may sound funny to many people. But, keeping in perspective what is most important in regard to what we are down there for (baseball) is part of the charm. We emphasize consistent hard work, making sure the boys learn to overcome small obstacles, understanding you are never the best and figuring out a way to get a little bit better with whatever you have, and prioritizing what is most important for that day's work.

Many of our parents, kids, coaches love to have material items with the name on it. That's great. It's really fun to be proud of something you are a part of, as long as we all keep in mind what we are part of is most important. That name, that symbol, and whatever else is related to it is meaningless without the important stuff being attempted, learned and accomplished. We constantly make sure to not lose site of that on our team, and we hope the organization as a whole "gets it". Wins and losses come and go - but our boys know how to play a certain brand of baseball because of what happens on that plain ole ballfield down there. Knowing how to play the right way matters. We try to take that lunch pail mentality to those nice fields we get to go play at on the weekends. There are no streamers or glitter guns around our practice fields. There may be some baseball sleeves, Phiten necklaces and sunglasses on hats when its raining seen every now and again by some players- but I sure hope that isn't the new normal. What should be understood is that the fields we practice on are interwoven into the fabric of how the Bandits approach baseball as a whole.

So, everyone's efforts that were present on our work day was very much appreciated. Even if it appeared to be "just moving dirt", or "picking up rocks" , etc. It means something, because that commitment is the backbone of how we approach our baseball work and season. You helped make the place ready for many months of practice and use. Hopefully everyone's season will be like our work day:  fun, and satisfying, to sit back and see the work you've done....once you're finished. Some of our teams are just getting started. We hope they have a successful season at Boat Club Road....at practice....when nobody is really looking;  because that is where it all starts. Thank you for being part of bettering your community, and the place where your kids spend so much time.





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